Best MP7 Loadout In Warzone: Class Setup and Attachments

Best MP7 Warzone Loadout: Muzzle: Monolithic suppressor Barrel: FSS recon Laser: Tac laser Underbarrel: Commando foregrip Magazine: 60-round mags

The MP7 is a Modern Warfare weapon that was once the top Warzone SMG due to its low recoil and high rate of fire. Let’s get into the class setup and attachments you need to make the best MP7 loadout in Warzone.

Weapon type: SMG
Playstyle: Close-range
Pick rate: 1.24%
K/D ratio: 0.82
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Best MP7 loadout in Warzone

Here are the best attachments for the MP7 in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS recon
  • Laser: Tac laser
  • Underbarrel: Commando foregrip
  • Magazine: 60-round mags

The MP7 has been a staple of the Warzone meta since the game debuted in 2019. The best MP7 Warzone loadout is the perfect weapon to use in close quarters. It combines a fast fire rate with low recoil to create an SMG with a blazing-fast TTK.

Our MP7 Warzone loadout also has excellent mobility stats in categories like ADS time and ADS movement speed. This mobility helps the best MP7 class duel other SMGs at close range and take advantage of the high mobility opportunities in Call of Duty Warzone.

The monolithic suppressor is the best muzzle device to use on Modern Warfare weapons like the MP7 because of the boost to damage range. The added damage range will help the best MP7 class be more competitive at medium range.

Next, attach the FSS recon barrel for a trifecta increase to damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. All three of these bonuses help to stretch the effective range of the MP7.

The tac laser and 5mW laser are each viable lasers depending on your preference. We are choosing the tac laser to help improve the MP7’s overall mobility. Take the 5mW laser instead to improve the MP7’s hipfire accuracy.

The commando foregrip helps improve recoil stabilization and aiming stability. Again, we are doubling down on improving the MP7’s recoil to take advantage of its laser-like accuracy.

Finally, round out the MP7 build with the 60-round mags that increase base magazine capacity by 50%. Although the MP7 has a decent base magazine capacity of 40-rounds, the 60-round mags will give you the ammo you need to take on full squads of players without reloading.

The best MP7 loadout is an extremely well-rounded SMG that doesn’t have many weaknesses to name. The MP7, like most SMGs, has a severe drop in damage outside of close range. As long as you don’t try to compete with assault rifles at long range, you shouldn’t have any problems with the MP7.

Notable Warzone players IceManIsaac, DiazBiffle, and Metaphor have all used a version of the MP7 build to win games in Caldera and Verdansk.

Is the MP7 still good in Warzone?

The MP7 is still one of the best close-range weapons for Warzone players thanks to a killer combination of fire rate, recoil, and mobility. The MP7 excels in every area that an SMG should, and it holds its own against Cold War and Vanguard weapons.

The MP7 was arguably the best SMG during the Modern Warfare era, and it’s managed to stay relevant through all of the patches and balance changes to Warzone over the years. The only difference now is that there are multiple guns in Warzone, like the Armaguerra and Marco 5, that can claim they are as good as the MP7.

When considering perks to use with the MP7 loadout, we recommend a combination of E.O.D. and Tracker. E.O.D. is useful for close-range fighting because that is the range you will likely encounter the most amount of lethal equipment. E.O.D. reduces explosive damage taken from explosions and fire.

The next perk, Tracker, highlights a trail of footprints that enemies leave behind. This perk makes it much easier to hunt down wounded enemies who try to hide from the MP7 class.

Best weapons to pair with the MP7 loadout

The MP7 is at its best when paired with a long-range weapon like an assault or sniper rifle. Although the MP7 has low enough recoil to engage players at medium distance, anything outside that range will result in a very slow TTK.

The MW Kar98k is a mobile sniper that works well with the MP7. Use the Kar98k to engage players at long range. Make sure you take advantage of headshots with the Kar98k to down players with a single bullet.

The Krig 6 assault rifle is another viable weapon to pair with the Warzone MP7 loadout. The best Krig 6 loadout has extremely low recoil, which makes it excel at beaming players at range. Use the MP7 as your primary weapon and utilize its mobility, then swap to the Krig to engage any players outside of medium range.

How to unlock the MP7 in Warzone

The MP7 is unlocked at player level 54, making it one of the last submachine guns you get your hands on.

The quickest way to level up to 54 is by taking advantage of double XP weekends and doing the daily challenges. The daily challenges aren’t too hard to complete and will make the journey to level 54 much faster.

Once you finally unlock the MP7, then it’s time to unlock its best attachments. The fastest way to unlock attachments for the MP7 is to buy a blueprint in the store.

We recommend the Rebirth blueprint from the Heiji Mishkin: Limited 2 bundle in the store. The Rebirth blueprint comes with the monolithic suppressor, tac laser, and commando foregrip. This blueprint will give you a good base for the MP7 to start unlocking the rest of its best attachments.

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