How to See Your Valorant Purchase History

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Spending money on cosmetic items in Valorant can add up quickly. Skins and bundles regularly cost over $20 each, and it’s easy to lose track of how much you spend in-game. Luckily, Riot Games allows players to check their purchase history online. This article will detail the steps to see your Valorant purchase history.

Quick take

To view your Valorant purchase history, visit and click the ‘Get My Purchase History’ red button. Enter your Riot ID and password to see each Valorant purchase and the amount spent.

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Visit the Riot Games support page

Valorant get purchase history
Check purchase history via Riot Games support page. Credit: Riot Games

Valorant players’ purchase history is available through the Riot Games support page. Visit, and click the red button on the page labeled, ‘Get My Purchase History.’

Log in to Riot Games

Riot Games Login
Riot Games Login page. Credit: Riot Games

Once you request your purchase history from Riot Games support, you will be prompted to enter your Riot ID username and password. The Riot Games support page can also help you recover an account, refund a purchase, or change your Valorant name.

Check your purchase history

After entering your username and password, your Valorant purchase history will be visible. You can see each transaction, the date and time it occurred, the payment method used, the amount spent, and the number of Valorant points spent or gained. You will also see the total amount of money spent on Valorant.

Pro tip

Purchased cosmetics count as ‘Used’ once you bring them into a game. Riot Games will refund certain ‘Unused’ items within 14 days of the purchase date.


  • Where can I find my Valorant purchase history?

    Your Valorant purchase history is available on the Riot Games support page after entering your Riot ID and password.

  • Can I get a refund on items I buy in Valorant?

    Yes, some items purchased in the Valorant shop can be refunded. Login to the Riot Games support page to see your purchase history and check which items are eligible for a refund.

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