How To Change Your Valorant Name

How to Change Valorant Name

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, allows players to change their in-game display name once every 30 days. This guide will detail the steps needed to change your Valorant name.

1) Log in to your Riot account

Go to and use your Riot Games username and password to log into your account.

Screenshot of the Riot Games sign in screen
Source: Riot Games

2) Change your Riot ID

Once logged into your Riot Games account, find the Riot ID area under Account Management.

Screenshot of the Riot Game Riot ID screen
Source: Riot Games

Type in your new Riot ID using 16 characters or less. The Riot ID you choose must comply with Riot Game’s guidelines for profanity.

You can also choose a new Tagline for Valorant in the Riot ID area. Taglines are unique identifiers displayed as a hashtag followed by 3-5 characters, similar to a clan tag. Taglines allow multiple users to share the same Riot ID display name and can be used to invite friends in-game.

3) Confirm your new Riot ID

When satisfied with the new Riot ID and/or Tagline you’ve chosen for Valorant, press Save Changes to confirm.

The new Riot ID and Tagline you choose will be your display name for all Riot games, including Valorant.

Note that you can only change your Valorant name once every 30 days, so choose your new moniker wisely.


  • How often can I change my Valorant name?

    Riot Games allows players to change their Riot ID (Valorant display name) once every 30 days.

  • How much does it cost to change my Valorant name?

    Riot Games does not charge players to change their display name–the process is free.

  • Does my Valorant display name need to be unique?

    Your Riot ID display name does not need to be unique, but your Riot ID combined with your Tagline must be unique and not shared by any other players.

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