How to Change Your Name In Warzone 2

How to Change Warzone 2 Name Featured

Have you ever wanted to change your Activision display name in Call of Duty: Warzone 2? Activision makes it easy to switch usernames right from the in-game menus. This guide details the necessary steps for how to change your name in Warzone 2.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Access your account settings in-game

From the main menu in game, navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen or by pressing the menu button on controller. Select the Account & Network settings tab.

Account and Network Settings Screenshot
Account & Network in Settings. Source: Activision

Step 2: Open your Activision account

Next, choose Activision Account under the Online tab.

Activision Account Setting Screenshot
Activision Account in Account & Network settings. Source: Activision

Step 3: Change your Activision display name

Click Change Display Name and type a new Warzone 2 name in the text box.

Change Display Name Screenshot
Change Activision Account Display Name. Source: Activision

Step 4: Confirm your updated name

Once you have the perfect Warzone 2 name, select Confirm to finalize your choice.

Confirm Account Name Screenshot
Confirm name change selection. Source: Activision

Step 5: Close and restart Warzone 2

After confirming your updated name, Warzone 2 will require an immediate restart. You should see the changed Activision display name when you log back into the game.

Keep in mind that Activision charges one token per name change, and all players start with two name-change tokens. Make sure you will be satisfied with the Activision display name you pick – it takes six months to regain one name-change token, meaning after two name changes, you are stuck with that username for at least six months.

Pro tip

New display names must be unique and clear the profanity filter. Try adding extra numbers or letters if the name you want is already taken by another player.

How to change the way your display name looks in-game

Activision also lets players modify how player names are displayed in-game.

Player Names Screenshot
Player Names in the Interface settings menu. Source: Activision
  • Go to the Interface in the Settings menu and scroll down until you see Player Names.
  • From here, you can pick between Full, Abbreviated, and Icon only names.

Full Names displays players’ names and clan tags above their heads, the Abbreviated setting shows only names without clan tags, and Icon Only removes display names above players’ heads. Some Warzone 2 players prefer Abbreviated or Icon Only display names to reduce UI clutter.

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