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MuTeX Warzone Settings

Controller Settings

Button Layout PresetBumper Jumper Tactical
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Controller VibrationOff
Left Stick Min Deadzone0.02
Right Stick Min Deadzone0.03
Left Trigger DeadzoneUnknown
Right Trigger DeadzoneUnknown

Controller Aim Settings

Horizontal Stick Sensitivity7
Vertical Stick Sensitivity6
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier0.70
Aim Response Curve TypeDynamic
ADS Sens. Multiplier (Focus)1.00
ADS Sensitivity Transition TimingInstant
Custom Sensitivity Per ZoomUnknown (low), Unknown (2x-3x), Unknown (4x-5x), Unknown (6x-7x), Unknown (8x-9x), Unknown (high)
Target Aim AssistOn
Aim Assist TypeDefault

Gameplay Settings

Automatic SprintAutomatic Tactical Sprint
Sprint/Tactical Sprint BehaviorToggle
Tactical Sprint BehaviorSingle Tap Sprint
Grounded MantleOff
Automatic Airborne MantlePartial
Automatic Ground Mantle/HangOff
Slide/Dive BehaviorSlide Only
Parachute Automatic BehaviorOff
Equipment BehaviorHold
Weapon Mount ActivationADS + Melee
Weapon Mount DelayMedium
Interact/Reload BehaviorPrioritize Interact
Armor Plate BehaviorApply One
Depleted Ammo Weapon SwitchOn

Video Settings

Display ModeFullscreen Borderless
Screen Refresh RateAuto
Display Resolution2560x1440
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Gamma2.2 (SRGB)
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOn + Boost
High Dynamic Range (HDR)Off
Global Quality
Upscaling/SharpeningNVIDIA DLSS
VRAM Scale Targe80
NVIDIA DLSS Frame GenerationOff
Detail & Textures Quality
Texture ResolutionHigh
Texture Filter AnisotropicHigh
Depth of FieldOn
Detail Quality LevelHigh
Particle ResolutionHigh
Bullet ImpactsOn
Persistent EffectsOn
Shader QualityHigh
On-Demand Texture StreamingOn
Local Texture Streaming QualityNormal
Shadow & Lighting Quality
Shadow QualityUltra
Screen Space ShadowsHigh
Ambient OcclusionBoth
Screen Space ReflectionsHigh
Static Reflection QualityHigh
Environment Quality
Volumetric QualityHigh
Deferred Physics QualityHigh
Weather Grid VolumesUltra
Water QualityAll


Field of View120
ADS Field of ViewAffected
Weapon Field of ViewWide
Vehicle Field of ViewDefault


World Motion BlurOff
Weapon Motion BlurOff
Film Grain0
1st Person Camera MovementLeast(50%)
Inverted FlashbangOff

Audio Settings

Audio MixHome Theater
Master Game Volume70
Gameplay Music Volume0
Dialogue Volume100
Effects Volume100
Cinematic Music VolumeUnknown
War Tracks VolumeUnknown
Voice Chat VolumeUnknown
Hit Marker Sound EffectsUnknown


Gaming PC Specs

19 Responses

  1. his loadout is different i just saw a twicht video and he is playing with the ffar

  2. anyone know his nvidia control panel settings for in terms of his desktop colour settings. I know he doesnt have nvidia filters but adjusts it through the nvidia control panel

    1. Hey Sunny. MuTeX’s colors are achieved using an OBS color filter. He doesn’t personally see this filter when in game – it’s just to make the stream content look more vibrant to his viewers. The only other setting he uses is the Tritanopia colorblind setting.

    1. Yes, this is common with pro players and streamers. Nearly all play on low to medium settings and at 1080p with 27″ monitors. Some players with new 4090 series GPUs are moving to low/medium settings at 1440p. We’re keeping an eye on this trend and will update this page should that change.

      1. Thanks.
        I do understand low settings to get more frames and 1080p on 24″ but on 27″ it looks really bad 🙂

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