Best Mac-10 Loadout In Warzone: Class Setup and Attachments

Best Mac 10 Warzone Loadout: Muzzle: Agency suppressor Barrel: 5.9" Task force Laser: Tiger team spotlight Stock: Raider stock Magazine: STANAG 53-round drum

The Mac-10 Cold War submachine gun is a run-and-gun beast with lightning-fast mobility and a high rate of fire. Let’s look at the attachments and class setup you need to create the best Mac-10 loadout in Warzone.

Weapon type: SMG
Playstyle: Close-range
Pick rate: 1.05%
K/D ratio: 0.88
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Best Mac-10 loadout in Warzone

These are the best attachments for the Mac-10 in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: Agency suppressor
  • Barrel: 5.9″ Task force
  • Laser: Tiger team spotlight
  • Stock: Raider stock
  • Magazine: STANAG 53-round drum

The Mac-10 is one of the quickest guns in Warzone, both in mobility and rate of fire. The Mac-10’s speed allows players to fly around the map, dodge bullets, and win close-range fights.

Due to our Mac-10 Warzone loadout’s fast rate of fire, the weapon has one of the highest DPS values in the game. If you can land your shots with the best Mac-10 build, you can kill opponents quickly. Let’s dive into why we chose the above attachments for the Mac-10.

The agency suppressor muzzle adds sound suppression and damage range to the best Mac-10 class. The agency suppressor is hands down one of the best muzzle devices in the game and should be equipped with almost every class it’s available.

The 5.9″ task force improves the Mac-10’s damage range, bullet velocity, and strafe speed. Damage range and bullet velocity both play a crucial role in helping the best Mac-10 loadout kill enemies at a distance.

Next, the tiger team spotlight improves movement speed and aim walking movement speed. The idea behind using the tiger team spotlight is to maximize the Mac-10’s mobility for increased lethality in close quarters.

The raider stock further improves ADS movement speed and decreases sprint-to-fire time. Some players prefer the bruiser grip instead of the raider stock for hipfire spread.

Last, we equip the STANAG 53-round drum to maximize the Mac-10’s magazine capacity. The Mac-10 is a bullet hose and burns through ammo quickly. The 53-round drum is a must-have, so you don’t run out of ammo mid-fight.

The Mac-10 has high DPS values, but some players might find its fast fire-rate uncontrollable outside of close range. Like most high-rate-of-fire weapons, it’s best to be as close as possible to the target to maximize accuracy.

The Mac-10 also has an open bolt delay which means a slight delay from when you pull the trigger to when the bullet leaves the chamber. Most players probably won’t notice this, but it can make the Mac-10 Warzone loadout feel sluggish when reacting to fights.

Kxpture, Futives, and OPMarked are professional Warzone players that have relied on various Mac-10 builds before.

Is the Mac-10 loadout still meta in Warzone?

The Mac-10 is no longer the best SMG in Warzone, but it shreds in the right hands with the right strategy. There are just too many fantastic SMGs in Warzone that have a similar TTK to the Mac-10 but are more well-rounded in other areas.

The Mac-10 shines in the hands of a skilled player due to its high mobility and fast fire rate. Players who have mastered the movement mechanics in Warzone will squeeze the most out of the Mac-10’s top-tier mobility.

We recommend using the heartbeat sensor tactical device with the Mac-10 build to help deal with campers and players hiding in buildings. Once you locate an enemy on the heartbeat sensor, fly in with the Mac-10 and unleash a hail of bullets before they can react.

The perks Amped and Double Time work well with the Mac-10 loadout. Amped speeds up weapon swap time, and Double Time will make us even faster when zipping around the map.

Best weapons to pair with the Mac-10 loadout

Since the Mac-10 is typically only useful for close-range scenarios, bring a secondary weapon for medium to long-distance fights. The Cooper Carbine assault rifle and 3-Line Sniper Rifle work well with the Mac-10 because they are two of the most powerful long-range weapons in Warzone.

The Cooper Carbine is an accurate, fast-firing assault rifle excellent for medium and long-range fights. Use the Mac-10 as the primary weapon and swap to the Cooper Carbine to engage players outside 15 meters.

The 3-Line is a sniper rifle that takes skill but rewards players who can land carefully placed shots. The 3-Line rifle shines in squad play. It can one-shot knock an enemy squad member and gain the advantage before descending upon them with the Mac-10.

How to unlock the Mac-10 in Warzone

The Mac-10 was once a free reward weapon in the Season 1 battlepass. Now, the Mac-10 can be acquired by completing a challenge. Kill two players in rapid succession using SMGs across 15 matches, and the Mac-10 is yours.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to jump into multiplayer, where double kills are commonplace. If you don’t have multiplayer, this task may be a chore but can be completed eventually with time and patience.

Our recommended blueprint for the Mac-10 is Death’s Toke. Death’s Toke features many of the Mac-10’s best attachments: the 5.9” task force barrel, STANAG 53-round mag, and raider stock. It also includes floral green and purple tracer fire to hose down your enemies in style.

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