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Best Audio Settings for Warzone In 2024 (Hear Footsteps!)

Best Warzone Audio Settings Featured
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Audio is an important tool in Call of Duty Warzone that helps players gain information about their surroundings. Call of Duty has sophisticated directional audio that allows players to determine the location of sounds like footsteps with the correct settings and equipment. In this guide, we cover the best audio settings for Warzone.

Why hearing footsteps is important in Warzone

Learning how to hear footsteps in Warzone is a subtle mechanic that players can pick up on to determine the direction and distance of enemies.

It may sound obvious, but enemy footsteps will sound quieter as they become further away. We recommend going in-game and learning the difference in volume between a player 10 meters versus 20 meters away.

Pro tip

Player movement also plays a role in footstep audio. Players will sound louder if they are sprinting versus if they are walking. Additionally, players will be more difficult to hear if they are crouching or walking across the map.

Map geometry can change the volume of footstep audio too. Sound in Warzone becomes obstructed by objects like walls, doors, or windows. The clearer your line of sight is to an enemy, the better you will hear them.

Footsteps in Warzone will sound different depending on the surface a player traverses. Grass, wood, concrete, and other surfaces create different footstep sounds. Learning the difference between these footstep sounds can help determine the location of players.

Sound in Warzone is not perfect, and there will always be situations where players are challenging to hear. Eventually, with enough practice and knowledge about Warzone’s sound mechanics, you will be able to pinpoint the location and distance of enemies with ease.

Consider also selecting the best Warzone FOV in combination with the right audio settings so you can not only hear enemies approaching better but also spot them sooner on the map.

Best audio settings for Warzone

Best Warzone Audio Settings: Audio Mix: Boost LowMaster Volume: 75 Music Volume: 0 Dialogue Volume: 60 Effects Volume: 100 Juggernaut Music: Disabled Hit Marker Sound Effects: MW Mono Audio: Disabled

Here are the best Warzone audio settings that we recommend to most easily hear footsteps and gunshots:

  • Audio Mix: Boost Low
  • Master Volume: 75
  • Music Volume: 0
  • Dialogue Volume: 60
  • Effects Volume: 100
  • Juggernaut Music: Disabled
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: MW
  • Mono Audio: Disabled

Audio Mix is the most important Warzone audio setting for footsteps. Boost Low narrows the range of audio you can hear in Warzone and amplifies low-frequency sounds. Low-frequency sounds like footsteps will be easier to hear, and high-frequency sounds like gunfire will be quieter.

Most players prefer Master Volume to be 75 or higher and then fine-tune volume using external controls on their headset or pc. If you don’t have external controls, just set Master Volume to a number comfortable for your ears.

Competitive gamers set Music Volume to 0 to eliminate the cinematic soundtrack that makes important sounds like footsteps harder to hear. If you like Warzone’s soundtrack and prefer a more immersive experience, set your Music Volume to 40.

Dialogue Volume affects the volume of character and narrator dialogue in Warzone. Important information is relayed through dialogue, so we set this number to 60.

Effects are sounds like footsteps and gunfire, so we want Effects Volume cranked up to 100.

Juggernaut music is a soundtrack that plays when you equip the juggernaut suit in Warzone. If you want to rock out while fragging with the juggernaut, be our guest. Disable this setting for a more competitive experience though.

Hit Marker Sounds are the audio cues when dealing damage to an enemy. Players from older generation Call of Duty games may prefer the “Classic” hit marker sound, but most players use the standard MW sound.

Mono Audio should always be disabled so that you can take advantage of directional sound cues.

How to deal with players using Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a field upgrade in Warzone that muffles a player’s sound when activated. This powerful item allows players to reposition silently without giving out any audio cues.

Dead Silence has been a point of contention for many players who claim its ability to silence footsteps is too powerful. So how do you counter players who use Dead Silence?

Warzone developers recently changed the High Alert perk to counter Dead Silence. High Alert now negates the effects of Dead Silence. If you rely heavily on audio and often die to Dead Silence, the High Alert might be the perk for you.

Besides High Alert, the only way to deal with players using Dead Silence is to keep your head on a swivel. The most reliable way to identify players in Warzone will always be visual.

Audio settings Warzone pros use

Warzone Player Audio Pick Rates
Pro Warzone players and streamers exhibit some reliable themes and trends when it comes to analyzing audio settings pick rates and averages. Analysis as of November 2022. Source:

We took inspiration from the audio settings Warzone pro players use to come up with our suggested audio settings. Here’s more on Warzone audio settings trends for pro players and popular streamers as of our analysis in November 2022.

Audio mix pick rate: 41% of Warzone players we track select boost high. Boost low is second in line with a 26% player pick rate.

Average master volume: The average master volume for pros is 63.17.

Music volume pick rate: 74% of Warzone players we track select 0 as their music volume setting.

Average dialogue volume: The average dialogue volume for players we track is 56.52.

Effects volume pick rate: 66% of Warzone players select 100 for their effects volume.

Juggernaut music pick rate: Contrary to our suggest audio settings, the majority, or 54% of players we track, enable juggernaut music.

Hit marker sound effects pick rate: 51% of players choose MW for their hit marker sound effects. Classic has a 38% player pick rate.

Be sure to check out our best Warzone settings and pro Warzone settings pages for a complete settings guide and Warzone settings the pros use to reach high FPS and rack up kills.

How to adjust Warzone audio settings

Warzone Audio Settings Menu Screenshot
Source: Activision

Adjusting audio settings in Warzone is simple and can be done from the main menu or while in-game.

First, press the menu button on console or the F3 key on PC to bring up the settings menu.

Next, use the controller bumpers or mouse to select the Audio tab in the settings.

From there, adjust your audio settings to match our best audio settings for Warzone, or create your own for a customized experience. Finally, “Apply” settings, and you’re good to go!

Other ways to improve Warzone audio

There are other ways besides adjusting settings to improve your audio experience in Warzone.

The best way to enhance sounds in Warzone is to use a gaming headset with surround sound. A good gaming headset can enhance and isolate important audio cues like footsteps much better than traditional headphones.

Even a budget headset will be a noticeable upgrade over TV speaker audio.

Additionally, some professional Warzone players and streamers use external audio mixers to fine-tune their audio experience. Audio mixers can be expensive pieces of equipment, but many players swear by their benefits.

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