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Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X Review

Beyerdynamic DT900 Pro X Featured Image
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Quick take

The Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X’s high-quality, accurate sound makes it one of the best competitive gaming headsets. The German headset manufacturer paid attention to detail using only premium materials for construction and made most of the vital components, like the audio cable, ear cushions, and drivers, easily replaceable. The DT 900 Pro X’s gaming audio is so good that it compensates for the lack of a microphone and features usually found on similarly-priced gaming headsets.

Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X

  • Balanced, high-quality audio
  • Large, immersive sound stage
  • Premium construction
  • No microphone
  • Earcups clamp tighter than most headsets
Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Design: Open-back
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, Mobile
  • Drivers: 45mm
  • Weight: 345 grams
  • Freq. response: 5-40,000 Hz
  • Mic: No


Astro A40 TR

The Astro A40 TR “Tournament Ready” is an open-back, wired esports headset with a clear, accurate sound mix for listening to footsteps and other vital audio cues. The A40 TR is comfortable and durable, with replaceable components including the ear cushions, headband, audio cable, and microphone.

Logitech G Pro X

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HyperX Cloud II

The HyperX Cloud II has been one of the most popular gaming headsets since its release in 2015. The closed-back wired headset offers a winning combination of comfort and audio quality at a reasonable price.


Ear cups

Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X Ear Cups
The DT 900 Pro X’s ear cups feature plush velour fabric. Credit: Jory Hollander

The DT 900 Pro X’s circular ear cups are open-back, with slits on the outside of the ear cup that enable air to pass freely to the drivers. The ear cup’s open-back design allows you to hear the environment around you, creating a more spacious ear cup feel.

The DT 900 Pro X’s circular ear cup design leaves plenty of room for the ears without feeling cramped. I appreciated that Beyerdynamic includes soft padding covering the drivers to prevent ear irritation.

The ear cushions are made from firm memory foam covered in gray velour fabric. The velour fabric is ultra-soft to the touch and does an excellent job of preventing heat buildup during extended gaming sessions. The ear cushions, and even the STELLAR.Forty-five drivers are replaceable without special tools, which significantly increases the potential lifespan of the headset.


Beyerdynamic DT900 Pro X Headband
A pull tab on the DT 900 Pro X allows users to swap the headband cushion. Credit: Jory Hollander

The DT 900 Pro X’s headband is made from a solid piece of metal that extends through the headband cushion and fastens each ear cup in place. Furnishing the metal band is memory foam covered in soft leatherette that holds the headset upon your head like a cloud. A pull tab on the headband cushion allows you to replace it if the leatherette rips or the memory foam wears out.

Clamping Force

Due to the metal headband and thick memory foam ear cushions, the DT 900 Pro X has a stronger clamping force than most. At first, the clamping force made the DT 900 Pro X overly tight and uncomfortable, but after wearing the headset for a few days, the headband expanded to fit my head better.


Driver Size (mm)Wired Frequency Range (Hz)Wireless Frequency Range (Hz)Nominal Impedance (ohms)


The DT 900 Pro X has incredible sound quality for gaming thanks to a comprehensive 5-40,000 Hz frequency range and open-back design. Open-back headsets like the DT 900 Pro X have a more transparent soundstage that makes it easier for your brain to determine the distance and direction of sounds.

The DT 900 Pro X shines in critical listening applications, making it one of the best headsets for Escape From Tarkov. The headset produces audio that feels like it’s happening around you instead of in your head. This makes the games you play more immersive and enhances your ability to discern minute audio cues that can help you win more games.


Listening to music with the DT 900 Pro X differs entirely from what you’ll experience with most gaming headsets. The headset perfectly reproduces every note, unlocking new levels of my favorite songs that aren’t audible with a regular set of headphones. If you’re an audiophile that loves gaming and music, the DT 900 Pro X might be the perfect 2-in-1 headset.



The Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X excludes notable tech features like surround sound or chat mixing. The headset is barebones, with Beyerdynamic’s core focus being the quality of the internal and external components.

Pro tip

If you’re interested in cool tech to upgrade your setup, check out our review guide of the best OLED gaming monitors.


The DT 900 Pro X does not include any companion software. Third-party applications can be used to tweak the headset’s EQ settings, but we didn’t feel compelled to stray from the default audio mix during testing.

Carrying case

Beyerdynamic DT900 Pro X Case
The DT 900 Pro X’s drawstring pouch made from neoprene-like material. Credit: Jory Hollander

The headset includes a soft drawstring pouch made from a neoprene-like material. The drawstring pouch can be used for travel or storage to prevent scratches and provide protection from moisture.


There are no controls for the DT 900 Pro X. The Pro X’s volume must be adjusted using your device’s sound settings. My keyboard has a volume wheel, which makes it easy to adjust the DT 900 Pro X’s volume without opening up my PC sound settings.



3.5mm (wired)USB (wired)Bluetooth (wireless)2.4 GHz (wireless)Dual Connectivity

The DT 900 Pro X uses detachable 3.5mm to mini-XLR audio cables, including an optional 6.35mm audio jack adapter. The audio cables included with the DT 900 Pro X are thick and premium– they can be coiled for storage without becoming deformed, which reduces tangling and increases the cable’s lifespan.


PCMacPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X/SSwitchMobile

The DT 900 Pro X is compatible with any device with a 3.5 or 6.35mm audio jack. Unlike previous 250 ohms headsets from Beyerdynamic that require an amp, the DT 900 Pro X uses a nominal impedance of 48 ohms and can be powered by almost any device without an amplifier.


The DT 900 Pro X does not include a microphone. Most gamers that use the DT 900 Pro X pair it with an external microphone like the Shure SM7b, the most popular mic used by gamers tracked by

In the box

Beyerdynamic DT900 Pro X In The Box
Beyerdynamic includes two thick audio cables in the box. Credit: Jory Hollander
  • DT 900 Pro X
  • 1.8 & 3.0M mini-XLR to 3.5mm cable
  • 6.35mm adapter
  • Drawstring bag


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