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Can You Play Split-Screen In Warzone?

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Those who want to play Warzone and experience the newest map might be curious to know if they can play 2-player split-screen with friends. This short guide will cover everything you need to know about playing split-screen in Warzone.

Can you play split-screen in Warzone?

Unfortunately, Warzone does not feature Xbox, Playstation, or PC split-screen support. Many couch co-op fans might be disappointed to hear that the Call of Duty developers don’t have official plans to add split-screen support for Warzone in the future.

Pro tip

While Warzone doesn’t offer split-screen, co-op fans will be happy to hear that Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer does, in fact, feature a 2-player split-screen for select game modes. See our Modern Warfare 2 split-screen guide for everything you need to know about how to play split-screen in Modern Warfare 2.

Why doesn’t Warzone offer split-screen gameplay?

The lack of split-screen support in Warzone is likely due to technical limitations; Warzone’s large map size and large player lobbies would be challenging to render twice for split-screen gaming on the same system.

How to play Warzone with friends

Add Activision Friends

The best way to experience Warzone with friends is to make sure each friend has their own console/PC and monitor to play with. Luckily, Warzone offers cross-platform support, so PC, Xbox, and Playstation players can enjoy landing headshots together regardless of platform.

To invite friends on a different platform, head to the social tab by pressing F2 on PC or RS3 on console, and select the Friends tab. Then, click Add Friends and search using your friend’s Activision ID. You can use the social area to invite friends and recent players to your party to team up and dominate at the same time, just not split-screen.

Can you play split-screen in DMZ?

Like Warzone, DMZ mode does not feature support for 2-player split-screen gaming. Many Warzone players have requested this feature, but its omission is likely due to technical limitations similar to those detailed for Warzone above.

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