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Best Controller For Fortnite In 2024

Best Controller for Fortnite
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There has never been a better time to play Fortnite with a controller, thanks to an abundance of quality options for players of all hand sizes and skill levels. Modern controllers range from standard to pro models, with extra programmable buttons, adjustable/swappable components, and software to fine-tune settings. In this guide, we dive into the best controllers for Fortnite, with picks for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile players.

Best controller for Fortnite

Top Xbox pick

Xbox Elite Series 2

  • Swappable components
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Xbox Accessories app software support
  • Excellent PC compatibility
  • Some customers report reliability issues with bumpers and stick drift
Xbox Elite Series 2
  • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, Android, iOS
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Software: Xbox Accessories app
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless

The Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 is one of the best controllers for Fortnite because of its incredible build quality and laundry list of features. If you play Fortnite on Xbox, PC, or mobile, the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 can vastly improve your gameplay over a standard controller.

The Elite Wireless Series 2 is extremely customizable, with swappable thumbstick toppers, D-pads, and paddles. Players can also fine-tune the controller’s trigger pulls, adjust thumbstick tension, customize button layout in the Xbox Accessories app, and save custom controller profiles.

Pro tip

Once you’ve calibrated the Elite Wireless Series 2 in the Xbox Accessories App, don’t forget to use the best controller settings for Fortnite.

Fortnite players will benefit massively from the Elite Wireless Series 2’s four back paddles, which can map to any input via the Xbox Accessories app or the Xbox console settings. Professional Fortnite players often bind their paddles to inputs like jumping and crouching to perform those actions while maintaining full control of the thumbsticks.

The Elite Wireless Series 2 includes four thumbsticks toppers: two standard, one dome, and one tall. The dome thumbstick works well for snappy aim and close-quarters engagements, while the tall thumbstick excels when more precision is required.

The textured left and right triggers feature three levels of pull distance that adjust with a toggle on the back of the controller. Reduce the pull distance for lighting-fast trigger pulls in FPS games, or increase the pull distance to give yourself more control over the throttle in racing games.

The Elite Wireless Series 2 connects via USB-C cable, Bluetooth, or Xbox Wireless. The controller also boasts around 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge, which is outstanding for the category.

Top PS5 pick

PS5 DualSense Edge

  • Swappable analog stick modules
  • Adjustable controller components
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Compatibility issues with PC
  • Poor battery life
  • No companion software
PS5 DualSense Edge
  • Compatibility: PS5, Android, iOS, macOS, PC (wired only)
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 5-10 hours
  • Software: n/a
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth

The PS5 DualSense Edge is Sony’s answer to the Xbox Elite controller, an upgraded version of the base PS5 controller with some added goodies. The DualSense Edge is one of the best PS5 controllers for Fortnite, but PC players may want to steer clear because of compatibility issues we’ll cover below.

The DualSense Edge gives Fortnite players ultimate control with features like swappable stick caps, remappable inputs, adjustable trigger pulls, two types of paddles, adjustable stick sensitivity, quick swappable control profiles, and more. A hard shell carrying case protects the controller during travel and stores the additional components.

The DualSense Edge takes modular controller design to the next level with swappable analog stick modules. Anyone who uses controllers knows how fast they pick up stick drift, and eventually, the whole unit needs to be replaced. The replaceable stick modules significantly increase the overall durability rating of the DualSense Edge and will likely save players money in the long run.

A caveat of the DualSense Edge is its lack of wireless compatibility with PC. The DualSense Edge won’t work wirelessly on PC except through Steam or controller configuration apps like DS4Windows. To make matters worse, the controller’s custom profiles and button assignments can only be configured on a PS5 console.

Another drawback of the DualSense Edge compared to the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is battery life. The DualSense Edge only lasts 5-10 hours, while the Xbox Elite Series 2 boasts a 40-hour battery life. The DualSense Edge does work while charging, however, so can simply plug in if the controller dies mid-game.

Budget Xbox pick

Xbox Core Wireless

  • Excellent battery life
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great PC and mobile compatibility
  • AA batteries
  • No companion software
Xbox Core Wireless
  • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, Android, and iOS
  • Battery type: AA
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Software: n/a
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless

The Xbox Core Wireless Controller is a solid choice for Fortnite players who don’t want the extra bells and whistles offered by the Elite Series, and it costs significantly less. The Xbox Core Wireless Controller is famous for its comfortable ergonomics, excellent compatibility, and long-lasting battery life.

The newest version of the Xbox Core Wireless Controller got a facelift in 2020 with some subtle yet pleasing design changes. Microsoft updated the Xbox controller with a matte-plastic finish, textured bumpers, triggers, and grips, and added a share button for quickly capturing gameplay. The new controller also features haptic feedback triggers that provide increased immersion and a surprising level of feedback.

The Xbox Core Wireless Controller can be purchased in a variety of colors, giving players the option to personalize the faceplates, thumbsticks, and even the XYAB buttons. Two AA batteries power the controller for 40 hours of playtime, but we recommend buying rechargeable batteries to save money and limit e-waste in the long run.

One of the major selling points for the Xbox Core Wireless Controller is its compatibility with PC, Android, and iOS devices. Pairing the Xbox Core Wireless Controller to PCs and mobile devices is extremely simple, and Windows 10/11 owners can take full advantage of its excellent Xbox ecosystem support.

Top PC pick

Scuf Envision Pro

  • 11 extra programmable buttons
  • Responsive mechanical switches
  • RGB lighting
  • Corsair iCue software compatibility
  • No console compatibility
Scuf Envision Pro
  • Compatibility: Windows 10/11
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: Rechargeable
  • Software: Corsair iCUE
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Envision Wireless Dongle

The SCUF Envision Pro is a PC-only controller made for serious gaming enthusiasts. The Envision Pro offers premium features at a premium price point. You will have to decide for yourself if the benefits of the controller make up for its lack of compatibility with consoles.

Starting with the design, the Envision Pro comes in tons of colors and features rubberized hex grips for greater control. The overall design of the controller is not copied directly from an Xbox or PlayStation controller. Instead, it fuses design elements between the two, creating a completely new design.

The Envision Pro features buttons galore, with four extra buttons on the back, a left and right side button, and five extra G-keys at the bottom. The G-keys control functions like mic mute, mute, volume up/down, and eco mode (turns off vibration and RGB). The controller’s extra buttons can be remapped to any in-game or PC action using the Corsair iCue companion app.

The Envision Pro also utilizes mechanical switches in the D-Pad and XYAB buttons for crisp and responsive activations. Each trigger on the Envision Pro features adjustable pull distances, which you can shorten for Fortnite to increase your semi-auto RPM and ADS speed.

Pro tip

Once you’ve calibrated the Elite Wireless Series 2 in the Xbox Accessories App, don’t forget to use the best controller settings for Fortnite.

The Envision Pro connects to PCs via the Envision Wireless Dongle featuring Corsair Slipstream Wireless technology for hyper-low latency or with a USB-C cable (included). The Envision Pro lasts around 19 hours during wireless use, depending on features like RGB and vibration.

Alternate PS5 pick

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

  • 6 extra programmable buttons
  • Adjustable triggers and swappable thumbsticks
  • PC & PS5 compatibility
  • Razer Controller app compatibility
  • Expensive
Razer Wolverine V2 Pro
  • Compatibility: PS5, Windows 10/11
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 28 hours
  • Software: Razer Controller App
  • Connectivity: Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, USB-C wired

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is an officially licensed high-performance wireless controller for PC and PS5. Razer claims that the Wolverine V2 Pro’s next-gen features give esports athletes an unfair advantage in-game, and we might have to agree.

The Wolverine V2 Pro’s design is somewhat of a hybrid between the standard Xbox and PlayStation controllers, with a touchpad at the top and offset thumbsticks. The controller also features textured grips along the sides with customizable RGB light strips separating the grips and the plastic face plate.

The Wolverine V2 Pro boasts quick button presses with short actuation distance and a 3-million tap life cycle. The Wolverine’s triggers, which Razer calls HyperTriggers, have a pull distance that can be adjusted on the back of the controller.

The back of the Wolverine V2 Pro features six extra programmable buttons, four paddles on the back, and two extra bumpers up top. The Razer Controller App remaps the additional buttons, the RGB lights, the left/right thumbstick sensitivities, and more.

The Wolverine V2 Pro connects to PC and PS5 consoles via the Razer HyperSpeed Wireless 2.4 GHz dongle or USB-C cable. The controller’s rechargeable battery lasts about 10 hours with Chroma and 28 hours without Chroma RGB.

Fortnite controller compatibility

According to, “You can mix and match your external devices (controllers, keyboards, mic, etc.) when you play Fortnite on your mobile device, PC or console. Using any external devices to play is perfectly fine and will not result in any bans on your account.”

In today’s current controller landscape, you can expect almost every controller from major brands to be compatible with Fortnite. This being said, it’s always important to check with the manufacturer of each controller to ensure that it’s compatible with Fortnite and the PC, console, or mobile device you wish to play on.

What controller do Fortnite pros use?

Professional Fortnite players use a wide range of controllers from budget to ultra-premium models. The truth is, the best Fortnite players use whichever controller feels best in their hands, and many Fortnite pros dominate lobbies with standard Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Mero, the undisputed best Fortnite controller player of Chapter 4, won the 2023 FNCS Global Championships (against mostly mouse and keyboard players) with a last-generation PlayStation DualShock 4 controller. It shows you don’t need a controller with all the bells and whistles to compete at the highest levels.

If you’re looking for a Fortnite controller that offers the most competitive advantage, we recommend the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2. The Elite Wireless Series 2 gives players extreme control over things like trigger-pull distance and stick sensitivity, making it one of the best controllers for Fortnite esports.


  • What Fortnite controllers are compatible with PS5?

    The most popular Fortnite controllers compatible with the PS5 are the DualSense, DualSense Edge, DualShock 4, Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, SCUF Reflex PS5, Victrix Pro BFG, and Nacon Revolution 5 Pro.

  • What Fortnite controllers are compatible with Xbox?

    The most popular Fortnite controllers compatible with Xbox consoles are the Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2, Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 Core, SCUF Instinct, Razer Wolverine V2 and V2 Chroma, Turtle Beach React-R, Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra, PowerA Enhanced, and Nacon Revolution X.

  • What Fortnite controllers are compatible with PC?

    Most controllers compatible with Xbox and PS5 consoles are also compatible with Fortnite on PC. Our picks for the best PC Fortnite controllers include the Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Wireless Elite Series 2, SCUF Envision Pro, and Razer Wolverine V2 Pro.

Methodology tracks the settings and gaming peripherals used by the top esports athletes and content creators. The picks for this guide were informed by analyzing specs, reviews, and specific gear used by Fortnite pros from popular manufacturers like Microsoft, Sony, SCUF, Razer, and more. This way, you get the controller picks we think are best to secure a competitive advantage in Fortnite.

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