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Best FOV for Warzone

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Figuring out how to change FOV in Warzone is a critical step to putting yourself at a competitive advantage. Simply, choosing the wrong Warzone FOV will make you slower at spotting other players. But there are some pros and cons to consider. For these reasons, we put together our in-house tested guide to help you find the best FOV for Warzone. Let’s dive in so you can rack up more kills faster.

Quick take

Warzone 2 controller players may be best off with a FOV of 95 to 110. Warzone 2 mouse and keyboard players may be best off with a FOV of 105 to 120. Increase your FOV higher as your aiming skills improve over time.

How to change FOV in Warzone

You can change your Warzone FOV settings on PC in the options menu.

  • Open Call of Duty Warzone
  • Once open, head to the options menu that is accessible in the game when pressing Esc or on the game home screen.
  • Navigate to the Graphics tab.
  • Select the sub-menu option that reads Quality.
  • Adjust the FOV to your desired setting.

What is Warzone FOV?

Your FOV, or field of view, determines how much of your surroundings you can view at any given time. On PC, you can adjust your FOV anywhere from 60 to 120. The lower the FOV setting, the more the scene is cropped in, and the less you can see on the periphery.

Playing at a higher FOV gives you a clear competitive advantage to spot enemies faster since you are zoomed out and can see more of your surroundings.

The downside to playing at a high FOV is targets are smaller the further the scene is zoomed out.

Best Warzone FOV for controller players

The best Warzone FOV for controller players is in the range of 95 to 110. Warzone’s default FOV is 80, which is also what console players are stuck with.

Increasing your FOV to our suggested range gives controller players the most advantages, while also limiting the downsides of playing with too high of a FOV on a controller.

A higher FOV will make it faster to spot enemies since you can see more of your surroundings.

But playing on a controller can make it hard to make the necessary micro adjustments needed in Warzone to quickly kill targets the higher your FOV setting. This is why it’s best to stay in our suggested range for most controller players.

Controller players using the suggested FOV should also consider enabling the Scale Aim Assist with FOV setting. This will lead to a much better aim assist experience by configuring aim assist bubble to remain consistent when adjusting FOV. Without doing so, it may take some time to get used to aim assist each time you adjust your FOV.

Best Warzone FOV for mouse and keyboard players

The best Warzone FOV for keyboard and mouse players is in the range of 105 to 120. Many skilled players will play with FOV cranked to the highest setting to see as much of their surroundings as possible.

Their ability to quickly aim and make micro-adjustments offsets any of the aiming disadvantages that lesser-skilled players may suffer from when enemies are further out in the distance.

We suggest newer keyboard and mouse players set their FOV to 105 or 110 to start, then inch the FOV setting higher over time as they’re better able to quickly and accurately target other players.

While newer players can benefit from going straight to 120 FOV to see enemies faster, being able to aim accurately is more important with Warzone’s fast gameplay style, and higher FOVs make aiming accurately more challenging.

Does Warzone FOV affect FPS?

Warzone FOV settings and FPS: 60 FOV (220-230 FPS), 80 FOV (175-190 FPS), 100 FOV (205-220 FPS), 120 FOV (230-245 FPS)
Source: in-house testing results

The quick answer is yes, FPS is affected by your Warzone FOV.

The longer answer is your FPS mileage will vary based on your gaming PC, video and graphics settings, and selected Warzone FOV.

If you want the quick answer, just play on a Warzone FPS of at least 95 or 105, for controller and keyboard and mouse players, respectively.

Pro tip

If you’re experiencing low FPS on your gaming PC, check out our guide on the best Warzone settings.

We tested performance at the best Warzone settings we recommend to see how adjusting FOV affects FPS in live gameplay scenarios.

Here’s what we experienced on a mid-range gaming PC with an NVIDIA 3070ti GPU, Intel Core i7-12700KF CPU, and 32GB of RAM.

Warzone FOV settingFPS Range

We won’t attempt to explain why we saw the best FPS at both ends of the FOV spectrum. We’ll leave that to Warzone’s developers to explain.

But our results demonstrated that in live gameplay we experienced the best FPS at either 60 FOV or FOVs of at least 100.

Affected vs. independent FOV

Picture of affected FOV vs independent FOV in Warzone.

It’s best for most players to use affected FOV over independent FOV in Warzone.

Choosing between affected FOV and independent FOV comes down to both personal preference and skill. There can be benefits for lower-skilled players to stick with independent FOV at first and then move to affected FOV as their skills improve.

Affected FOV

With affected FOV in Warzone, aiming down sights zooms to a view closer to your selected FOV setting. This only applies in scenarios where you have low magnification levels on your weapon, such as with iron sights.

Players will continue to see more of their surroundings when aiming down sights at high FOV settings. Of course, this does still leave enemies at a distance in your sights, which can make it more difficult to accurately target enemies fast.

Independent FOV

With independent FOV, aiming down sights zooms way in on the surroundings, making it easier to target enemies with them closer in your view. The downsides are potential nausea with the increased motion and seeing less of your surroundings when aiming down sights.

What FOVs do pros use?

Warzone Pro FOV Pick Rates: 120 FOV (60%), 110 FOV (16%), Other FOV (24%), Affected FOV (86%), Independent FOV (14%)
Source: Based on settings tracked for 76 pros within’s Warzone player archives as of October 2022

Based on the settings we track for Warzone players, they overwhelmingly play at 120 FOV. In fact, 60% of Warzone players select this FOV. The next most popular setting is 110 at 16% of players.

This makes sense that highly-skilled players are willing to accept targets being farther out in the distance in exchange for spotting enemies faster in their periphery.

The trends are similarly skewed when it comes to choosing between affected FOV and independent FOV – 86% of players we track are using affected FOV in Warzone.

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