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Warzone Perks Explained: How They Work and How to Customize Them

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Perks are special abilities in Warzone that give players enhancements like quicker weapon swap speed or revealing explosives through walls. Warzone updated the Perk system so players can customize which Perks they bring into battle. This guide will explain how Warzone perks work, how to customize them, and how to equip them in-game.

Quick take

Warzone players can create custom Perk Packages that grant enhanced abilities when equipped. Perk Packages are activated in Warzone by equipping a loadout, found in loadout drop public events, Strongholds, and purchased at Buy Stations.

How do Warzone Perks work?

Warzone 2.0 Perk customization menu
Warzone Perk customization. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Warzone players can create custom Perk Packages that are then assigned to the player’s custom loadouts. Each custom Perk Package comprises two Base, one Bonus, and one Ultimate Perk.

Unlike Multiplayer, where players unlock the Perks from their Perk Package as the game progresses, all Warzone Perks become active when equipped in-game.

Perk Packages become active anytime a player acquires their custom loadout in Warzone. Players can only equip one Perk Package at a time and lose all Perks upon death.

How to customize Perks in Warzone

Warzone 2.0 perk package displayed on screen
Warzone Perk Package. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Season 02 introduced the ability to create custom Perk Packages in Warzone. Previously, players could only choose between eight preset Perk Packages. Here’s how to customize and equip Perk Packages in Warzone:

  • Boot up Modern Warfare 2 and select Warzone Battle Royal.
  • Choose any Warzone playlist and go to the Weapon tab at the top of the screen.
  • From the Weapons tab, select the custom loadout that you want to create a Perk Package for.
  • Select the Perk Package icon and press the Custom Packages button marked with a plus symbol.
  • Hover over the newly-created Perk Package and press Edit. You will see four slots to equip two Base Perks, one Bonus Perk, and one Ultimate Perk.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the Perk Package you created, return to the previous screen and equip the Perk Package.
  • You can also rename custom Perk Packages to make it easier to remember which package has which Perks.

Our guide on the best Perks for Warzone covers each Perk in detail and recommends the best combinations of Perks for Warzone.

How to get Perks in Warzone

Now that you know how Perks work and how to customize Perk Packages, let’s cover how to get perks in Warzone. Perks are activated anytime a player acquires their custom loadout, and there are three ways to get a custom loadout in Warzone.

Pro tip

Grabbing a loadout is a great way to level up specific weapons. Check out our guide on how to level up guns fast in Warzone.

Loadout drop public events

Warzone 2.0 loadout drop public event
Warzone loadout drop public event. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Warzone features loadout drop public events where loadout drops fall from the sky at certain times during the match. Loadout drops usually arrive after the first circle has closed, somewhere in the middle of the circle.

Loadout drops are marked on the map for all players to see until they’ve been used. Once a squad hits a loadout drop, it will still be available to other teams but won’t be visible on the map.

Players can only use each loadout drop once; if they die and respawn, they must hit a different drop to get weapons and Perks. Loadout drops can be hotspots for player activity, so clear the area and cover yourself with a smoke grenade before using one.

Buy loadout drops from Buy Stations

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 loadout drop grenade marker
Warzone loadout drop grenade. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Like the original Warzone released in 2020, players can purchase loadout drops at Buy Stations to acquire custom weapons and perks. Unlike the previous Warzone, the loadout drop grenade in the most current Warzone iteration is a costly item that increases in price depending on how many players are in your squad.

Loadout drops from Buy Stations cost $8,000 in Solos, $12,000 in Duos, $16,000 in Trios, and $20,000 in Quads. Loadout drop prices were lowered in the Season 02 update, and they are a fantastic value if your squad has the cash to spare.

Buying a loadout drop from the Buy Station is the safest and most consistent way to acquire Perks in Warzone. Unlike loadout drop public events or Strongholds, you won’t have to fight other players to obtain your loadout.

Clear a Stronghold

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 stronghold
Warzone Stronghold. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision

Clearing a Stronghold can be the fastest way to get Perks in Warzone. Strongholds are usually available before public loadout drops and before players have time to loot the cash for a loadout drop grenade.

Strongholds are marked on the map in white and turn red when cleared by another squad. Players must defeat AI enemies and diffuse a bomb to successfully complete the Stronghold and receive rewards.

Being the first squad to clear a Stronghold rewards various gear, killstreaks, Black Site keys, and a custom loadout chest. The custom loadout chest lets players pick any of their custom loadouts with Perks and equipment. Any team who goes to the Stronghold after it’s been cleared can still receive a custom loadout but won’t get any gear or Black Site keys.


  • Can you customize Perks in Warzone?

    Yes, Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 added the ability to create custom Perk Packages for Warzone. Players can now mix and match Perks to fit their playstyle.

  • Do Warzone Perks stack with 2 loadouts?

    Yes, Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 added the ability to create custom Perk Packages for Warzone. Players can now mix and match Perks to fit their playstyle.

  • Do Warzone Perks stack with 2 loadouts?

    No, Warzone Perks do not stack, and players can only equip one Perk Package at a time. Equipping a loadout will replace any previously acquired Perks.

  • How do you get a loadout drop in Warzone?

    Players can acquire their loadout in Warzone by purchasing a loadout drop at the Buy Station, clearing a Stronghold, or free loadout drops that fall from the sky at specific times during the match.

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