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Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse In 2024

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Lightweight and ultra-lightweight gaming mice are taking the industry by storm, giving players lighting-quick aiming ability and unparalleled performance. This guide details the best lightweight gaming mice to help inform your next purchase decision. We picked mice for this shortlist based on reviewing specifications, community rankings, and popularity among professional gamers.

FPS player mouse weight trends

The below chart highlights the weight trends for gaming mice used by pro players we track on Notably, the best FPS gamers opt for mice that weigh less than 65 grams.

FPS pro mouse weight pick rates

Best lightweight gaming mouse

Top pick overall

Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2

  • Lightweight
  • Fast polling rate
  • Fits a variety of hand sizes
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2
  • Weight: 60
  • Sensor: Logitech Hero 2 32K DPI
  • Polling rate: 4000 Hz
  • Buttons: 5
  • Battery life: 95 hours
  • Connectivity: USB receiver
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 is the updated version of the ultra-popular G Pro X Superlight used by countless professional gamers across the globe. The G Pro X Superlight has become the industry standard for lightweight gaming mice due to its comfortable ergonomics, reliability, and forward-thinking technology.

The G Pro X Superlight 2 utilizes a symmetrical outer shell that fits most hand sizes. Logitech achieved a weight of only 60 g without making perforations, adding to the structural rigidity and durability of the shell.

Although the G Pro X Superlight 2 looks almost identical to its predecessor, Logitech made strides in the internal components, like the updated Hero 2 sensor with a 2000 Hz polling rate. Doubling the polling rate from the previous generation makes aiming smoother and reduces jitter when tracking targets.

The underside of the G Pro X Superlight 2 utilizes large zero-additive PTFE mouse feet that help it glide smoothly across mousepads. Logitech also includes an optional PTFE foot covering the USB receiver storage area, which adds more contact surface when inserted into back of the gaming mouse.

Alternate top pick

Razer Viper V2 Pro

  • Exceptionally light
  • Great click latency
  • Good battery life
  • Fast Razer gen-3 optical switches
  • High DPI sensor
  • All-around build quality
  • No onboard receiver storage
  • No RGB
Razer Viper V2 Pro
  • Weight: 59
  • Sensor: Razer Focus 30k DPI
  • Polling rate: 8000 Hz
  • Buttons: 6
  • Battery life: 80 hours
  • Connectivity: USB receiver
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS (No software compatibility)

The Viper V2 Pro is Razer’s premium lightweight wireless esports mouse. The Razer Viper V2 Pro weighs only 59 grams and is upgradeable to a lightning-fast 8000 Hz polling rate, making it one of the best FPS gaming mice for snappy, precise aiming.

Razer lost 16 grams from the previous generation of Viper mice by removing features like RGB lighting and grip tape, and adding a lighter battery. Like a sports car without air conditioning, the Razer Viper V2 Pro prioritizes performance above everything.

The Viper V2 Pro can achieve a polling rate of 8000 Hz, but only via the HyperPolling Wireless Dongle sold separately. To game in 8K with the Viper V2 Pro, plan on adding around $30 to the original sticker price.

The Viper V2 Pro includes a list of features we’ve come to expect from mice at a premium price point. The mouse features onboard memory profiles, onboard DPI adjustment, layer shift functionality, glass tracking, and USB-C charging. The advanced Razer Focus Pro sensor can set lift-off distance with 26 granular levels, auto-calibrate to different tracking surfaces, and motion sync with your computer to ensure accurate tracking.

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Ultralight pick

Lamzu Atlantis Mini

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • High-end optical sensor
  • Extra feet and grips included
  • Open bottom may collect dust
  • No profile auto-switching
Lamzu Atlantis Mini
  • Weight: 49
  • Sensor: PixArt PAW 3395 26k DPI
  • Polling rate: 1000 Hz
  • Buttons: 6
  • Battery life:
  • Connectivity: USB receiver
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS

The Lamzu Atlantis Mini is one of the lightest gaming mice on our list, weighing in at an astounding 49 grams. Lamzu still managed to pack some impressive features in the Atlantis’ tiny shell, including wireless connectivity, a 26,000 DPI PixArt PAW 3395 sensor, and onboard memory profiles.

The Atlantis Mini is one of the best lightweight wireless mice for FPS games like Valorant and Counter-Strike where precision and fast aiming is essential. The mouse uses virgin-grade PTFE feet to glide smoothly over surfaces, and Lamzu includes extra feet for future replacement.

Pro tip

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The Atlantis Mini features a 70-hour battery life, which is middle of the road for a lightweight gaming mouse at its price point. Lamzu includes a braided USB-C charging cable, and the mouse can function while charging.

The Atlantis Mini can achieve such a low weight partly because of its small form factor, which may not be suitable for all hand sizes. If mini mice don’t suit you, check out the regular Lamzu Atlantis, which is only 6 grams heavier and made for larger hands.

Ergonomic pick

Pulsar Xlite V3 Mini

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • 4K polling rate available
  • High-end optical sensor
  • Open-bottom design may collect dust
  • No profile auto-switching
Pulsar Xlite V3 Mini
  • Weight: 52
  • Sensor: PixArt PAW 3395 26k DPI
  • Polling rate: 4000 Hz
  • Buttons: 5
  • Battery life:
  • Connectivity: USB receiver
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS

The Pulsar Xlite V3 Mini is a lightweight gaming mouse that offers wireless connectivity at only 52 grams. The Xlite V3 Mini’s ultra-lightweight shell utilizes a sporty right-hand ergonomic design with large cutouts on the bottom of the mouse.

The Xlite V3 Mini features a PixArt PAW 3395 optical sensor that achieves a 4000 Hz polling rate (with a 4K dongle sold separately) and up to 26,000 DPI. The PAW 3395’s lift-off distance can be customized using the free Pulsar companion software available for Windows and macOS.

The battery life of the Xlite V3 Mini is outstanding considering the form factor, able to last 100 hours before recharging with the included USB-C cable. The Xlite V2 Mini can also function wired, so you don’t have to take a break from the game while the mouse recharges.

The Xlite V3 Mini’s optical switches reduce unintended double clicks and provide lightning-fast response times. If you fancy the specs of the Xlite V3 Mini but prefer a bigger shell, Pulsar also offers the Xlite V3 in a large and medium size.

Lightweight mouse buying tips


Weight is vital to consider when buying a lightweight gaming mouse. Many FPS players prefer lightweight gaming mice to reduce hand fatigue and achieve snappier aiming. We consider anything under 80 grams lightweight, and anything under 60 grams is ultra-lightweight.


Lightweight gaming mice come in wireless and wired connectivity. Most gamers are moving towards wireless mice in the lightweight category to ditch cables that can cause drag and create inconsistency while aiming. Ensure your lightweight wireless gaming mouse uses a 2.4 Ghz wireless connection for the lowest latency.

Polling rate

Some mice can achieve polling rates greater than 1000 Hz, which has been the industry standard for years. Mice with higher polling rates like 2K, 4K, or even 8K will aim more smoothly and be more precise. Keep in mind that using higher polling rates will cause the wireless mice’s batteries to drain much faster, and many high-polling rate mice can only achieve their maximum Hz with a special dongle that’s not always included.

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  • What weight is light for a gaming mouse?

    Mice that weigh 80 grams or less can be considered lightweight, and any mouse under 60 grams can be considered ultra-lightweight.

  • Is a lighter or heavier mouse better for gaming?

    Lighter gaming mice can reduce hand fatigue and provide the opportunity for snappier aim, which many FPS players prefer. Alternatively, some gamers prefer heavier mice because they allow for smoother and more controlled aim.


Setup.GG tracks gaming peripherals used by the best professionals and biggest content creators around the world. We use that data to determine the most popular models, which helps us narrow down our list of the best lightweight gaming mice. We then create our guide based on mouse specifications, community rankings, and popularity among professional gamers.

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