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Best Controller for Apex Legends In 2024

Best Controller for Apex Legends
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PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Apex Legends players need a controller that can keep up with the demands of fast-paced fps shooters. Modern controllers can help level the playing field with extra mappable buttons, adjustable triggers, and tuneable thumbsticks. In this guide, we cover the best controller options for Apex Legends players, including picks for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Best controller for Apex Legends

Top Xbox pick

Xbox Elite Series 2

  • Swappable components
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Xbox Accessories app software support
  • Excellent PC compatibility
  • Some customers report reliability issues with bumpers and stick drift
Xbox Elite Series 2
  • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, Android, iOS
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Software: Xbox Accessories app
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is a premium game controller with features that surpass the standard Xbox Wireless controller. Features like adjustable-tension thumbsticks, hair lock triggers, and interchangeable parts make the Xbox Elite Series 2 one of the best Xbox controllers for Apex Legends.

Pro tip

Don’t forget to pair your new controller with the best controller settings for Apex Legends.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 includes a thumbstick adjustment tool that sets the tension of each thumbstick, with three levels to choose from. Adjustable thumbsticks give Apex Legends players more control over their movement and aiming that goes beyond in-game sensitivity settings.

The controller’s triggers feature three levels of pull distance set with switches above the rear paddles. Many professional Apex Legends players prefer to reduce their trigger pull distance to improve responsiveness and fire rate.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is one of the most versatile controllers for Apex Legends, compatible with Xbox consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. The controller features up to 40 hours of wireless playtime and can be recharged and function wired with an included USB-C charging cable.

Top PS5 pick

PS5 DualSense Edge

  • Swappable analog stick modules
  • Adjustable controller components
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Compatibility issues with PC
  • Poor battery life
  • No companion software
PS5 DualSense Edge
  • Compatibility: PS5, Android, iOS, macOS, PC (wired only)
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: 5-10 hours
  • Software: n/a
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth

The PlayStation DualSense Edge is Sony’s top-of-the-line gamepad for PS5 consoles. The DualSense Edge is one of the best Apex Legends controllers for PS5 due to features like mappable back paddles, swappable thumbstick modules, and onboard settings customization tools.

The DualSense Edge features two mappable paddles on the back of the controller that can be bound to often-used Apex Legends inputs like slide and jump. Back paddles allow players to keep their thumbs on the sticks, enabling more freedom to perform inputs while moving and aiming. The controller comes with two styles of back paddles, half dome and lever, for players to choose from.

If you have experience with Xbox or PlayStation controllers, you know that stick drift can occur over time, eventually leading to the controller needing replacement. The DualSense Edge offers a clever solution to this problem with swappable thumbstick modules, so you can replace the module instead of the whole controller once stick drift starts to occur.

The DualSense Edge makes changing controller settings painless, allowing players to remap buttons and save custom profiles by pressing a dedicated function button. Be aware that onboard settings are only available on PS5, so you’ll have to use a third-party application or the Steam controller settings to rebind buttons on PC.

Budget Xbox pick

Xbox Core Wireless

  • Excellent battery life
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great PC and mobile compatibility
  • AA batteries
  • No companion software
Xbox Core Wireless
  • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, Android, and iOS
  • Battery type: AA
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Software: n/a
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless

The Xbox Core Wireless, an updated version of the classic Xbox controller, arrived in 2020 with minor improvements like a dedicated share button, USB-C port, and concave D-pad. The Xbox Core Wireless is still one of the best-value controllers available, offering reliable performance and comfortable ergonomics at a reasonable price.

The Xbox Core Wireless features textured triggers, side grips, and bumpers, so players can maintain their grip even when things get sweaty. The triggers also contain haptic feedback units that vibrate when pulled, enhancing immersion in first-person shooter games like Apex Legends.

The new button in the center of the Xbox Core Wireless called the Share Button, allows players to quickly capture in-game screenshots or recordings. The Share Button is fantastic for capturing epic moments in-game, like a long-range Kraber double-kill, without interrupting or pausing the gameplay.

The Xbox Core Wireless is compatible with Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile devices via Bluetooth or USB-C cable. The controller uses AA batteries that last for 40 hours before needing to be replaced. We recommend buying rechargeable AAs with the Xbox Core Wireless to save money and limit e-waste in the long run.

Top PC pick

Scuf Envision Pro

  • 11 extra programmable buttons
  • Responsive mechanical switches
  • RGB lighting
  • Corsair iCue software compatibility
  • No console compatibility
Scuf Envision Pro
  • Compatibility: Windows 10/11
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Battery life: Rechargeable
  • Software: Corsair iCUE
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Envision Wireless Dongle

The SCUF Envision Pro is one of the best Apex Legends controllers for PC thanks to its impressive features and unique design. Although the SCUF Envision Pro isn’t compatible with consoles or mobile devices, its mappable side/back paddles, extra G-keys, and adjustable triggers can greatly enhance your PC gameplay.

Like the Xbox Elite Series 2, the SCUF Envision Pro features four mappable paddles on the back of the controller. Unlike the Elite Series 2, the Envision Pro also features a mappable button on each side of the controller that can be removed if not in use.

The five buttons on the bottom of the Envision Pro, called the G-keys, sync with Corsair iCUE lighting software and can be bound to any controller input or PC function. The G-keys can open applications, mute/unmute Discord calls, change controller lighting, activate custom macros, and many more.

A switch on each trigger module allows players to adjust their pull distance, increase it for more throttle control in racing games, or decrease it for rapid fire while playing FPS games. The SCUF Envision Pro also includes two sets of convex and concave thumbsticks so players can mix and match to their preference.

Budget pick

GameSir G7

  • Onboard volume controls
  • Two back paddles
  • Software included
  • Budget price
  • Wired only
  • Firmware may need updating
GameSir G7
  • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11
  • Battery type: Wired
  • Battery life: n/a
  • Software: GameSir Nexus
  • Connectivity: USB-C

The GameSir G7 is quickly becoming a top choice for gamers who want the features of a pro controller without the usual price tag that comes with it. The G7 is one of the best budget controllers for Apex Legends, offering enticing features like mappable back paddles, swappable faceplates, instant triggers, and more.

The GameSir G7 features a similar design to the standard Xbox Core Wireless controller, albeit with slight changes to the button configuration and grip shape. There is now a handy mic mute button between the D-pad and the right thumbstick, and the D-pad uses the older “plus” design instead of the concave shape included with the Xbox Core Wireless.

You won’t find many other controllers in the G7’s price range that also feature integrated back paddles, which can significantly improve your ability to superglide in Apex Legends. The G7 also has a D-pad that doubles as a volume mixer. Pressing up/down with the mute button controls game volume, and left/right controls chat volume.

The GameSir G7 is a wired controller that includes a braided 3-meter USB-C cable for plugging into a PC or Xbox Console. The controller also includes a companion software called GameSir Nexus that allows G7 owners to create up to three custom profiles, map buttons, configure vibration intensity, and tune deadzones for each thumbstick.

Apex Legends controller compatibility

Apex Legends officially supports Xbox and PlayStation controllers on PC. So long as your controller is compatible with one of the two consoles, it will also be compatible with Apex Legends on PC. Additionally, Apex Legends supports a variety of PC-only controllers, like the SCUF Envision Pro.

However, avoid using controllers with mods or macros, as they could result in a ban on your account. Some controllers offer features that promise enhancements like reduced recoil or increased fire rate that could put you at risk of triggering the in-game anti-cheat.

What controller do Apex Legends pros use?

Apex Legends players use a variety of controllers depending on their grip style, hand size, thumbstick configuration preference, and sponsorships. That being said, SCUF controllers are popular among Apex Legends pros we track on SCUF makes a variety of controller configurations for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. If you can stomach the price, most players can find a SCUF model with the features and layout that fit their preferences.


  • What Apex Legends controllers are compatible with PS5?

    The best Apex Legends controllers for the PS5 are the PlayStation DualSense, PlayStation DualSense Edge, SCUF Reflex, Victrix Pro BFG, and the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro.

  • What Apex Legends controllers are compatible with Xbox?

    The best Apex Legends controllers for the Xbox are the Xbox Elite Series 2, Xbox Core Wireless, SCUF Instinct, and the GameSir G7.

  • What Apex Legends controllers are compatible with PC?

    The best Apex Legends controllers for PC are the SCUF Envision Pro, Xbox Elite Series 2, Xbox Core Wireless, PlayStation DualSense Edge, and the GameSir G7.

Methodology tracks the settings and gaming peripherals used by the top esports athletes and content creators. The picks for this guide were informed by analyzing specs, reviews, and specific gear used by Apex Legends pros from popular manufacturers like Microsoft, Sony, SCUF, Razer, and more. This way, you get the controller picks we think are best to secure a competitive advantage in Apex Legends.

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