Valorant Pro Settings: Crosshair, Sens, Gear & More

Valorant Pro Settings

Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter, Valorant, has achieved a massive following for several reasons. Valorant offers a competitive ranked mode that makes it hard to put down the game. Another reason behind Valorant’s success is the pro settings used by leading Valorant gamers can run well on a middle-of-the-road gaming PC. This makes high FPS and detailed map landscapes accessible to many.

But to get the most out of the game, you need to know the best Valorant settings, including Valorant pro sensitivities and Valorant pro crosshairs.

We’ve done the leg work for you so you can get started clicking heads instead of fiddling for hours with video settings, picking the best Valorant mouse sensitivity, or figuring out your Valorant crosshair.

Our pro Valorant players settings list covers many professional esports athletes and streamers, including TenZ, Shroud, Asuna, ScreaM, and tarik.

Pro tip

The essential Valorant pro settings to focus on are mouse sensitivity, crosshairs, and video and graphics to get the most out of the game. Each of these Valorant pro settings is included in separate tables below, plus links to in-depth player setup profiles that list each gamer’s pc specs and gear and links to more in-depth Valorant settings for each player. This way, you can easily mirror the settings of your favorite Valorant pro.

Table of Contents

Valorant pro sensitivity

PlayerSpecs & GearSettingsDPISensPolling RateScoped Sens
AceuAceu pc specs & gearAceu Valorant settings8000.471000 Hz1.0
AsunaAsuna pc specs & gear Asuna Valorant settings14000.2721000 Hz0.9
BenjyfishyBenjyfishy pc specs & gear
Benjyfishy Valorant settings8000.2831000 Hz1.0
braxbrax pc specs & gearbrax Valorant settings4000.551000 Hz1.0
Bugha Bugha pc specs & gear Bugha Valorant settings8000.4500 Hz0.75
CnedCned pc specs & gearCned Valorant settings8000.321000 Hz1.0
DaprDapr pc specs & gearDapr Valorant settings4000.661000 Hz1.0
ErycTricepsErycTriceps pc specs & gearErycTriceps Valorant settings8000.3291000 Hz1.0
HikoHiko pc specs & gearHiko Valorant settings16000.361000 Hz1.0
NinjaNinja pc specs & gearNinja Valorant settings8000.55500 Hz1.0
n0tedn0ted pc specs & gearn0ted Valorant settings8000.9701000 Hz0.8
nAtsnAts pc specs & gearnAts Valorant settings8000.491000 Hz1.0
s0ms0m pc specs & gear
s0m Valorant settings4000.7931000 Hz0.9
ShahZamShahZam pc specs & gear ShahZam Valorant settings8000.2651000 Hz1.0
steelsteel pc specs & gearsteel Valorant settings16000.151000 Hz1.0
tarik tarik pc specs & gear tarik Valorant settings8000.301000 Hz1.0
ScreaMScreaM pc specs & gearScreaM Valorant settings4000.7861000 Hz1.0
ShroudShroud pc specs & gearShroud Valorant settings4000.801000 Hz1.0
SicKSicK pc specs & gearSicK Valorant settings8000.2351000 Hz1.0
SinatraaSinatraa pc specs & gear
Sinatraa Valorant settings8000.3871000 Hz1.0
Stewie2KStewie2K pc specs & gearStewie2K Valorant settings4000.7351000 Hz1.2
SubrozaSubroza pc specs & gearSubroza Valorant settings8000.277500 Hz1.0
Summit1gSummit1g pc specs & gearSummit1g Valorant settings4000.47500 Hz1.0
SuygetsuSuygetsu pc specs & gearSuygetsu Valorant settings8000.21000 Hz1.1
TenZTenZ pc specs & gearTenZ Valorant settings8000.351000 Hz1.0
WardellWardell pc specs & gearWardell Valorant settings8000.3261000 Hz1.15
YayYay pc specs & gearYay Valorant settings8000.271000 Hz1.0
ZekkenZekken pc specs & gearZekken Valorant settings16000.1751000 Hz0.8


Valorant pro crosshairs

PlayerColorOutlinesCenter DotInner LinesOuter Lines
Summit1gGreen YellowOnOff0.71/5/2/5Off


Valorant pro video and graphics settings

PlayerResolutionFrame Rate LimitDisplay ModeMaterial QualityTexture QualityDetail QualityUI Quality
Aceu1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenMedMedMedHigh
Asuna1920x1080 16:9300 FPSFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Benjyfishy1280x960 4:3240 FPSFullscreenLowLowLowLow
brax1920x1080 16:9240FullscreenLowLowLowHigh
Bugha1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenHighHighHighHigh
Cned1920x1080 16:9300 FPSFullscreenMediumLowMediumLow
Dapr1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenLowLowLowMedium
ErycTriceps1280x960UnlimitedFullscreenOn LowLowLow
Hiko2560x1440 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenHighHighHighHigh
nAts1280x960 4:3241 FPSFullscreenLowMediumLowLow
s0m1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenLowLowLowLow
ShahZam1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenLowLowLowMed
steel1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenMedMedMedMed
tarik16:10 (1680x1050)UnlimitedFullscreenLowLowLowLow
ScreaM1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Shroud1440x1080 16:9240 FPSFullscreenHighLowLowOff
SicK1920x1080 16:9UnknownFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Sinatraa1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Stewie2K1920x1080 16:9500 FPSFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Subroza1920x1080 16:9300 FPSFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Summit1g1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedFullscreenHighHighHighLow
Suygetsu1920x1080 16:9UnknownFullscreenLowLowLowLow
TenZ1920x1080 16:9400 FPSWindowed FullscreenLowLowLowLow
Wardell1920x1080 16:9300 FPSFullscreenLowLowLowLow
Yay1920x1080 16:9350 FPSFullscreenLowLowLowMed
Zekken1920x1080 16:9UnknownFullscreenLowLowLowLow

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