Valorant to Apex Sens Calculator

Valorant to Apex Sens Calculator

Converting your Valorant to Apex sens is an important step to get the best sens in Valorant or the best sens in Apex Legends when switching between the two games without missing a beat. Our Valorant to Apex sens calculator below helps you figure out that conversion.

Using our Valorant to Apex sens calculator

Our calculator will do the math to convert your Valorant sensitivity to Apex Legends. The only entry you’ll need to make is to find your in-game Valorant sensitivity. Once finding that number, enter it into our calculator to find the same sensitivity in Apex Legends.

After you’ve calculated your Apex Legends sensitivity, pop on over to the firing range to test out your settings.

It may take some time to get used to the settings when transitioning between the two games. We suggest converting your sensitivity as a starting point and then making adjustments to customize the gameplay to your liking.

Valorant to Apex Legends sens formula

The formula to convert your Valorant sens to Apex Legends is as follows:

In-game Valorant sens x 3.181818 = Apex Legends sens

Differences between Valorant and Apex Legends

Valorant is a slower-paced, more tactical game than Apex Legends, which requires quick movements and mobility.

For these reasons, Valorant players are best suited to a lower sensitivity for more accurate aiming. But consider that a lower sens will result in slower turns.

On the flip side, Apex Legends is better suited to faster turns and movements, which naturally works better with higher sensitivity.

Adjust your Valorant FOV to Apex Legends

Valorant FOV is locked at 103 FOV but players can customize their FOVs in Apex Legends.

While a 103 FOV may suit some, we think the best Apex Legends FOV is within a range of 85 to 100 for the majority of Apex Legends players.

There’s no one-size-fits-all best FOV. It’s player specific. But starting with our calculator and then adjusting your sens and FOV settings is a good starting point to land on what works best for you.

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