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Symfuhny Warzone Settings, Loadouts, & Setup

Symfuhny's Keybinds

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Jump/Stand/MantleSpace Bar
Change Stance/SlideNot Bound
Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady AimNot Bound
Tactical SprintLeft Shift
Weapon MountMouse Button 5
Alternate FireB
Melee/Finishing MoveMouse Button 4
Use Lethal EquipmentG
Use Tactical EquipmentQ
Use Field UpgradeX
Use Armor Plate4

Symfuhny's Sensitivity

Polling Rate1000Hz
Mouse Sensitivity8.89
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier0.60
ADS Mouse SensitivityRelative
ADS Sens. Multiplier (Low Zoom)0.60
ADS Sens. Multiplier (High Zoom)0.60
ADS Sens. Transition TimingInstant
Monitor Distance Coefficient1.78
Invert Mouse LookDisabled
Mouse Acceleration0.00
Mouse Filtering0.00
Mouse SmoothingDisabled

Video Settings

Display ModeFullscreen
Screen Refresh Rate240
Display Resolution2560x1440
Render Resolution100
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)Disabled
Custom Framerate LimitUnlimited
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyEnabled + Boost
Display Gamma2.2 (sRGB)
Streaming QualityLow
Texture ResolutionLow
Texture Filter AnisotropicHigh
Particle QualityLow
Bullet Impacts & SpraysDisabled
On-Demand Texture StreamingDisabled
Shadow Map ResolutionLow
Cache Spot ShadowsEnabled
Cache Sun ShadowsEnabled
Particle LightingLow
DirectX RaytracingDisabled
Ambient OcclusionDisabled
Screen Space ReflectionDisabled
Filmic Strength0.00
Depth of FieldDisabled
World Motion BlurDisabled
Weapon Motion BlurDisabled
Film Grain0.00
Dynamic ResolutionDisabled

Behavior Settings

Slide BehaviorTap
Crouch BehaviorToggle
Prone BehaviorToggle
Automatic Airborne MantleDisabled
Sprint/Tactical Sprint BehaviorToggle
Automatic SprintDisabled
Parachute Auto-DeployEnabled
Depleted Ammo Weapon SwitchEnabled
Switch Weapon Minimum Delay0.00
Weapon Switch Wrap-AroundEnabled
Weapon Mount ActivationToggle Weapon Mount Keybind
Weapon Mount Movement ExitEnabled
Weapon Mount Exit Delay100.00
Aim Down Sight BehaviorHold
Change Zoom/Toggle Hybrid BehaviorSprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim Keybind
Equipment BehaviorHold
Vehicle Camera RecenterEnabled

General Settings

Field of View120
ADS Field of ViewAffected
Horizontal HUD Bounds0.00
Vertical HUD Bounds0.00
Colorblind TypeDisabled
Colorblind TargetDisabled
Mini Map ShapeSquare
Mini Map RotationEnabled

Audio Settings

Audio MixMidnight Mode
Master Volume100
Music Volume0.00
Dialogue Volume0.00
Effects Volume100.00
Juggernaut MusicEnabled
Hit Marker Sound EffectsMW

Symfuhny's Loadouts

MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor
BarrelSinguard Custom 27.6"
LaserTac Laser
OpticSniper Scope
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape
Krig 6
MuzzleAgency Suppressor
Barrel15" CMV Mil-Spec
OpticAxial Arms 3x
UnderbarrelField Agent Grip
MagazineSTANAG 60 Rnd
MuzzleAgency Suppressor
Barrel5.9" Task Force
LaserTiger Team Spotlight
UnderbarrelStriker Grip
MagazineSTANAG 53 Rnd Drum
MuzzleMX Silencer
BarrelZAC 600mm BFA
OpticG16 2.5x
StockZAC Skeletal
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine6.5mm Sakura 75 Rnd Drum
Rear GripPolymer Grip
H4 Blixen
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelKarlsson 17" Custom
OpticSlate Reflector
StockRemoved Stock
UnderbarrelMark VI Skeletal
Magazine7.62 Gorenko 54 Rnd Mag
Rear GripTaped Grip
Marco 5
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelPerfetto Lesto 355mm
OpticSlate Reflector
StockImerito FR
UnderbarrelCarver Foregrip
Magazine8mm Nambu 64 Round Drums
AmmunitionHollow Point
Rear GripTaped Grip
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelVDD 189mm Short
OpticKrausnick ISO2M
StockKrausnick 33m Folding
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape
MuzzleMX Silencer
BarrelVDD 760mm 05B
OpticSVT-40 PU Scope 3-6X
StockVDD 34S Weighted
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine7.62 Gorenko 50 Rnd
Rear GripPolymer Grip
MuzzleRecoil Booster
Barrel120mm Gewain Short
OpticSlate Reflector
StockRemoved Stock
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags
Rear GripPolymer Grip

Symfuhny's Gear

Symfuhny's Gaming PC Specs

Symfuhny's Streaming PC Specs

47 Responses

    1. Hey mate. Thanks for the information. You’re right, Symfuhny does own the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset, but on stream for the past month he has been rocking the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro’s in black. Feel free to comment again if he swaps back to the Turtle Beach headset at any point 🙂

    1. Hey! Just taken a look Symfuhny’s recent VODs and other info, but cannot seem to verify any change to his ADS timing. Do you happen to have any more info on this?

    1. Symfuhny’s sensitivity chat commands are a little confusing because he currently has 4 different ones (!sens !sense !codsens !codsense) and they differ in results. It seems that 7.73 is most up-to-date though, so we’ve changed it to that. Thanks for letting us know, mate.

  1. In symfuhny’s latest videos I’ve been seeing a different build for the Mac-10 where it includes a suppressor so I don’t know if he still uses this build that u guys have but I was wondering if u guys can show what it is?

    1. Hey! Most players will tend to regularly swap out and test different attachments, so their loadouts will differ day-to-day. We try to capture their most up-to-date “go-to” builds. After looking at some of his recent VODs, we have now updated the MAC-10 to include the Suppressor you mentioned. We’ve also added some of his newer weapons, so feel free to try them out for yourself 🙂

    1. I believe this is the sensitivity settings which we already have listed for Symfuhny. I appreciate you taking the time to send this info. Feel free to comment if you notice any changes to his setup 🙂

    1. Hey buddy. In his stream on 22nd Feb, Symfuhny was playing around with Nvidia filters. He was adjusting them fairly frequently, but ended up using the settings recommended by Merk for the majority of the stream. These are the settings he used:

      • Sharpen: 60%
      • Ignore Film Grain: 100%

      • Tint Color: 20%
      • Tint Intensity: 10%
      • Temperature: 2.5
      • Vibrance: 30.6

      • Exposure: 0%
      • Contrast: 20%
      • Highlights: -10%
      • Shadows: -50%
      • Gamma: 23%

      Here is a clip we took, showing the settings:

      Edit (4th May 2021):

    1. Hey, thanks for the info – we’ve updated his mouse now. Symfuhny just mentioned on stream that he’s trying out a few mice at the moment, so we will keep a close eye on what he ends up maining.

    1. Hey Oisin. Symfuhny’s Crouch/Slide is currently set to C. He has, however, recently changed the way he uses Sprint. Rather than having Automatic Tactical Sprint turned on, he now has Tactical Sprint set to Left Shift. Below is a recent video from Twitch that we clipped where he demonstrates this:

    1. Hi Lonnie. Yeh, you’re right – he is using a Focusrite in the 100T house, and a GoXLR in his Texas place. We have now updated his setup info.

    1. Hey Jaiden. Many thanks for prompting us to this change. Upon closer inspection the headset appears to be the 660S, so I have now updated his profile.

    1. Hey there. Yes, according to his !sens chat command.

      Edit (Oct 6th 2021):
      Since this is only a couple of days later I thought I’d update this reply to mention that Symfuhny has lowered his sens back to 5.00 again. His profile has now been updated ?

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