Best MP5 Loadout In Warzone: Class Setup & Attachments

Best Warzone MP5 loadout: Barrel: Monolithic integral suppressor, Laser: 5mW laser, Stock: FTAC collapsible, Underbarrel: Merc foregrip, Magazine: 45 round mags

The MP5 is a classic Call of Duty weapon that’s still considered one of the best SMGs for Warzone. In this guide, we will show you how to build the best MP5 loadout in Warzone.

Before diving in, consider that there are two different variations of the MP5 in Warzone, the Cold War MP5, and the Modern Warfare MP5. Although these SMGs share the same name, they are separate guns with unique attachments and base statistics. Our focus will be on the Modern Warfare version of the weapon for our MP5 Warzone loadout.

Weapon type SMG
Playstyle Close range
Pick rate 1.01%
K/D ratio 0.70
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Best MP5 loadout in Warzone

Here are the best attachments for the MP5 in Warzone:

  • Barrel: Monolithic integral suppressor
  • Laser: 5mW laser
  • Stock: FTAC collapsible
  • Underbarrel: Merc foregrip
  • Magazine: 45 round mags

The Modern Warfare MP5 can be one of the best loadouts in Warzone thanks to its fast TTK, tight hip fire spread, and quick mobility. The MP5’s strengths make it the perfect choice for clearing buildings and demoralizing corner campers.

The Monolithic integral suppressor gives the MP5 sound suppression and increased damage range at the cost of ADS speed. You usually want to avoid losing ADS speed, but it’s ok here because the MP5 has some of the best hip-fire accuracy of any SMG.

The 5mW laser improves the MP5’s hip fire accuracy and ADS speed. Doubling down on hip fire with the 5mW laser, instead of choosing the tac laser, boosts ADS speed and aiming steadiness.

The FTAC collapsible stock grants bonuses to ADS speed and movement speed. The downsides are decreased aiming stability and recoil control. The best MP5 class is built for short-range domination so you likely won’t notice the loss in aiming stability and recoil control.

The merc foregrip helps in close quarters with increased hip fire accuracy and recoil control. Take the commando foregrip instead if you’re looking for a Warzone MP5 loadout that is better at longer ranges.

Extended mags are an essential part of any Modern Warfare MP5 class setup because players in Warzone have a ton of health when fully plated. The 45 round mags give a 50% increase in ammo capacity. This allows you to engage multiple players without reloading.

The Warzone players build their MP5 loadout to maximize close-range damage potential. We recommend also equipping the overkill perk to bring another weapon that can cover medium and long distances.

The formidable close-range strengths of the best Warzone MP5 loadout come at a cost, though. Although the MP5 has an incredible TTK at close range, it suffers at longer ranges due to a quick damage fall-off and a decent amount of horizontal recoil.

The small 30-round mag of the MP5 also has a longer reload time than some of the current meta SMGs. This makes the 45-round mags a must-pick attachment for most situations.

Is this MP5 loadout the best SMG in Warzone?

The MP5 isn’t as dominant as it was during Season 1, but it’s still one of the fastest-killing guns in Warzone with the right class setup and playstyle. The addition of smaller maps like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep has helped to keep the MW MP5 relevant in Warzone.

We recommend an ‘up-close and personal’ playstyle for the MP5 in Warzone. Use cover to close the distance and be fast around corners. Maximize your shots on target by stuffing your barrel right in the opponent’s face.

Don’t wait to aim down sights before shooting in close quarters. The best players start hip firing before they aim down sights on their target. The extra shots you land by hip firing can be the difference in a close 1v1 fight.

The heartbeat sensor tactical device is an excellent companion to the MP5. Use the heartbeat sensor to sniff out campers and finish them off with the MP5 before they know what hit them.

There are a ton of top-tier players that have relied on the MP5 in Warzone including Futives, chowh1, and TheBoiSantana. The pros have always gravitated towards the Modern Warfare MP5 for being one of the fastest TTK SMGs in Warzone.

Best weapons to pair with the MP5 loadout

The Cooper Carbine assault rifle is a great choice to cover the medium and long-range deficiencies of the MP5. Take the overkill perk to equip two primary weapons and the amped perk to swap between them at a moment’s notice.

The Cooper Carbine is one of the most accurate assault rifles in Warzone to break armor at medium to long range. Once an enemy takes cover to plate back up, swoop in with the MP5 to finish the job.

The Vanguard UGM-8 LMG is another smart choice to pair with the MP5 in Warzone. The UGM-8 delivers high accuracy at range and can be equipped with a magnified optic like the SVT-40 PU Scope.

The UGM-8 LMG has notoriously bad mobility stats so make sure you’re behind cover when using this gun. Swap to the MP5 for increased movement speed when you need to get somewhere in a hurry.

How to unlock the MP5 in Warzone

The Modern Warfare MP5 is unlocked in Warzone early on at Rank 12. So there’s no reason not to try this SMG.

Check out the buzzkiller blueprint if you want to unlock the best attachments for the MP5 without the grind. The buzzkiller comes with the merc foregrip and 45-round mags already unlocked, as well as an added bonus of orange tracer rounds.

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