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Kxpture Warzone 2 Settings

Kxpture's Controller Settings

BR Button LayoutDefault
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Controller VibrationOff
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity12
Vertical Stick Sensitivity12
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
ADS Sensitivity Transition TimingInstant
Aim Down Sight BehaviorHold
Change Zoom Shared InputSprint/Tactical Sprint/Focus
Automatic SprintOn
Equipment BehaviorHold
Weapon Mount ActivationADS + Melee
Interact/Reload BehaviorPrioritize Interact
Armor Plate BehaviorApply All
Aim AssistDefault
Gyro BehaviorOff
Aim Response Curve TypeDynamic
Inputs Deadzone0.03
Auto Move ForwardOff
Tactical Sprint BehaviorDouble Tap
Grounded MantleOff
Automatic Airborne MantleOff

Video Settings

Display ModeFullscreen Exclusive
Screen Refresh Rate240
Display Resolution1920x1080
Render Resolution100
Dynamic ResolutionOff
Aspect Ratio16:9
VSync (Gameplay)Off
VSync (Menus)Off
Custom Frame Rate LimitUnknown
Gameplay Custom Frame Rate LimitUnknown
Display Gamma2.2 (SRGB)
Texture ResolutionLow
Texture Filter AnisotropicLow
Level of Detail (Nearby/Distant)Low/High
Clutter Draw DistanceShort
Particle QualityVery Low
Bullet Impacts & SpraysOn
Shader QualityLow
Terrain MemoryMax
On-Demand Texture StreamingOff
Streaming QualityLow
Volumetric QualityLow
Water CausticsOff
Shadow Map ResolutionVery Low
Screen Space ShadowsOff
Spot Shadow QualityLow
Spot CacheHigh
Particle LightingLow
Ambient OcclusionBoth
Screen Space ReflectionsOff
Static Reflection QualityLow
Weather Grid VolumesOff
Upscaling/SharpeningFidelityFX CAS
Anti-AliasingFilmic SMAA T2X
Anti-Aliasing QualityNormal
Video Memory Scale90
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOn + Boost
Depth of FieldOff
World Motion BlurOff
Weapon Motion BlurOff
Film Grain0.00

General Settings

Field of View120.00
ADS Field of ViewAffected
Weapon Field of ViewWide
3rd Person Field of View90

Audio Settings

Audio MixPC
Master Volume100
Music Volume0
Dialogue Volume40
Effects Volume100
Hit Marker Volume70
Mono AudioOff
Juggernaut MusicOn
Hit Marker Sound EffectsMW

Kxpture's Game Settings

Kxpture's Gear

Kxpture's Gaming PC Specs

Kxpture's Streaming PC Specs

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