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How to Get a Nuke in Warzone

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The tactical nuke is a Warzone easter egg reserved for the game’s most skilled and determined players. This in-depth guide will cover how to get a nuke in Warzone, with detailed instructions for completing each step.

Quick take

The tactical nuke is a Warzone reward for completing the Champions Quest nuke contract. Players must win five games of Warzone in a row to unlock the Champions Quest, then complete a set of challenges to drop a tactical nuke, which wins the game and unlocks special rewards.

How to get a nuke in Warzone

The Champions Quest nuke contract is the ultimate test of skill in Warzone. Completing the Champions Quest contract will end the match and drop a tactical nuclear bomb, granting the win and unique cosmetic rewards.

Here are the steps to call in a tactical nuke in Warzone:

  1. Win five games of Warzone in a row.
  2. After winning five games in a row, the Champions Quest nuke contract will be available at the beginning of the next match.
  3. The location of the Champions Quest will be marked on the map. Pick up the Champions Quest to initiate the next step.
  4. Once the quest is initiated, three elements, Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium, will appear on the map,
  5. When all three elements are collected, a plane will deliver an empty nuclear bomb case on the map. Assemble the elements in the bomb case and arm the nuke.
  6. Once armed, the nuke site must be defended from other players for 2 minutes. Successfully defending the nuke for 2 minutes will win the match, complete the Champions Quest, and unlock special rewards.

Below we will dive into more detail and strategy for completing each step of the Champions Quest.

How to unlock the Champions Quest

Players must win five matches of Warzone in a row to unlock the Champions Quest. Winning five games in a row will be challenging for any Warzone player. Here are some tips to make winning consecutive games easier. Plus, check out this insane nuke attempt from Call of Duty content creator IceManIsaac as he details his squad’s experience while attempting the Champions Quest.

Play in a squad with friends.

Winning five games of Warzone in a row will be much easier if you play with a squad. Your chances will improve the more teammates you have; there are 37 enemy teams in Quads versus 149 enemy teams in Solos.

Playing Quads makes the Champions Quest easier to complete because each task can be shared among four players. A team of four can split up to find each element in the shortest amount of time.

A team of four players will also get four chances to complete the Champions Quest, while a solo player only gets one chance. If you play with a team of four and fail the Champions Quest, the other three players that were not the party leader can switch to the party leader, giving the squad three more attempts at completing the quest.

Play for the win

Since the aim is to win five games in a row, make it easier by playing conservatively. Land in a safe location and gather loot while trying to avoid other players.

Use the loot you gather to purchase loadouts, killstreaks, and other gear from the Buy Station. The gear and utility you purchase will be helpful when most teams scramble to survive.

Complete contracts.

Complete Safecracker contracts to earn cash quickly and Intel contracts to preview the next circle. If you know where the next circle will be, you can rotate early and claim a power position on the map to give your squad the best chance of winning.

Avoid fighting other players.

Avoid fighting other players, especially early game, to give yourself the best chance of winning the match. Keep your focus and don’t get greedy; let the other teams take each other out, and wait for the late game to make your move.

Sometimes, securing eliminations will improve your chances of winning the game. Understanding when to take fights and avoid them is critical to success.

Find and assemble the tactical nuke ingredients

A golden Champions Quest WZ icon will appear on the map at the beginning of the sixth match after players have won five consecutive matches. Traveling to the icon and accepting the Champions Quest will initiate the nuke contract.

Once players initiate the nuke contract, they will be tasked with collecting three elements on the map. Each element is revealed sequentially and poses a unique threat once collected.

Beryllium (Be⁴)

Beryllium is the first element revealed on the map. Once picked up, the player holding Beryllium will be marked on the map with a gold Most Wanted crown symbol. Picking up the Beryllium will alert the entire lobby that you’re attempting a nuke, so be ready for a fight.

Plutonium (Pu⁹⁴)

The Plutonium core will be visible on the map once the Beryllium is picked up. The Plutonium will cause radiation damage over time to the player holding it and anyone nearby, so it’s best to move quickly once this element is picked up.

Tritium (T³H)

Tritium is the third element players will gather before they can arm and defend the nuke. Tritium will scramble the radar of the player holding it, creating a Counter-UAV effect on the Tac-Map.

Creating a strategy for acquiring each element can help improve your chances of survival. Helicopters and armored vehicles can significantly speed up the process of collecting the elements and make traveling to each quest location safer.

Picking up the Beryllium too quickly can increase the difficulty of assembling all three elements. Wait until the circle closes on the Beryllium, then grab it with a helicopter. The now-marked player holding the Beryllium will be safer while flying in a helicopter and can reach the next location faster.

Once you grab the Plutonium, the radiation damage begins, so rapidly reaching the next element is essential. If you’re playing with a squad, this is the time to split up, so you can get the Tritium faster and don’t share the radiation damage.

Be wary of other players trying to steal your nuclear ingredients; enemies can loot the elements from the packs of fallen players, and the nuke will fail if any of the components fail to reach their destination.

Arm and defend the nuke

Once all three elements are collected, the next step of the Champions Quest is to arm and defend the nuke. Obtaining the final element will initiate a short wait time before a plane drops an empty bomb case on the map.

Once you pick up the third element, a Jailbreak will occur, releasing all spectators back into Al Mazrah. There will undoubtedly be a hoard of enemies swarming your location to try and spoil your Champions Quest.

After the empty bomb base parachutes in on the map, all three elements must be installed, and the bomb must be armed before a two-minute countdown timer begins. During this time, the timer and location of the nuke will be visible to all players, so expect the entire lobby to turn their focus towards disarming the bomb.

Good cover, utility, and clear lines of sight are all vital while defending the bomb site. Now is the time to use killstreaks or any other tools at your disposal to thwart the waves of players trying to disarm the bomb. The timer will reach zero if one teammate stays alive and no enemy player successfully diffuses the bomb.

Successfully defending the bomb site drops a nuke on Al Mazrah, ends the game, and completes the Champions Quest.

Rewards for completing a nuke in Warzone

Players who complete the Champions Quest will be greeted with a nuclear explosion cut-scene and a Champion’s Domination ending screen.

In addition to winning the game, a Champions Domination grants some of the rarest cosmetic rewards in Warzone. Here are the rewards for completing the Champions Quest:

  • Apparition Operator skin
  • Quest Nuke Calling Card
  • Quest Nuke Emblem
  • Radioactive Sticker
  • Brass Tacks weapon blueprint (FTAC battle rifle)

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  • Do Mini Royale Warzone wins count toward a nuke?

    No, winning Mini Royale games will not count towards the five wins needed to initiate the Champions Quest nuke contract.

  • How long does it take to disarm the nuke in Warzone?

    It takes approximately 15 seconds to disarm a nuke in Warzone.

  • How many games of Warzone do you need to win to earn a nuke contract?

    Players must win five consecutive games of Warzone to earn a Champions Quest nuke contract.

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