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The Best NVIDIA Filters for Warzone In 2022

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NVIDIA filters are a set of post-processing effects applied through the NVIDIA GeForce Experience panel. Adjusting NVIDIA filters for a specific game, like Call of Duty, can help with visibility to spot enemies faster, improve gameplay, and enhance the game’s overall look. In this guide, we are going to detail the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone.

What are Warzone NVIDIA filters?

NVIDIA filters are a set of post-processing effects that can enhance the look of Warzone on your PC. These filters adjust settings like color, detail, and sharpness to more easily spot enemies and improve gameplay.

Best NVIDIA filters for Warzone

Here are the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone that you should use for Caldera and Resurgence game modes.


  • Tint color 0%
  • Tint intensity 0%
  • Temperature 0%
  • Vibrance 65%


  • Exposure 0%
  • Contrast 15%
  • Highlights 6%
  • Shadows -50%
  • Gamma 10%


  • Intensity 80%
  • Ignore film grain 0%


  • Sharpen 33%
  • Clarity  50%
  • HDR toning 33%
  • Bloom 0%
Warzone NVIDIA Filters Comparison: Picture comparing themap with NVIDIA filters on and off
Comparing our Warzone NVIDIA filters side by side you can see how enabling filters improves visibility and vibrance. Most notably, there is more visibility to see enemies in the shadows and objects in the scene have more color and clearer detail. Source:

To come up with the best Warzone NVIDIA filters we researched different visibility settings combinations to find the right balance between making the game visually appealing while also making enemies easier to spot.

Pro tip

Your game might look different based on your monitor and in-game graphics settings. We recommend going into a game of Plunder Quads, don’t-fill teammates, and finding a spot where you can see a good amount of the map. From there, bring up the NVIDIA overlay and tweak your settings to best fit your PC setup. Make sure you test the filters in both dark and light areas of the map for maximum visibility.

Do NVIDIA filters improve visibility?

Yes! Learning how to use NVIDIA filters in Warzone is one of the best ways to improve visibility and get the most out of your gaming experience. Customizing your NVIDIA filters can improve clarity, reduce noise, enhance visibility, and improve the overall look of your game.

Professional Warzone players customize their NVIDIA filters to give themselves an edge over the competition. The right set of filters can help players spot enemies in dark places and make it easier to distinguish between objects.

You might be surprised how your gameplay improves when the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone are applied.

Combine the right NVIDIA filters with the best FOV settings for Warzone and the best Warzone settings for FPS and latency and you’ll have a competitive edge in targeting enemies fast.

Content creators can also use NVIDIA filters to enhance the look of the gameplay that they want to capture and upload. NVIDIA filters can brighten colors and improve vibrance, making for a more pleasing experience for the viewer.

Customizing the look of your Warzone content using NVIDIA filters is an excellent way to set yourself apart from other content creators who are using default filter settings.

How to enable NVIDIA filters in Warzone

The first thing you need to adjust NVIDIA filters for Warzone is an NVIDIA graphics card and to download GeForce Experience on your computer.

GeForce Experience is a free companion app for NVIDIA graphics cards that keeps your drivers updated and allows you to optimize in-game settings.

Once you have GeForce Experience installed and Call of Duty booted up, use the command Alt + Z to bring up the NVIDIA overlay. Note that Warzone must be running on your computer, or the overlay will not appear.

NVIDIA Overlay

Next, select the “Game Filter” icon or use the default shortcut Alt + F3 to bring up the Game Filter menu.

Choose “1” under the “Styles” section to create a preset of filters that will be saved and applied to your game.


Select “Add Filter” and choose the filters you want to add from the “Filters” drop-down menu. Each filter has subcategories that can be finely tuned to adjust the way Warzone looks to you.

Be aware that adding NVIDIA filters can affect the performance of Warzone and lower FPS. This drop in FPS may be more noticeable for those with older GPUs that already struggle to maintain a consistent frame rate.

Once you are satisfied with how your game looks, simply exit the NVIDIA overlay with the Alt+Z command and enjoy your new graphics experience!

NVIDIA filters Warzone pros use

Warzone players frequently use NVIDIA filters in Warzone for the competitive advantages they offer. Here are some examples of NVIDIA filter settings used by notable Warzone players IceManIsaacFutives, and Its_Iron as of our research in October 2022.


  • Color: Tint color 10% | Tint intensity 10% | Temperature 0% | Vibrance 50%
  • Brightness/Contrast: Exposure 0% | Contrast 15% | Highlights -50% | Shadows 100% | Gamma 10%
  • Details: Sharpen 20% | Clarity 10% | HDR toning 80% | Bloom 0%


  • Color: Tint Color 0% | Tint Intensity 0% | Temperature 0% | Vibrance 57%
  • Brightness/Contrast: Exposure 0% | Contrast 30% | Highlights 20% | Shadows -80% | Gamma 9%
  • Sharpen: Sharpen 50% | Ignore film grain 0%


  • Color: Tint color 0% | Tint intensity 15% | Temperature 0.5% | Vibrance 29%
  • Details: Sharpen 36% | Clarity -12% | HDR toning 23% | Bloom 0%
  • Sharpen: Intensity 87% | Ignore film grain 4%

You can also review our Warzone pro settings guide to learn more about the in-game settings the best Warzone players are using, including their graphics settings, sensitivities, FOV, and more.

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