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Its_Iron Warzone Settings


Change Stance/Slide/DiveNot Bound
Sprint/Tactical Sprint/FocusL-Shift
Open ParachuteUnknown
Next Weapon2
Weapon MountT
Lethal EquipmentE
Tactical EquipmentQ
Field UpgradeX
Armor Plate/Drop ItemG

Mouse Settings & Sensitivity

Polling Rate (Hz)1000
Mouse Sensitivity5.50
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Focus)1.00
ADS Sensitivity TypeRelative
Monitor Distance Coefficient1.78
Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom1.00 (low), 1.00 (2x-3x), 1.00 (4x-5x), 1.00 (6x-7x), 1.00 (8x-9x), 1.00 (high)

Gameplay Settings

Crouch BehaviorUnknown
Prone BehaviorUnknown
Automatic SprintUnknown
Sprint/Tactical Sprint BehaviorUnknown
Tactical Sprint BehaviorUnknown
Automatic Airborne MantleUnknown
Automatic Ground Mantle/HangUnknown
Grounded MantleUnknown
Slide/Dive ActivationUnknown
Parachute Automatic BehaviorPlane Only
Aim Down Sight BehaviorHold
Change Zoom ActivationMelee
Focus BehaviorHold
Equipment BehaviorHold
Weapon Mount ActivationWeapon Mount(Toggle)
Armor Plate BehaviorApply All

Video Settings

Display ModeFullscreen Exclusive
Screen Refresh Rate239.97
Display Resolution2560x1440
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Display Gamma2.2(SRGB)
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOn
High Dynamic Range (HDR)Off
Global Quality
Upscaling/SharpeningFidelityFX CAS
VRAM Scale Targe80
NVIDIA DLSS Frame GenerationOn
Detail & Textures Quality
Texture ResolutionLow
Texture Filter AnisotropicNormal
Depth of FieldOff
Detail Quality LevelLow
Particle ResolutionVery Low
Bullet ImpactsOn
Persistent EffectsOff
Shader QualityLow
On-Demand Texture StreamingOff
Local Texture Streaming QualityLow
Shadow & Lighting Quality
Shadow QualityVery Low
Screen Space ShadowsOff
Ambient OcclusionOff
Screen Space ReflectionsOff
Static Reflection QualityLow
Environment Quality
Volumetric QualityLow
Deferred Physics QualityOff
Weather Grid VolumesOff
Water QualityWater Caustics


Field of View117
ADS Field of ViewAffected
Weapon Field of ViewWide
Vehicle Field of ViewWide


World Motion BlurOff
Weapon Motion BlurOff
Film Grain0.00
1st Person Camera MovementLeast(50%)
Inverted FlashbangOff

Audio Settings

Audio MixPC Speaker
Master Game Volume100
Gameplay Music VolumeUnknown
Dialogue VolumeUnknown
Effects VolumeUnknown
Cinematic Music VolumeUnknown
War Tracks VolumeUnknown
Voice Chat Volume100
Hit Marker Sound EffectsUnknown


Gaming PC Specs

Streaming PC Specs

58 thoughts on “Its_Iron Warzone Settings”


    • Don’t worry I got you, man 🙂 Stitched together his latest Nvidia overlay settings, incorporating both the Brightness/Contrast and Details settings:

      Its_Iron Nvidia Overlay Settings

      Edit (April 5th 2021):

      Its_Iron Nvidia Overlay Settings April

      Edit (April 24th 2021):

      Its_Iron Nvidia Overlay Settings New Map 84

      Edit (Sept 1st 2021):

      Tint Color: 42% | Tint Intensity: 16% | Temperature: 0 | Vibrance: 66

      Sharpen: 86% | Clarity: 74% | HDR Toning: -18% | Bloom: 0%

      Exposure: -2% | Contrast: 34% | Highlights: -100% | Shadows: -100% | Gamma: 0%

      Sharpen: 87% | Ignore Film Grain: 0%

      Edit (Dec 13th 2021):

      Intensity: 71% | Ignore Film Grain: 0%

      Sharpen: 89% | Clarity: 71% | HDR Toning: -50% | Bloom: 0%

      Tint Color: 40% | Tint Intensity: 10% | Temperature: 0 | Vibrance: 56.8

      Exposure: -10% | Contrast: 23% | Highlights: -100% | Shadows: -90% | Gamma: -4%

    • THE guy who did the review on best settings vs. performance tradeoff ( ) says none, iirc. Don’t want to jack the thread, but have to quote my sources. Iron knows what he likes, but not everyone has that kind of rig, top of the line.

      Oh also, tell Iron he’s got some seriously expensive headphones – $899 on amazon! And his gaming pad is out of stock.

  1. Can you tell me, where do you get all this info ? First of all, Iron have 1440p monitor, but for higher FPS he use 1080p. Secondly, this is not his AMAX setup, he changed it 1.5 month ago, he don’t use TAC laser anymore.

    • Hey Matt. Thanks for your comment mate. We have now updated Iron’s AMAX loadout. Regarding the 1080p, do you have a twitch clip where this is shown? According to his current !resolution and !graphics commands, he’s running at 2560×1440 & 100 render resolution.

  2. Hy bro please do iron
    Latest Navdia filter settings because i try then previous one you metions it doesn seems same thanks

  3. Hi,
    Do you guys know what settings does Iron use for his monitor? Like what present mode does he use? What brightness/contrast he has on his monitor?
    I have the same monitor and trying to set up mine like him.

    • Hey mate. Thanks for the question. After having a look around, it doesn’t appear that Iron has shared his monitor settings yet. If we spot him mentioning at some point we’ll be sure to update this comment.

    • Hey there. Just spent some time looking in to this, but it doesn’t appear that Iron has shared this information yet. If we do manage to find anything, we’ll reply here. Feel free to update as well if you find out at any point 🙂

    • Hey mate. I’ve just had a search around, but it doesn’t look like Iron has shared his OBS settings before. That said, the most likely reason his stream looks clean will be down to him playing at 1440p resolution, whereas the majority of other streamers currently use 1080p.

    • Hey mate. Iron has 2 main loadouts for his XM4 – a long and short range.

      Long range:
      • Agency Suppressor
      • 13.5″ Task Force
      • Axial Arms 3x
      • Field Agent Grip
      • STANAG 60 Rnd

      Short range:
      • Suppressor
      • 13.5″ Task Force
      • Microflex LED
      • Raider Pad
      • 45 Rnd Mag

    • Hey Petri. Similarly to his XM4, Iron also has 2 main loadouts for his AK-47 – a long and short range.

      Long range:
      • GRU Suppressor
      • 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
      • Axial Arms 3x
      • Spetsnaz Grip
      • 45 Rnd Mag

      Short range:
      • Suppressor
      • 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
      • Axial Arms 3x (or sometimes Microflex LED)
      • KGB Skeletal Stock
      • 45 Rnd Mag

      We’ll also be updating his loadouts section shortly with some of the newer meta weapons ?

    • Hey there. Yeh, Iron is currently wearing the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. Apparently this change is temporary, so I would imagine he will be back using his Audeze headset soon.


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