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Best FOV for Modern Warfare 2

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With Call of Duty’s fast gameplay, it’s critical to select the best FOV for Modern Warfare 2 to get a competitive advantage in spotting enemies faster. Our guide below will cover the best Modern Warfare 2 FOV settings for both controller and keyboard and mouse players, along with our suggested ADS FOV and weapon FOV settings.

What is FOV in Modern Warfare 2

Your FOV, or field of view, determines how zoomed out your view of the scene is. Modern Warfare 2’s FOV setting can be adjusted on a slider ranging from 60 to 120. The higher the FOV setting, the more of your surroundings you’ll see.

Four images of different FOVs in Modern Warfare 2, including 60 FOV, 80 FOV, 100 FOV, and 120 FOV.
The higher the FOV the further zoomed out the scene. As you can see, targets are further out in the distance on high and you can see more of the scene in the periphery on higher FOVs. Source:

The advantages to playing with a higher FOV are you can spot enemies faster as they enter your periphery earlier than when playing on a low FOV setting. There is also reduced potential for nausea.

Of course, playing with a high FOV also has disadvantages. Notably, enemies are shrunken down in the distance as you increase your FOV, which can make it difficult for newer players to accurately kill enemies.

In addition to your primary FOV, you can also select your ADS FOV and the new weapon FOV setting in Modern Warfare 2. We’ll cover our suggested best Modern Warfare 2 FOV settings for all of these options below.

Note, there are some suggestions that FPS can be minimally impacted by your FOV setting. Our testing of different FOV settings didn’t demonstrate any noticeable differences. But we’d suggest reviewing our best Modern Warfare 2 settings if wanting to improve your FPS.

Best FOV for Modern Warfare 2 controller players

It’s best for Modern Warfare 2 controller players to select a FOV in the range of 95 to 110. Adjusting upward from the default FOV setting of 80 balances well the competitive advantage of being able to see enemies faster and the downside of making it harder to target enemies at a distance.

While many of the best controller players select 120 FOV as we found in our guide to Warzone pro settings, it’s best to work up to that number as your aiming and movement skills improve.

Controller players need to make quick micro adjustments with Modern Warfare 2’s fast gameplay and this can become more difficult the higher your FOV setting.

Best FOV for Modern Warfare 2 mouse and keyboard players

It’s best for Modern Warfare 2 mouse and keyboard players to select a FOV in the range of 105-120. Again, start at the lower end of the range to improve your aim and movement, then increase your FOV as your skills improve.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of pros play at 120 FOV, regardless of whether they are playing on a controller or mouse and keyboard. In fact, we found that 60% of Warzone pros play on 120 FOV in our guide on the best Warzone FOV settings.

Moving to a 120 FOV is easier on mouse and keyboard than on controller since aiming with a mouse can be more precise when enemies are at a distance for non-pro players, which this guide is intended for.

ADS FOV settings

Modern Warfare 2 players also have the option to select their ADS FOV and choose from either Affected or Independent. We suggest that most players play on affected FOV to gain a competitive advantage by seeing more of their surroundings when aiming down sights on low magnification level optics, such as iron sights.

A side-by-side picture comparing affected ADS FOV vs. independent ADS FOV in Modern Warfare 2
Affected FOV retains the same FOV when aiming down sights whereas independent FOV zooms in on the scene when aiming down sites. Source:

With affected FOV, aiming down sights zooms to the view that is closer to your selected FOV. On higher FOVs, you’ll continue to see more of your surroundings than when selecting independent FOV, which crops in much closer on the map.

Best weapon FOV settings

Modern Warfare 2 offers a weapon FOV option, which wasn’t present in Call of Duty’s prior installment, Warzone. There are three settings you can choose from, including Default, Narrow, and Wide.

Three pictures comparing weapon FOVs in Modern Warfare 2
Selecting a narrow FOV for your weapon results in your gun taking up more of the screen than when selecting wide. While the difference isn’t drastic, selecting wide FOV does help you see more of the scene in front of you. Source:

While the differences are small, we suggest using the wide weapon FOV setting. A wide weapon FOV setting improves visibility since the weapon doesn’t obstruct as much of the map as both the default and narrow settings.

How to change FOV in Modern Warfare 2

PC players

Screenshot of how to change FOV in Modern Warfare 2 by navigating to the Graphics tab and selecting View
Source: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 PC players can change all of the FOV settings we cover in the settings menu. Here’s how to do so:

  • Open Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
  • Navigate to the Options menu that is on the home screen in the settings gear icon or can be accessed during gameplay by pressing Esc.
  • Go to the Graphics tab.
  • Select the sub-menu option that reads View.
  • Adjust your FOV, ADS FOV, and Weapon FOV to your desired settings.

Console players

Modern Warfare 2 introduced a slider to adjust FOV for console players, a long-awaited option since console players have been stuck on 80 FOV in previous Call of Duty installments.

Changing your Modern Warfare 2 FOV on console closely mirrors doing so on a PC. Navigate to the settings menu via the gear icon and then select the Graphics tab. You will then see an expandable View menu below Post Processing Effects. FOV, ADS FOV, and Weapon FOV can all be adjusted once expanding that menu.

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