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Best Audio Settings for Warzone 2

Best Warzone 2 Audio Settings Featured
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In Warzone 2, audio plays a crucial role in helping players gain information about the game and their surroundings. The best audio settings can make sounds like footsteps louder, giving you an advantage over your opponents. Let’s dive into the best audio settings for Warzone 2 to hear footsteps better and win more games in Al Mazrah.

Quick take

For the best audio settings for Warzone 2 set the Home Theater Audio Mix, set the Master Volume to 100, set the Music Volume to 0, set the Dialogue Volume to 50, crank Effects Volume to 100, and turn Mono Audio off. These settings give you the best combination of hearing important audio cues, such as footsteps while reducing other audio cues that don’t help you track other players.

Best Audio settings for Warzone 2

Best Warzone 2 Audio SettingsVolumes -Audio Mix: Home Theater -Master Volume: 100 -Music Volume: 0 -Dialogue Volume: 50 -Effects Volume: 100 -Hit Marker Volume: 75 -Mono Audio: Off Subtitles -Subtitles: All On -Subtitles Size: Default -Subtitles Background Opacity: 0 Voice Chat -Voice Chat: On -Last Words Voice Chat: On -Proximity Chat: On -Open Mic Recording Threshold: 75 -Voice Chat Volume: 75 -Microphone Volume: 100 Audio Advanced Settings -Juggernaut Music: On -Hit Marker Sound Effects: MW -Reduce Tinnitus Sound: On


  • Audio Mix: Home Theater
  • Master Volume: 100
  • Music Volume: 0
  • Dialogue Volume: 50
  • Effects Volume: 100
  • Hit Marker Volume: 75
  • Mono Audio: Off

The Audio Mix setting is critical to get the best audio for Warzone 2. There are multiple options, so which Audio Mix setting is the best for hearing footsteps in Warzone 2?

The Home Theater audio mix is the winner when isolating important audio cues like footsteps and other player actions. We tried Headphone Bass Boost, and while it makes footsteps louder, it also causes different competing sounds to sound louder, which can drown out footsteps.

Turn Master Volume up to 100, and then adjust the volume with external headset controls or with the controls on your PC or console. The best Warzone 2 players usually adjust their volume on the fly depending on the in-game situation.

Although Warzone 2 has an excellent soundtrack, competitive players usually turn the Music Volume setting to 0, so they can better hear other vital sounds in the game.

Set Dialogue Volume to 50 so you can still hear essential callouts in-game, but the callouts don’t interfere with player communication or listening for footsteps.

Footsteps, reloading, gunfire, and other critical audio cues fall under the Effects Volume category. We crank Effects Volume to 100, so we can catch these sounds.

Always ensure that Mono Audio is off unless you use a one-speaker setup. Enabling Mono Audio will turn off surround sound, and you won’t be able to determine the direction of sounds in the game.


  • Subtitles: All On
  • Subtitles Size: Default
  • Subtitles Background Opacity: 0

Turning Subtitles on can help you catch in-game callouts and character chatter. Some players find the text on the screen too distracting. Try it out in the game and see what works best for you.

Voice Chat

  • Voice Chat: On
  • Last Words Voice Chat: On
  • Proximity Chat: On
  • Open Mic Recording Threshold: 75
  • Voice Chat Volume: 75
  • Microphone Volume: 100

Even if you don’t want to talk to other players, turning the Proximity Chat setting on can give you essential intel that an enemy squad is near your position. You can use proximity chat as an early warning system to get the drop on your opponents.

Pro tip

You can use proximity chat to play mind games with your opponents. Saying things like, “I’m out of ammo!” or “I’m out of plates!” when the opposite is true can lull enemy players into a false sense of security.

If you want to speak with proximity chat, setting the Open Mic Recording Threshold to 75 ensures you aren’t picking up background noise with your mic and giving away your position. It’s vital that your mic picks up your voice when speaking, not your breathing or the sound of your computer fans.

Audio Advanced Settings

  • Juggernaut Music: On
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: MW
  • Reduce Tinnitus Sound: On

The Hit Marker Sound Effects are a personal preference, and most players prefer the Modern Warfare hit marker sound. Turn Reduce Tinnitus Sound on to reduce the high-pitched buzzing sound from explosions, which can save your hearing and sanity in the long run.

How to use footsteps to your advantage in Warzone 2

Learning how Warzone 2’s game mechanics affect the sound of footsteps is key to mastering audio in Warzone 2.

The sound of footsteps can change based on distance and how a player moves. Player footsteps sound loudest while sprinting and then walking. Crouch walking is usually the quietest form of movement. Holding a heavy weapon like an LMG will also create more sound when moving than a light weapon like a pistol.

Map geometry can also play a role in how footsteps sound while in-game. The more direct your line of sight to a player, the better you will be able to hear their footsteps. Things like windows and doors can also impede sound, so break windows and open doors if you want to listen to what’s happening outside a building.

Footsteps will also sound different based on the surface a player is traversing on. Learning the difference between a player walking on wood, concrete, and grass can help you determine exactly where a player is on the map.

Consider combining the best audio settings with our best NVIDIA filters for Warzone 2 and our best Warzone 2 settings for high FPS, so you can see and hear players better across the map.

Other ways to improve Warzone 2 audio

Besides in-game settings, using a gaming headset is the most critical factor in how to hear footsteps better in Warzone 2. If you’re not already using a gaming headset, you will be blown away by how much more you can hear versus traditional TV or monitor speakers.

Gaming headsets are purpose-built to isolate important audio cues like footsteps and gunfire. Even a budget gaming headset will be one of the best investments you make to improve your skill in Warzone 2.

How to change audio settings in Warzone 2

Changing audio settings in Warzone 2 is a simple task that can be completed in a few easy steps.

Warzone 2 Audio Settings Menu
The Warzone 2 audio settings menu. Source: Activision

First, launch Warzone 2 and press the menu button on controller or the settings icon in the upper-right-hand corner on PC.

Then, select the Audio settings menu to configure your settings. Once satisfied with your Audio settings, exit the menu, and Warzone 2 will automatically save your preferences.

While you’re in the settings menu, don’t forget to try out the best Warzone 2 FOV settings.

Should you use an audio mixer?

If you’re serious about Warzone 2 and want to take your audio experience to the next level, consider buying an external audio mixer. Audio mixers add another level of control that goes above and beyond the in-game settings.

Many professional Warzone 2 players use audio mixers, and while they aren’t cheap, they can give you access to the best possible audio fidelity and control for Warzone 2.

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