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Best Perks for Warzone

Best Perks for Warzone
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The arrival of Modern Warfare 2 introduced custom Perk Packages for Warzone. Now that you can mix and match perks, knowing where each Perk ranks in the current meta has never been more important. This guide will cover the best perks for Warzone, so you can create the ultimate custom Perk Package

Quick take

Warzone Perk Packages consist of two Base, one Bonus, and one Ultimate Perk. Overkill, Fast Hands, and Ghost are S-tier perks, but pick a combination of perks that fits your playstyle.

Best perks for Warzone

To create the best loadout for Warzone, players must choose two weapons and four perks. Warzone separates perks into three categories: Base, Bonus, and Ultimate perks. Each Warzone Perk Package contains two Base, one Bonus, and one Ultimate perk.

Below are the perks in each category ranked based on their usefulness for Warzone. S-tier perks are meta, A-tier are usually useful, and B-tier perks are situationally useful in Warzone.

Base perks

Warzone Base Perks
Warzone Base Perks. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • Overkill: Carry two primary weapons.
  • Scavenger: Resupply ammo and an extra plate from dead players.
  • Double Time: Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
  • Tracker: Enemies leave behind a footprint trail, and enemy death markers are visible. Kill markers are hidden from the enemy team.
  • Battle Hardened: Reduce the effect of enemy Flash, Stun, EMP, Gas Grenades, and Shock Sticks. Immune to Snapshot Grenades.
  • Bomb Squad: Take reduced damage from non-Killstreak explosives. Reset fuse timers when picking up live grenades.
  • Strong Arm: Throw equipment farther and see a preview of the trajectory.

Overkill is among the best perks in Warzone because having two primary weapons is indispensable. The value of Overkill goes down drastically if you already have a solid primary weapon when you get your loadout.

There are no real game-changing Base perks besides Overkill – pick a combination of two that suit your playstyle. Double Time and Tracker will appeal to a more aggressive playstyle, while Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened benefit the defensive-minded player.

Bonus perks

Warzone Bonus Perks
Warzone Bonus Perks. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • Fast Hands: Reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster.
  • Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by AI targeting systems, and thermal optics. Does not trigger High Alert warning. Does not highlight in enemy Tactical Cameras, Recon Drones, and Spotter Scopes.
  • Focus: Reduce flinch when aiming down sights and extend Hold Breath duration.
  • Resupply: Start with an additional Lethal. Recharge equipment over 30 seconds.
  • Spotter: Spot enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks through walls. Aiming down sights highlights them for the team. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4, and Trophy Systems.

Fast Hands is the king of the Bonus perks because increased reload and weapon swap speed is useful no matter the loadout you run or the map you play. The ability to quickly swap between close and long-range weapons is key to success in Warzone.

Cold-Blooded, Focus, and Resupply are all decent options with the right loadout and strategy, but they don’t have the same utility as Fast Hands. The Spotter Perk can save you from an ambush, but it’s not a perk you will get value from in every match.

Ultimate perks

Warzone Ultimate Perks
Warzone Ultimate Perks. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision


  • Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors.
  • High Alert: When spotted by an enemy player outside of view, vision pulses.
  • Quick Fix: Killing players or inserting a plate immediately starts health regeneration. Capturing and holding objectives increases the player’s health regeneration rate.
  • Survivor: Enemies that down you get automatically pinged. Get revived faster by allies.

Ghost is the best Ultimate Perk for most situations, even though it may not work how you think. Players using Ghost still show up on the Tac-Map when shooting if a UAV is active, even if the Ghost player uses a suppressor. Take this into consideration when trying to be stealthy with Ghost.

High Alert and Quick Fix are solid options, especially in squad play, where Ghost becomes less valuable. However, Quick Fix only restores health, so it won’t help if you still have armor when killing an enemy.

Another Ultimate Perk not on this list, Birdseye, is currently disabled in-game due to balancing issues. Birdseye was one of the best Call of Duty perks when available, so expect it to be S-tier if they bring it back with similar capabilities.

Best Warzone Perk Packages

Let’s look at three Perk Packages tailored to win more games in Al Mazrah or Ashika Island. To learn more about perks, check out our guide on how to customize Warzone perks.

Aggressive Package

Warzone Custom Perk Package - The Aggressive Package
Warzone Custom Perk Package – Aggressive. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • Base perks: Double Time, Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost

The Aggressive Package was designed for players who prioritize kills and hold the W key during fights. The Tracker Perk helps hunt down players who try to hide, while Double Time puts you one step ahead of the competition.

This package doesn’t feature Overkill because the aggressive players will prioritize purchasing a primary weapon from the Buy Station by the time they get a loadout. Fast Hands and Ghost round out the Aggressive Package as two solid options that help win gunfights and keep the element of surprise.

Ashika Overkill Package

Warzone Custom Perk Package - Ashika Overkill Package
Warzone Custom Perk Package – Ashika Overkill. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • Base perks: Overkill, Scavenger
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost

The Ashika Overkill Package was designed specifically for the new Ashika Island resurgence map. Often times in resurgence, you land on a loadout drop after respawning, so Overkill is essential to ensure you get both primary weapons. Scavenger ensures you are always equipped for the next fight because finding armor and ammo in late-game situations can sometimes be challenging.

The Fast Hands Perk makes switching between the two primary weapons easier, and Ghost ensures you stay hidden from the Ashika demons hunting for high-kill games.

Ghost of Al Mazrah Package

Warzone Custom Perk Package - Ghost of Al Mazrah Package
Warzone Custom Perk Package – Ghost of Al Mazrah. Credit: Jory Hollander/Activision
  • Base perks: Overkill, Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Cold-Blooded
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost

The Ghost of Al Mazrah Package was designed for the solo player who’s the reason you’re scared to stay still for too long. This package is ideal for the Al Mazrah predators who like to stalk their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The Tracker Perk can be used offensively to hunt players in buildings, and Overkill ensures you always have the right tool for the job. Cold-Blooded helps the Ghost of Al Mazrah hide in plain sight, and the Ghost Perk keeps every operation clandestine.


  • What is the best Base Perk for Warzone?

    Overkill is one of the strongest Base perks for Warzone, so you can equip two custom primary loadout weapons at the same time.

  • Can other players see me if I’m using Ghost?

    Players using the Ghost Perk will be visible on the mini-map if they shoot their weapon while a UAV is active.

  • Can you pick perks for Warzone?

    Yes, Season 02 introduced the ability to create custom Perk Packages for Warzone.

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