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How To Level Up Guns Fast In Warzone

How to Level Up Guns Fast Warzone Featured
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Playing with a tuned and maxed-out weapon is essential for success in Warzone. There are a ton of weapons in Call of Duty Warzone, so what’s the best way to level them up in the least amount of time? Let’s cover everything you need to know about leveling up guns fast in Warzone.

Quick take

Level up guns fast in Warzone by utilizing buy stations and completing contracts around the map. Complete faction missions and contracts in DMZ mode to earn weapon XP for your insured weapon. Multiplayer can speed up the weapon grind – small map playlists and Invasion are the best way to rack up kills and make tons of weapon XP.

How to earn weapon XP in Warzone

Weapon XP is the experience earned when you use any gun in Modern Warfare 2. Each weapon in the game must be leveled to the max before all attachment slots and weapon tuning are available.

Weapon XP can be earned across any mode in Modern Warfare 2. A weapon must first be equipped and out to earn weapon XP. Once equipped, a gun can earn XP through kills, securing objectives, completing missions, or any other way that experience is gained across all modes in Modern Warfare 2.

Each game mode in Modern Warfare 2 – multiplayer, Warzone, and DMZ – all share weapon progression, so you can play any of the three modes to level up guns for Warzone. Also, certain attachments are unlocked by leveling-up specific weapons, so players must max-level every gun in the game if they want access to every available attachment.

Use buy stations to level up specific guns

Buy Station Primary Weapons
Primary loadout weapons are available at Buy Stations

Leveling up weapons while playing Warzone can sometimes be tedious. You can’t always choose the guns you level up because there is an element of randomness to the weapons you find while looting.

The first thing players should do to earn XP for a specific weapon is to buy the gun from a Buy Station on the map. Players can purchase primary weapons from their Warzone loadouts for $2,500 at any Buy Station. Learn the location of cash registers around the map to quickly farm money as soon as you land.

Complete contracts to level up guns in Warzone

Safecracker Contract
Complete a Safecracker contract for money and weapon XP

Although weapon XP can be earned by securing kills or surviving, the most reliable way to earn weapon XP in Warzone is by completing contracts found around the map. Warzone features Bounty, Most Wanted, Safecracker, Secure Intel, and Tactical Nuke contracts.

Focus on two contracts to earn the most weapon XP in Warzone: Safecracker and Secure Intel.

Safecracker contracts

Pick up a Safecracker contract and loot three nearby safes by opening them with C4 explosives. Once opened, each safe drops a generous amount of cash and loot. Opening the final safe grants weapon XP and bonus cash for the group.

Secure Intel contracts

The Secure Intel contract is a three-part mission that rewards weapon XP and a view of the next circle after completion. Obtaining a Secure Intel contract will prompt players to find a nearby laptop and recover valuable data. Once the laptop data is found, the data is taken to be uploaded at a marked station on the map, and players must stay nearby the upload until completion.

The Safecracker and Secure Intel contracts both award generous amounts of weapon XP and can put your squad in a strong position for late-game. Listen for a beeping sound to locate contracts in buildings, and check out our best audio settings for Warzone to more easily hear sound cues around the map.

How to level up guns in DMZ for Warzone

Insured Weapon Slot
Insured Slot in DMZ mode

DMZ is a free standalone game mode that’s a fantastic way to level up weapons for Warzone. In DMZ, players have an insured weapon slot that allows them to create a custom weapon loadout. Players can continue to gain XP for their insured weapon if they successfully extract from the DMZ.

Weapon XP can be earned in DMZ mode by killing player operators, killing AI enemies, completing map contracts, and faction missions. Focusing on contracts and faction missions is the quickest and most reliable way to earn weapon XP in DMZ mode.

Each completed contract and faction mission in DMZ mode will grant lots of weapon XP and other rewards. Completing multiple contracts and successfully extracting from the DMZ will quickly take your weapons to max level.

After dying with an insured weapon in the DMZ, there is a cooldown timer until you can use an insured weapon again. If your sole focus is to level up weapons for Warzone, we recommend playing DMZ with your insured weapon until an unsuccessful exfil. Then, play Warzone until your insured weapon cooldown ends, and repeat the process.

Fastest way to level up guns in Warzone multiplayer

Invasion Mode Screenshot

Playing the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode is easily the fastest way to level up weapons for Warzone. This won’t apply for free-to-play Warzone players, but we highly recommend using the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer to level up guns for Warzone if you’ve purchased it.

Game modes like Invasion allow players to quickly rack up tons of kills and level weapons. Invasion is a large-scale game mode with player and AI enemies on the map simultaneously. You don’t need to be a pro Warzone player to get loads of AI kills in Invasion.

Pro tip

Use the Tactical Insertion field upgrade to spawn in enemy territory and wreak havoc on the enemy team.

Multiplayer also often features small map playlists, like Shoot House or Shipment, which allow players to find many kills in a short amount of time. These maps can be chaotic, but playing them is one of the fastest ways to level up weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

Use double weapon XP tokens

Double weapon XP tokens are another way to quickly level up guns for Warzone. Double weapon XP tokens can be activated before a match to double any weapon XP earned for a short time. Here’s how you can find double weapon XP tokens to use for Warzone:

Battle Pass Rewards: Double weapon XP tokens can be obtained by leveling up the Battle Pass. No money is required to earn double weapon XP tokens from the Battle Pass. Simply progress by playing the game and unlocking Battle Pass rewards as you go.

Faction Missions: Certain faction missions in DMZ mode award double weapon XP tokens after completion. Check which faction missions offer double weapon XP rewards and prioritize completing those first.

Campaign Missions: The Modern Warfare 2 campaign offers up to seven double weapon XP tokens for completing missions. Completing all the campaign missions will grant a few hours of double weapon XP tokens, enough to get a headstart leveling your favorite gun for Warzone.

Other methods to level up guns for Warzone

Call of Duty periodically hosts double XP weekend events where all types of XP are doubled for a few days. While it’s not always known when the next event will be, playing during a double XP weekend can cut your grind in half and is well-worth logging in for.

Players should note that using a double weapon XP token during a double XP event does not stack. Save your double XP tokens for after the double XP event has ended.

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