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Valorant Raw Input Buffer (2024 Guide)

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Riot Games has used Raw Input as the device standard for Valorant since the game’s release. In 2021, Riot Games added the Raw Input Buffer setting to improve the performance of input device processing. This guide will explain Valorant Raw Input Buffer and the benefits of enabling it, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Quick take

The Valorant Raw Input Buffer setting improves how the game processes device input by optimizing which APIs process raw input. Raw Input Buffer can improve PC performance and mouse responsiveness while reducing input latency. 

What is Valorant Raw Input Buffer?

Valorant raw input buffer
Valorant Mouse settings – Raw Input Buffer. Credit: Riot Games

To better understand Valorant’s Raw Input Buffer setting, you first need to know what Raw Input is and how it affects your gaming experience.

Raw Input is a method by which a computer reads mouse input. Raw Input bypasses the computer’s operating system, so Valorant reads input directly from the mouse hardware. Without Raw Input, Valorant would have to read the mouse input through multiple systems, introducing latency into the game.

According to the Valorant patch 3.07 notes, the Raw Input Buffer setting “improves performance input device processing.” Enabling the Raw Input Buffer setting adjusts which APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are used for processing Raw Input.

The Raw Input Buffer setting optimizes which APIs process Raw Input, which can decrease the overall load on your computer. Below we will cover the benefits of using Raw Input Buffer so you can decide if it’s something you want to enable.

Advantages of Raw Input Buffer

Let’s look at some benefits of enabling the Raw Input Buffer setting.

Increased FPS and game performance

The Raw Input Buffer setting decreases the load on your PC by optimizing which APIs are used to process Raw Input. This adjustment can result in a slight FPS boost while playing Valorant. See our best Valorant graphics settings guide for more ways to increase FPS and game performance.

Improved precision and reduced latency with gaming mice

Enabling the Raw Input Buffer setting in Valorant should improve precision and reduce latency for most gaming mice. According to Riot Games, gaming mice with a high polling rate will see a more significant improvement in accuracy and latency.

Aim is everything in Valorant. Improving mouse precision and decreasing latency will make landing headshots and flick-shots much easier. If you want the best possible aim and tracking in Valorant, combine the Raw Input Buffer setting with the best sensitivity for Valorant.

Should you enable Raw Input Buffer for Valorant?

Most players should enable the Raw Input Buffer setting to increase PC performance and decrease input latency. Players with a low polling rate mouse, less than 1000Hz, will not see a noticeable difference with Raw Input Buffer enabled.

Players with high polling rate mice, like 8000Hz, will see the most considerable increase in performance and decrease in latency. This setting is a must-have if you use a high-polling rate mouse like the Razer Viper 8K Hz.

The only players who should not enable Raw Input Buffer are those who cannot maintain at least 60 FPS while playing Valorant. These players may see increased latency with Raw Input Buffer enabled. If you’re still unsure what mouse will work best, check out our guide on the best mouse for Valorant.

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  • Is Raw Input Buffer good?

    The Valorant Raw Input Buffer setting can improve PC performance and reduce input latency, most noticeably for players with 8000Hz gaming mice. Players who cannot maintain at least 60 FPS in-game should avoid the Raw Input Buffer setting.

  • Do Valorant pros use Raw Input Buffer?

    Many Valorant pros enable Raw Input Buffer, especially those with high polling rate mice.

  • What does Raw Input Buffer do?

    The Valorant Raw Input Buffer setting improves performance input device processing by optimizing which APIs process Raw Input.

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