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The Essential Warzone Proximity Chat Guide

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Proximity Chat was introduced to Call of Duty with the release of Warzone’s newer iteration in 2022, and it’s been one of the most successful new features. Now players have the tools to coordinate, talk trash, and create memorable gameplay moments. This essential guide will explain Proximity Chat in Warzone, how to enable it, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting common proximity chat issues.

Quick take

Proximity Chat in Warzone allows players to hear each other in-game if they are within 50 meters. To enable Proximity Chat, go to the Warzone Audio settings, find the Voice Chat settings, and turn Proximity Chat On.

What is Proximity Chat in Warzone?

Proximity Chat is a Warzone voice chat feature that allows players to hear each other within a 50-meter radius. The strength of Proximity Chat, or the volume at which other players can be heard, decreases as players get farther apart.

Proximity Chat creates an exciting dynamic in Warzone because it can be used in many ways. Players can speak with each other over Proximity Chat to form an alliance or mutually agree to go separate ways. The Assimilation game modes in Warzone even allow players to join other squads in-game, and it’s one of the best ways to use Proximity Chat.

Players can also go in the opposite direction and use Proximity Chat to trick unsuspecting players by luring unsuspecting players into a trap. No rules exist against feigning weakness, bluffing strength, or double-crossing after creating a truce. How you choose to wield this tool is up to you and your conscious.

How to enable Proximity Chat

Here’s how to enable or disable Proximity Chat in the Warzone settings menu:

Warzone 2 Settings Menu
Warzone Settings Menu. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • Find the Settings located in the top right corner of the main menu or by pressing the menu button in-game. From the setting menu, navigate to Audio settings.
Warzone Voice Chat Settings
Warzone Voice Chat Settings. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • In the Audio settings menu, go to the area labeled Voice Chat – Where all the Proximity Chat settings are located.
  • Ensure the setting labeled Proximity Chat is turned On.

Enabling the Proximity Chat setting will allow you to hear other players in Warzone, but other players will also be able to hear you. To see a complete list of recommended Voice Chat settings, check out our guide on the best audio settings for Warzone.

Proximity Chat tips and tricks

Proximity Chat is a powerful tool players can learn to use to their advantage. Here are some tips and tricks for using Proximity Chat in Warzone.

Use Push To Talk

Warzone Microphone Settings
Warzone Microphone Settings. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Push To Talk is a PC-only Voice Chat setting that only transmits the player’s voice when a key is pressed. You can choose any keybind for Push To Talk – the Z or F keys work for most players.

Pro tip

Choose a keybind setup where essential binds are closest to the WASD movement keys. Our guide on the best keybinds for Warzone explains the most ergonomic keyboard setup.

Enabling Push To Talk ensures that Proximity Chat is only active when the Push To Talk key is pressed. Enabling this setting prevents your voice from transmitting when you want to sneak up on opponents or stop your communications from being heard.

Mute your mic

For console players who can’t enable Push To Talk, muting your mic is the next best option. Most gaming headsets and mics have a toggle mute button, and it’s the only way to prevent your voice from being transmitted while still being able to hear other players.

The addition of Proximity Chat means that the game chat is no longer the best place to communicate with teammates since enemy players can listen in on your comms. Due to Proximity Chat, many Warzone 2 players now mute their mic and use a third-party voice chat application, like Discord, to speak with teammates.

Audible enemies are within 50 meters

Since we know that the audible range for Proximity Chat is 50 meters, any enemy you hear is dangerously close. Combine this knowledge with the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone to create a clear image of where foes lie on the battlefield.

The volume of Proximity Chat also fades with distance. If you hear another player’s mic becoming louder or quieter, you can safely assume they are moving toward or away from you.

Deception is critical to a successful attack

During World War II, the Allied forces underwent Operation Bodyguard, a plan to deceive the German high command. The Allies purposely fed the Germans false information about where they planned to deploy troops during the invasion of Normandy so that the Germans would be less prepared for the attack.

Just like the Allies did leading up to the invasion of Normandy during World War II, giving false information to the enemy can be a powerful way to gain the upper hand. In Warzone, using Proximity Chat to feed enemies information like, “I’m hiding in the bathroom” or “I’m out of ammo,” when the opposite is true, can confuse your opponents.

Troubleshooting Warzone Proximity Chat issues

Players may encounter the following common issues when using Proximity Chat in Warzone.

Proximity Chat not working

If you can’t hear other players’ Proximity Chat, ensure that you have Proximity Chat enabled in the Voice Chat settings (see instructions above to enable Proximity Chat).

If your Proximity Chat is enabled, check the Voice Chat settings to ensure your Voice Chat Device is correct and your Voice Chat Volume is turned up.

Next, go to Channels in the Audio settings and set Game Voice Channel to All Lobby. Choosing All Lobby will allow you to communicate with all players in the game.

Mic not working

Warzone Microphone Test in the Microphone Settings
Warzone Microphone Test. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

If you can hear other players’ voices over Proximity Chat, but they can’t hear yours, your mic may not be working. First, double-check that your mic is unmuted and plugged in.

Next, go to the Voice Chat section of the Audio settings menu and find the Microphone Test. Perform a Microphone Test and look at the bar in the bottom right corner. If the bar is moving, your mic is picked up in-game.

If the test does not pick up your mic, go to the Microphone Device setting underneath Microphone Test and ensure the correct output device is selected. You can also check that the Microphone Volume is turned up to a reasonable level.

Windows PC App volume and device preferences
Windows App volume and device preferences. Credit: Jory Hollander/Microsoft Windows

PC players can also solve mic issues using the PC Sound Settings. Search for Sound Settings and ensure your microphone is selected as the Default Communication Device. Also, ensure that Modern Warfare 2 has access to your microphone.

Console players can go to the sound setting on their respective console to ensure their microphone is unmuted and the volume is turned up.

Proximity Chat is too loud

Warzone Voice Chat Volume Setting
Warzone Voice Chat Volume. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Many Warzone players have complained that Proximity Chat is too loud, although recent updates have somewhat mitigated the problem.

If the volume of Proximity Chat is too loud, go to the Voice Chat section of the Audio settings menu. Find the Voice Chat Volume slider and turn it down. You may have to reduce the Voice Chat Volume significantly so that the sound of other players does not drown out critical audio cues.


  • Can you turn off Proximity Chat in Warzone?

    To disable Proximity Chat, go to the Warzone Audio settings and find the Voice Chat settings. Turn the setting labeled Proximity Chat to Off.

  • Is there Proximity Chat in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer?

    No, Proximity Chat is not a feature in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer.

  • What is the distance of Proximity Chat in Warzone?

    Proximity Chat can be heard when other players are within 50 meters.

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