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Warzone Pro Settings: Graphics, Sens, FOV & More tracks pro Warzone settings for the most popular Call of Duty esports athletes and streamers. We’ve compiled below a handful of important graphics settings, mouse settings, and FOVs used for the Warzone pro players we track.

In the table below, you’ll also find a link to each player’s full Warzone settings profile. These Warzone settings pages cover each player’s A to Z in-game settings, including expanding on the above settings categories, in addition to covering audio settings and in-game behaviors selected.

We suggest starting with the table below to get a quick glimpse into some of the most important and highly sought after pro Warzone settings, then diving into each player’s Warzone settings page if wanting to mimic all of your favorite Warzone pros settings.

Warzone pro settings

PlayerSettingsDisplay ModeRes.Render Res.Texture Res.Stream QualityShadow Map Res.DPISensFOVADS FOVNVIDIA Reflex
Adisbak Adisbak Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100NormalLowLow16002.85120.00AffectedOn
AydanAydan Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100NormalLowVery Low----120.00AffectedOn + Boost
BBreadman BBreadman Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440100NormalLowVery Low8003.87120.00AffectedOff
BobbyPoff BobbyPoff Warzone 2 settingsUnknown2560x1440100HighOnNormal8003.62114.00AffectedOn
Booya Booya Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100NormalNormalVery Low----120.00AffectedOn
Chowh1 Chowh1 Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive1920x1080100NormalLowNormal4009.35120.00AffectedOn + Boost
Cloakzy Cloakzy Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive1920x1080100NormalLowVery Low40014.30120.00AffectedOn
DiazBiffle DiazBiffle Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100NormalNormalVery Low----120.00AffectedOn + Boost
DrDisrespect DrDisrespect Warzone 2 settingsUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown----120.00AffectedUnknown
Expel Expel Warzone 2 settingsUnknown3840x2160100HighNormalNormal14502.00120.00AffectedOn
Futives Futives Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100HighLowLow----120.00AffectedOn + Boost
Fifakill Fifakill Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440100NormalLowVery Low----120.00AffectedOn
HuskerrsHuskerr Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100NormalNormalVery Low8004.00120.00AffectedOn + Boost
IceManIsaac IceManIsaac Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100NormalNormalNormal----117.00AffectedOn + Boost
Its_Iron Its_Iron Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Extended Window2560x1440100NormalLowLow4007.50110.00AffectedOn
JoeWoJoeWo Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100HighNormalVery Low----120.00AffectedOn + Boost
LVNDMARK LVNDMARK Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless1920x1080100HighLowNormal8008.00120.00UnknownOn
Metaphor Metaphor Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440100Very LowNormalVery Low20002.75120.00AffectedOn + Boost
MuTeX MuTeX Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100Very LowLowVery Low----120.00AffectedOff
Nadia Nadia Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen2560x1440100NormalLowNormal----120.00AffectedUnknown
Nio Nio Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive1920x1080100Very LowLowVery Low8005.00120.00AffectedOff
Pieman Pieman Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440100NormalNormalVery Low8006.11120.00AffectedOn
Recrent Recrent Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100HighNormalNormal16001.90120.00IndependentOn + Boost
Scump Scump Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen1920x1080100LowNormalLow----100.00AffectedOn + Boost
StoneMountain64StoneMountain64 Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440UnknownNormalNormalNormal8004.20110.00AffectedOn + Boost
strahfestrahfe Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440100NormalLowVery Low16002.75120.00AffectedOn + Boost
Swagg Swagg Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100HighNormalNormal----120.00AffectedOn
SymfuhnySymfuhny Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive1920x1080120NormalNormalVery Low16003.00120.00AffectedOn
TeePee TeePee Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive1920x1080100LowLowVery Low----105.00AffectedOn + Boost
TimTheTatman TimTheTatman Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive2560x1440100UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown6.00UnknownUnknownUnknown
Tommey Tommey Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Borderless2560x1440100LowLowVery Low----120.00AffectedOn
Zlaner Zlaner Warzone 2 settingsFullscreen Exclusive1920x1080100Very LowNormalLow----120.00AffectedOn
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