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Okay, so what's this website all about then?

Over the past few years esports have taken off in a big way, largely due to websites like Twitch TV and YouTube making the gaming scene so much more accessible. Many streamers on these platforms have millions of followers and are backed by large gaming teams.
With this surge in demand for competitive gameplay, the whole industry is evolving at unprecedented rates.

Games are becoming more graphically advanced, boasting complex mechanics, and user settings are no longer limited to selecting “text scrolling speed” and inputting your name, but instead have rich customization options. Running parallel with this, gaming PC hardware is advancing faster than ever, as more manufacturers are competing to make better components and peripherals to power the titles. As a result it can often be very confusing to know what setups to use to optimize your performance in game…so this is where we come in.

Our Mission

At we believe that everyone should be able to easily find the best setups to optimize their performance in game.

We feel that there are no better people to get these setups from than the pro players and streamers themselves, as their success is proof that they work. Our job is to save you the time and headache of researching all your favorite players’ setups, by providing them to you in a clean and user-friendly interface. Whilst we agree that nothing beats practising a game consistently, finding the right setup will help you to min-max your performance and give you the edge over your competition.