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Best Valorant Minimap Settings (2024 Update)

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The Valorant minimap is an essential tool for information that every player should know how to use. Learning to decipher the information on the minimap and using the correct minimap settings is a key part of improving as a Valorant player.

We’ve compiled the best Valorant map settings using data from professional Valorant players. This guide will get you started on using the Valorant minimap and the best Valorant minimap settings in 2022.

Best Valorant minimap settings

Here are the best Valorant minimap settings based on a compilation of data from professional players:

  • Rotate: Rotate
  • Fixed Orientation: Based on Side
  • Keep Player Centered: Off
  • Minimap Size: 1.11
  • Minimap Zoom: 0.86
  • Minimap Vision Cones: On
  • Show Map Region Names: Always
Best Valorant Minimap SettingsRotate: Rotate Fixed Orientation: Based on Side Keep Player Centered: Off Minimap Size: 1.11 Minimap Zoom: 0.86 Minimap Vision Cones: On Show Map Region Names: Always

The Rotate setting moves the minimap according to the direction that a player is facing. Using the Rotate setting can help players better orient themselves to the map, and most pro players prefer to rotate the minimap.

Most players set Fixed Orientation to Based on Side, which orients the minimap based on the player’s spawn location. The Fixed Orientation setting won’t come into play if you have the minimap set to Rotate.

The Keep Player Centered setting is one of the best Valorant map settings for improving gameplay. Set Keep Player Centered to Off so that the whole minimap is visible on screen. Many players make the mistake of keeping this setting on, which can significantly reduce the amount of the minimap that is visible at any given time.

The Minimap Size and Zoom settings come down to personal preference, but most pros like a bigger minimap size with reduced zoom. The increased size makes the minimap easier to see, and the reduced zoom helps you see the whole map.

Vision Cones on the minimap help players see where their teammates are looking so that they can better strategize what angles and areas to hold. Always keep Minimap Vision Cones turned on to ensure you don’t miss out on the valuable information they provide.

The Show Map Region Names setting labels the large map that appears when you press M with location names. These labels help players orient themselves on the map and learn the name of every location. Make sure you have Map Region Names enabled so that you can more accurately give and receive callouts while in-game.

How to use the Valorant minimap

The Valorant minimap is chock-full of crucial information players can utilize to win more games. Learning to manage your sight between the crosshair and the minimap is key to success in Valorant.

The first thing players should notice when using the minimap is the location of teammates. In Valorant, it’s vital to spread out across the map, but you need to keep tabs on where your teammates are. Seeing the location of teammates on the minimap can help you decide the best place to direct your firepower.

The Valorant minimap can also provide the location of enemy players spotted by the vision cone of a teammate. Intel about the location and number of enemy agents is crucial to inform players’ decisions about rotations and where to apply force on the map.

Pro tip

Keep an eye on the minimap when you hear the “enemies spotted” voice line. This voice line will alert you when an enemy is visible on the minimap.

Some players are unaware that the Valorant minimap shows the audible range of your agent’s footsteps. This range displays as a circle around your agent on the minimap, and players can use this information to be aware of when they may be alerting enemy players with their footsteps, which are easier to hear with the best Valorant audio settings.

The last thing players should know when using the Valorant minimap is the ability to ping and give directions on the minimap. Players can use the minimap ping system to aid callouts about enemy locations, spike locations, and more.

To ping the minimap in Valorant, press M to bring up the map. Then, simply left-click on the map to place a ping that any teammate can see.

Holding left-click on the minimap gives the player a communication wheel with different ping commands. Players can choose between pinging Caution, On My Way, On My Mark, and Need Support, depending on the situation.

How to change Valorant minimap settings

Valorant minimap settings screenshot
Source: Riot Games

To change the Valorant minimap settings, bring up the setting menu by pressing ESC in-game or the settings icon in the upper right corner while at the main menu.

Next, select the General settings tab at the top of the screen to access the Map settings. Choose the settings you want or adjust the setting sliders, and press the Close Settings icon at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

While in the settings menu, it’s timely to jump into the Video tab to ensure you are using the best Valorant graphics settings to run Valorant at high FPS.

What Valorant minimap do pro players use?

Our suggested minimap configuration follows the same settings that Valorant pros use. We track Valorant pro settings for the most popular players around. That data determined the best Valorant minimap settings outlined above. Here’s more on the minimap settings Valorant pros use.

  • 87% of players prefer minimap Rotate over minimap Fixed.
  • 91% of players use the Based on Side Fixed Orientation versus Always the Same.
  • 57% of pro players prefer Keep Player Centered: On. This data contradicts our best map settings recommendation, but we think most players will benefit from the increased viewable map area by turning off Keep Player Centered.
  • The average Minimap Size was 1.11 and the average Minimap Zoom was 0.862. We recommend experimenting with the size and zoom settings to see what works best for you.
  • Only a handful of players we track turn Minimap Vision Cones off.
  • When it comes to the Show Map Region Names setting, 78% of pros use Always On, 17% prefer Never On, and 4% use Only In Buy Phase.

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