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Best FOV for Warzone 2

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One of the best ways to play on a level playing field in Warzone 2 is to select the correct FOV settings. Choosing the wrong FOV setting in Warzone 2 can put you at a disadvantage to other players who are able to spot you faster and notch a kill. Our guide to the best FOV for Warzone 2 covers the essentials so you can be on the winning end instead.

Quick take

Warzone 2 controller players should play with a FOV setting in the range of 95 to 115. Warzone 2 mouse and keyboard players should play with a FOV in the range of 105 to 120. Increase your FOV to the higher end of the suggested ranges as your aiming skills improve.

Why FOV matters in Warzone 2

Before diving into why FOV is such a critical setting, let’s discuss what FOV is in the first place. Your selected FOV setting determines how cropped in or zoomed out your field of view is in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 FOV can be adjusted on a slider ranging from 60 to 120. The higher your FOV setting, the more of the map you can see at any given time.

Best FOV for Warzone 2 FOVs Compared at 70, 90, 110, and 120 FOV.
You can see the benefits of seeing more of our surroundings and the downside of smaller targets at different FOV settings. Source:

The advantage of increasing your FOV is that other players can be spotted faster when you see more of your surroundings. Using the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone 2 can also help you spot enemies faster, particularly when they’re hiding in shadows. A high FOV can also help to reduce nausea for some Call of Duty players.

Of course, there are downsides to playing with a high FOV. The most notable one is enemies are zoomed out in the distance and much smaller the higher the FOV setting. This increases the difficulty of landing shots on your enemy’s hitbox.

Beyond selecting your primary FOV, there are also a number of secondary field of view and camera settings to adjust, including ADS FOV, camera movement, and weapon FOV.

Best FOV for Warzone 2

Warzone 2 FOV settings for controller players

Warzone 2 controller players should play with a FOV setting in the range of 95 to 115. Of course, the best Warzone 2 FOV setting will differ for each player based on preference and skill level.

Regardless, newer players may be best to start with a FOV setting on the lower end and then adjust upward over time as their aiming skills improve. Jumping straight to 115 FOV will likely lead to continuously missing other players’ hitboxes since it’s harder to target smaller enemies in the distance.

While many popular Call of Duty streamers play at 120 FOV on a controller, we don’t suggest this setting for most Warzone 2 players who are casually playing.

Combining the right FOV with the best Warzone 2 controller settings ensures you’ll be on the right path to improving your aiming and tracking.

Warzone 2 FOV settings for mouse and keyboard players

Warzone 2 mouse and keyboard players should play with a FOV setting from 105 to 120. Again, FOV settings preferences will vary, and it’s best for newer players to start on the lower end of the range and adjust upward with better aiming mechanics.

The best Warzone 2 mouse and keyboard settings regarding FOV differ from the suggested FOV settings for controller players due to each peripheral’s differing aiming abilities.

Playing on mouse and keyboard tends to offer the ability to make more micro-adjustments than when playing on a controller. This opens up the range of potential FOV settings with enemies better able to be targeted when fully zoomed out at 120 FOV.

Pro tip

FOV isn’t the only setting that matters when wanting to improve your gameplay. Using the best Warzone 2 settings for FPS helps the game run at competitively-high frame rates and the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone 2 help to improve the clarity and visibility of enemies.

Is Affected or Independent ADS FOV better?

As with prior Call of Duty installments, Warzone 2 offers two different ADS FOV options, Affected and Independent. We recommend playing on the Affected FOV setting for a consistent experience when aiming down sights on low-magnification optics, or iron sights.

Best FOV for Warzone 2 Affected & IndependentTwo images showing the same scene with Affected ADS and Independent ADS
Remember that ADS FOV only applies to low-magnification optics and iron sights. Source:

Aiming down sights on Affected FOV retains the view that is close to your primary FOV setting for a consistent aiming experience. When playing on a higher FOV, you will continue to see more of the map than when selecting an Independent FOV, which zooms in further.

Selecting between the two Warzone 2 ADS FOV settings also comes down to skill with enemies appearing larger when aiming down sights with Independent FOV selected.

Since ADS FOV only affects low-magnification optics and iron sights, there is no advantage for snipers selecting Independent FOV in hopes of zooming in closer when scoping enemies at a distance.

Best Warzone 2 3rd-person FOV and camera settings

  • 3rd-Person Field of View: Default
  • Vehicle Field of View: Wide
  • 1st-Person Camera Movement: Least (50%)
  • 3rd-Person Camera Movement: Least (50%)
  • 1st-person ADS Transition: 3rd Person ADS
  • Default Spectator Camera: Game Perspective

Warzone 2 offers many of the same camera settings as prior Call of Duty installments but adds a third-person FOV where the entire operator is in view, not just your weapon.

Keep the 3rd-Person FOV set to the Default so that there aren’t any impacts to FPS. Adjusting to a different number adjusts the height and width of the game window from the true settings.

Vehicle FOV is best set to Wide so that more of the scene is visible at any given time.

Players who want to reduce visual noise created by camera shakes or get nauseous easily should set the Camera Movement settings to Least (50%).

1st Person ADS Transition is set to 3rd Person ADS so that the third-person FOV is retained when aiming down sights. Otherwise, the FOV will change to first person when aiming down sights.

Default Spectator Camera is a personal preference, and we suggest starting with Game Perspective. When spectating, selecting Game Perspective shows you the FOV that the spectated player is using.

Warzone 2 weapon FOV settings

Warzone 2 FOV WeaponThree pictures showing the different weapon FOVs in Warzone 2.
The Wide Weapon FOV setting slightly slims down the gun compared to the other options. Source:

Warzone 2 players can adjust their Weapon FOV by selecting Default, Narrow, or Wide.

While the difference between each option isn’t a game changer, selecting Wide is the best option more often than not. As you can see in the graphic, selecting the Wide setting ever-so-slightly increases the amount of the scene that is otherwise obscured by the weapon at Default and Narrow Weapon FOV settings.

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