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Logitech G604 Review

Logitech G604 Featured Image
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Editorial rating: 3.75 / 5 ⭐️’s

Quick take

The Logitech G604 is an OK ergonomic gaming mouse for the price. While it is somewhat fast, accurate, and has many programmable buttons, it is heavy. So, it’s not good for fast-paced gaming. But you will get some nice features, including an L/R tilt scroll wheel that can be unlocked to free scroll. It can also be used via the USB receiver or Bluetooth. Some users may not like the scroll wheel’s slippery surface or the fact that it uses a AA battery instead of a rechargeable battery.

Logitech G604

  • Lots of programmable buttons
  • Great build quality
  • Offers BlueTooth connectivity as well
  • Onboard USB receiver storage
  • Full PC and Mac compatibility
  • On the heavier side with the battery included
  • Doesn’t use rechargeable batteries
  • Metal scroll wheel can be too slick for some
Logitech G604
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Sensor: Logitech Hero 25k DPI
  • Polling rate: 1000 Hz
  • Buttons: 15
  • Battery life: 240 hours
  • Connectivity: USB receiver & Bluetooth
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS


If you want a better ergonomic gaming mouse: The Razer Naga Pro beats the G604 in many areas, including build quality and total programmable inputs. The Naga Pro has three swappable side plates with three, six, and 12-button arrays you can choose from. The scroll wheel is much better, and the weight is much lower. But the price is much higher.

If you want a lighter pick: The Razer Basilisk V3 is lightning fast, lightweight at just 101 grams, and has far better switches. The price is comparable as well. But this is a wired gaming mouse that also has fewer buttons.

If you’re buying a mouse specifically for MMO gaming: The Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite has 12 side buttons and weighs far less than the G604. The Corsair model is similarly priced, has a better overall design, and is more comfortable. However, it is a wired gaming mouse.



135 grams

DPI Range


Polling Rates (Hz)

125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz


The Logitech G604 tips the scale at 135 grams, which is heavy compared to the best lightweight gaming mice. Some heft is to be expected in this category since this gaming mouse has a AA battery that is heavier than a rechargeable battery. But there are other ergonomic gaming mice with many buttons like the Razer Naga X and the Logitech G502 Hero that are far lighter.

Some gamers may prefer a heavy gaming mouse for certain games, but we wouldn’t recommend the Logitech G604 as the best FPS gaming mouse since it’s not nimble enough for fast-paced titles and you may experience hand fatigue over longer sessions.


Logitech G604 Sensor Closeup

Many of the best Logitech gaming mice include Logitech’s Hero 25k sensor, as does the Logitech G604. This 25,600 DPI sensor is highly accurate and fast with the ability to track up to 400 inches per second (IPS), great for quick mouse flicks on a mousepad.

For comparison, some lower-priced gaming mice have sensors that offer less than 20,000 DPIs and some high-end gaming mice offer DPIs up to 30,000. The Logitech G604’s IPS rating is also pretty competitive. Logitech’s flagship gaming mice have the same IPS rating, but some Razer gaming mice can track accurately at up to 750 inches per second.

Polling rate

One reason why the Logitech G604 is fairly fast comes down to its high 1000 Hz polling rate. This polling rate is table stakes in 2023 for the best gaming mice, and we appreciate that this gaming mouse competes.

There are higher polling rate models that go up to 8000 Hz, but we’ve not seen any with as many programmable actions. Plus, most gamers aren’t going to notice the fractions of a millisecond latency improvement when their mouse is reporting actions back to their computer 8,000 times per second versus 1,000 times per second.

Button performance and sound

The L/R button switches in the Logitech G604 feel crisp and don’t suffer from issues we’ve seen with other Logitech gaming mice, namely, too little downforce to actuate the switches and feeling mushy.

The L/R switches are tactile, with a clicking noise that isn’t too loud. As for the other buttons, all feel similar with more tactile feedback than the L/R switches and a different sound when clicked.

We couldn’t find a reliable resource to know the specific switches used in the Logitech G604, though they may be Omron D2FC-F-7N switches. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a durability rating but would expect a gaming mouse in this price range to offer durability for upward of 20 to 40 million clicks.


Logitech G604 Feet

Perspective is important when discussing the Logitech G604’s gliding experience. We already know this is a heavy ergonomic gaming mouse, so it will not perform as well as a lightweight gaming mouse, which requires the slightest touch to put it in motion and to change directions.

That aside, the Logitech G604 slides well when compared to competing models. Five PTFE feet on the underside make the mouse glide smoothly once put in motion. But the heavy weight adds a bit of resistance, which doesn’t make it nimble for quick mouse movements changing direction and effortless micro-adjustments.

The Logitech G502 series of gaming mice and the Razer Basilisk V3 (wired) and Razer Basilisk V3 Pro (wireless) are better options if you want a more nimble ergonomic gaming mouse with many programmable buttons.



USB receiver & Bluetooth

Battery Life

240 hours

Receiver Storage


Logitech G604 Connectivity

Wireless connection

You can use the Logitech G604 via the included 2.4 GHz USB receiver or Bluetooth, which is somewhat rare for a gaming mouse. Many wireless gaming mice only transmit wireless via a USB receiver.

Adding Bluetooth is good for portability convenience since you don’t need to have the USB receiver plugged into your computer and won’t risk losing the receiver.

But Bluetooth is a slow wireless transmission standard that significantly drags down latency performance, albeit highly power efficient (read: great battery life). So, we recommend using the USB receiver for the best gaming experience and Bluetooth only for productivity.

Battery life

The Logitech G604 uses a single AA battery for power versus other wireless gaming mice that tend to favor rechargeable batteries. There are a few considerations for this battery choice.

AA batteries weigh significantly more than rechargeable batteries, and you must replace them once drained, adding some ongoing costs. But AA batteries last longer than rechargeable batteries.

In fact, you’ll get up to 240 hours of advertised battery life with the Logitech G604, almost triple what’s offered with the best rechargeable models and better than others using the same battery type.

Regardless of battery type, the Logitech G604’s Hero sensor is highly power efficient, which explains some of the long advertised battery life.


There is no charging cable included with the Logitech G604, only a USB extender cable. The extender cable can improve latency performance by placing the USB receiver closer to your mouse when plugged into the extender and the extender plugged into your computer.

That said, the rubber cable can be beaten. It’s somewhat stiff, thin, and doesn’t feel premium. This is the same with nearly all Logitech gaming mice, even the flagship models. Other gaming mouse brands have more premium, braided cables across all their price points.






Dimensions (in.)

5.10 x 3.10 x 1.80


Most people consider buying the Logitech G604 because of its many buttons, which are great for gaming and productivity. In total, 15 buttons unlock up to 29 total customized inputs when configured in G-Hub.

The most unique button array is on the left side, with six buttons above the thumb rest. These buttons are great for MMO/MOBA gaming and productivity, we just wish the edges were slightly more rounded with a bigger landing pad for your thumb, like other competing models. The side buttons do feel slightly sharp and are skinny, albeit easy to find.

Similarly unique, two buttons are nestled on the left of the L-click button. You can remap these buttons to your liking, but many gamers use them to cycle through profiles, and DPI settings, or as a G-Shift button to unlock additional layers.

Scroll wheel

Logitech G604 Scroll Wheel Closeup

Nicely, the scroll wheel has L/R tilt functionality and a free-scrolling wheel that can be unlocked and locked with the click of a button behind the scroll wheel.

We just wish the scroll wheel was designed better. In free-scroll mode, the wheel has no resistance, which makes it too sensitive.

When locked, it’s hard to find the right balance of downward pressure and forward or backward scrolling. Apply too little downforce when scrolling, your finger slides over the slippery surface, and you lose precise control. Correct this to apply more downforce while scrolling and you’ll inadvertently click the scroll wheel.

Lastly, scrolling through each step on the scroll wheel is clunky when in locked mode. Other gaming mice feel better, not unlike the ratcheting mechanics of a quality ratcheting screwdriver. The Logitech G604 is the opposite.

The original Logitech G502 Hero has the same scroll wheel design and downfalls, but the newer-generation Logitech G502 X models fixed the problem by wrapping the scroll wheel in a rubberized material that is far grippier. Should Logitech introduce a newer-gen G604, which is unlikely, we’d anticipate the scroll wheel would be similarly redesigned.


The Logitech G604’s ergonomic shape comfortably supports your hand at a slight angle. This is due to the downward slanting design from left to right. Many ergonomic gaming mice can feel and appear bulky while at the same time not being a big mouse. That’s a good characterization for the Logitech G604, which feels small and compact.

The thumb rest is a nice addition, although it is comparatively small. Users with medium to large thumbs may feel that the thumb rest isn’t big enough, particularly when you’re thumb is situated fully into the curved recess and it squeezes your thumb into the side button array.

Hand size and grip style

We don’t recommend buying the Logitech G604 if you have overly large hands. The compact design isn’t suitable for the largest of hands and may cause muscle fatigue trying to force your hand to grip the mouse. However, the Logitech G604 is excellent for medium-sized hands and slightly bigger or even slightly smaller.

The Logitech G604 has more versatility when it comes to grip styles. Claw, fingertip, and palm-grip users will find that this gaming mouse fits all these grips. The thumb rest and curved recesses provide good gripping power, and the hump on top isn’t so tall that it obstructs your palm, ideal for palm and fingertip grips. As with any ergonomic gaming mouse, there is excellent palm support with a downward-sloping design and a back-biased hump.

Customization and software



Onboard Memory

Yes (5 profiles)

Programmable Actions

29 (w/ G-Shift)


The Logitech G604 doesn’t have any RGB lighting effects.


You can customize up to five profiles in G-Hub and carry them onboard the Logitech G604. You can cycle through profiles seamlessly as you jump across games and tasks. Some gamers also use multiple onboard profiles for a single game, applicable when changing roles and wanting specific settings for each need.

G-Hub software

Logitech’s G-Hub software program manages the settings for your Logitech G604 and any other Logitech gaming peripherals you may have. G-Hub is easy to use and does the essentials well. But admittedly, Razer’s Synapse software is more robust, particularly if you like to nerd out on customizations. That said, G-Hub is highly capable, and you can adjust the below settings for your Logitech G604.

  • Remap your mouse buttons and enable G-Shift for an added layer of customization
  • Adjust the DPI presets in increments of 50 from 100 to 25,600
  • Adjust the polling rate from a list including 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz presets
  • Set custom profiles both by game and multiple custom profiles per game

One standout G-Hub feature is that the software is fully compatible with macOS and Windows. Few gaming mice brands offer full compatibility across both operating systems.

In the box

Logitech G604 In The Box
  • Logitech G604
  • USB receiver
  • USB extender cable
  • AA battery
  • Operating manual


  • Can the Logitech G604 drag click?

    Yes, the Logitech G604 can drag-click, but it’s not a great option. The L/R buttons are slick with little texture, which can help with drag-clicking. Some gamers mod the Logitech G604 to make it better for drag-clicking, including adding grip tape on the L/R buttons and keeping it on or removing it to leave some residue for added friction.

  • Is the Logitech G604 fast?

    The Logitech G604 is fast compared to productivity-focused mice but not the fastest compared to some gaming mice. It has a high polling rate and tracks up to 400 inches per second. But the hefty weight isn’t great for fast-paced gaming.

  • Does the Logitech G604 have a warranty?

    The Logitech G604 has a two-year warranty. Valid proof of purchase is required, such as the original receipt or the order number if ordered through Logitech’s website.

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