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Fortnite Split-Screen: How-To Guide and More

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Few multiplayer games support couch co-op, but Epic Games bucked that trend when they introduced split-screen to Fortnite. Below, we detail how to play Fortnite split-screen for each platform, including restrictions and commonly asked questions.

Quick take

Xbox and PlayStation console players can enjoy Fortnite split-screen in the Duos and Squads playlist by adding a second controller and choosing a second profile. Fortnite does not currently support split-screen on PC, Nintendo Switch, or mobile devices.

How to play Fortnite split-screen on Xbox and PlayStation

Fortnite makes it easy for Xbox and PlayStation console players to team up for split-screen couch co-op. Here’s how to enable split-screen for Xbox and PlayStation:

  1. Start Fortnite and head to the main menu. Choose a game mode other than Solos where you can invite another teammate.
  2. Turn on a second controller and invite the second player to sign into their account.
  3. Once the player using the second controller is signed in, they will automatically join the multiplayer lobby.
  4. Once the game begins, the screen will be split and shared between the two players

Pro tip

Playing Fortnite split-screen can reduce your field of view, making it more difficult to spot enemies. Our best monitor for Fortnite guide covers a list of screens that can enhance your ability to spot enemies in Fortnite.

Note that Fortnite split-screen on Xbox and PlayStation is unavailable for Ranked modes, limited time modes, or Creative mode.

How to play Fortnite split-screen on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile

Unfortunately, Fortnite split-screen is unavailable on PC, Nintendo Switch, or mobile. The only way to play Fortnite split-screen is on Xbox or PlayStation consoles.


  • Can you play Lego Fortnite split-screen?

    No, Lego Fortnite does not currently support split-screen on any platform.

  • Can you play Fortnite split-screen with three players?

    No, Fortnite only allows two players to play split-screen simultaneously.

  • How to add a second controller in Fortnite?

    From the Fortnite main menu, power on the second controller. Player two will be asked to choose a profile and sign in. Once signed in, the second player will be added to the lobby. Remember, split-screen is only available for Duos and Squads game modes.

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