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Logitech G735 Review

Logitech G735 Headset Featured Image
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Quick take

Logitech designed the G735 to be inclusive for gamers of all head sizes with its all-white design, and it’s clear from promotional material they’re targeting a female audience. The G735 is a versatile gaming headset that can connect via Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless, or 3.5mm wired, making it compatible with almost any device. The headset has customizable RGB lighting, channel mixing, and EQ tuning through the G HUB companion software. Although the headset has a strong focus on versatility and features, the G735’s gaming audio falls short compared to similarly priced wireless headsets. Also, even though the G735 advertises a 20m range for Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED wireless, our model displayed a shorter range during testing. We envision the person buying the G735 using them at the office for video calls and listening to music, then taking them home for casual gaming at night.

Logitech G735
  • Dual-connectivity
  • Channel mixing
  • Lightweight
  • 3.5mm audio cable not included
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Headset specs

  • Connectivity: Wireless, wired
  • Design: Closed-back
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, Mobile
  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Weight: 273 grams
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Microphone: Detachable boom
  • Battery life: 56 hours

Alternative headsets

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is a flagship offering from SteelSeries with a long list of features, including ANC, transparency mode, dual connectivity, a wireless base station, and more. Unlike the Logitech G735, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is wirelessly compatible with Xbox consoles.

Razer Kraken V3 Pro

The Razer Kraken V3 Pro is a 2.4 GHz wireless gaming headset with comfortable ergonomics and an innovative haptic feedback feature called HyperSense. The Kraken V3 Pro has comfortable oversized ear pads and a thick headband cushion, but it doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity like the G735.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is a 2.4 GHz headset with incredible gaming sound and 300-hour battery life. The Cloud Alpha Wireless doesn’t have wired capabilities like the G735, so it isn’t compatible with Xbox consoles.


Ear cups

Logitech G735 Headset Ear Cups
The G735’s ear cups swivel to lay flat. Credit: Jory Hollander

The G735’s rounded matte-white ear cups are low-profile, which makes the headset look closer to a regular pair of listening headphones. The ear cups fit well around my ears, and although the ear cups aren’t the deepest, I never felt any irritation or rubbing while using the headset.

The white ear cushions, made of memory foam and leatherette, create a seal around the ears that helps passively cancel background noise. Logitech sells replacement ear cushions in vibrant colors like Green Flash and Pink Dawn on their website.

The G735’s ear cups twist to lay flat and have a few degrees of up/down swivel, which helps the headset find the perfect fit. Although the ear cups provide an overall comfortable experience, heat buildup occurs quickly, and you need to remove the headset occasionally to cool off.


Logitech G735 Headset Headband
The G735’s all-white headband covered in leatherette. Credit: Jory Hollander

The G735’s headband is made from a metal tube that extends into each ear cup. Instead of using notches, the G735’s headband glides smoothly over the metal tube to adjust the headset’s length. This system requires you to take off the headset to adjust the arms, and it feels clunky compared to other gaming headsets.

The headband is wrapped in thick white leatherette on the top and bottom, with a small amount of memory foam sandwiched in between. Although the G735 is lightweight at only 273 grams, we wished Logitech had added more padding in the headband to make it more comfortable during extended use.


Driver Size (mm)Wired Frequency Range (Hz)Wireless Frequency Range (Hz)Nominal Impedance (ohms)


The G735 has serviceable audio for gaming, with strong directional audio and EQ customization options via the G HUB companion software. The overall sound quality is crisp, and I didn’t notice any latency while gaming on a PC with 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless.

The G735’s sound mix falls short compared to similarly priced gaming headsets. The default sound mix doesn’t do a good job isolating important audio cues, and the headset can become overwhelmed with audio during loud moments in-game. If you’re looking for a wireless headset with more esports-ready audio, check out the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless.


The G735 is one of the few gaming headsets you can game and listen to music without missing a beat. The headset has ample bass for songs like Breakn’ a Sweat by Skrillex, and vocals come through clear and crisp. Also, the G735 has Bluetooth, so you can listen on the go, and most people won’t be able to tell you’re using a gaming headset with the RGB lights off and the mic removed.



The G735 has some innovative tech features that help improve the headset’s form and function. The G735 has bright RGB lighting around the exterior of each ear cup that can be controlled with Logitech G HUB. In the G HUB software, you can create custom RGB color combinations, choose from a preset list of options, and adjust the speed and brightness of the lighting.

Multitaskers will love the G735’s dual connection and chat-mixing capabilities. The headset can connect via any two of 3.5mm wired, Bluetooth, or 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless, and there’s a chat mixing button on the right ear cup that allows balancing between the two audio sources. I found the chat mixing feature especially useful while gaming, so I didn’t have to go into my PC’s audio settings to balance game and chat audio.


EQ tuning, RGB customization, DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound, and Blue VO!CE microphone customization are available via the free G HUB companion software. Although it’s only available on PC, G HUB is one of the most intuitive and comprehensive companion software.

Carrying case

The Logitech G735 does not include any carrying case or travel pouch. Logitech sells a white carry case for the G735 separately on their website.


Logitech G735 Headset Controls
The G735 features an array of onboard controls. Credit: Jory Hollander

The G735 has several onboard controls that help control the headset’s features. The left ear cup houses a power button, mute button, and volume wheel. Double tap the power button to toggle the RGB lights, and single tap to check the battery status, indicated by a flashing LED above the power button.

On the G735’s right ear cup are a Bluetooth button and a channel mixing button underneath. The Bluetooth button controls activation and pairing, while the channel mixing button controls balance if you’re connected to two audio sources simultaneously. I liked being able to quickly lower the volume of my teammates on Discord during intense gaming situations without switching windows.



3.5mm (wired)USB (wired)Bluetooth (wireless)2.4 GHz (wireless)Dual Connectivity

Logitech gives players a bevy of options to connect, including 3.5mm wired, Bluetooth, and low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless. You can also connect with any two methods simultaneously and use the onboard chat mixing to control the volume between them.

Unfortunately, Logitech doesn’t include a 3.5mm audio cable with the G735, so you’re stuck with wireless connectivity out of the box. The exclusion of a 3.5mm audio cable is head-scratching, especially for a headset with a premium price point.

Pro tip

Check out our guide on the best Logitech mice to find more wireless peripherals to pair with the G735 headset.


PCMacPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X/SSwitchMobile

Thanks to its versatile connectivity options, the G735 is compatible with almost any device. However, we can’t recommend the G735 to Xbox players since the headset doesn’t feature wireless Xbox connectivity and doesn’t include a 3.5mm audio cable in the box. Check out the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless if you want a wireless headset compatible with Xbox consoles.

Battery life

The G735 advertises a 56-hour battery life, but that’s only attainable at 50% volume, no Bluetooth, and RGB lighting off. The headset gets about 16 hours with full RGB lighting and 50% volume. Although 16 hours isn’t bad, we’re guessing most players will end up using the headset with the RGB lights disabled to conserve battery life.


Logitech G735 Headset Mic
The G735 with boom mic attached. Credit: Jory Hollander

The G735 features a white, bendable, detachable boom microphone with a unidirectional pickup pattern and a 100-10,000 Hz frequency range. The boom microphone has ample clarity for chatting with teammates or taking calls. Although the mic is bendable, it doesn’t like staying put once manipulated.

The G HUB companion software enhances the mic’s capabilities with Blue VO!CE, adding features like gain control, an equalizer, and signal cleanup options to improve overall clarity. There’s even a list of custom Blue VO!CE presets that allow you to sound like a classic radio broadcaster and voice effects that turn you into an alien or robot DJ. Overall, G HUB mic customization is much more comprehensive than other gaming headset software, which is a big plus for streamers or content creators who plan to use the G735’s mic. Listen to the sample recording below to judge the G735’s mic for youself.

In the box

Logitech G735 Headset In The Box
Box contents included with the G735. Credit: Jory Hollander
  • G735 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • LIGHTSPEED wireless USB receiver
  • USB extender
  • Mic (detachable)
  • Charging cable

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