Fortnite Pro Settings: Sens, Graphics, Keybinds & More

Fortnite Pro Settings

With Fortnite’s ever-changing seasons, skins, and ongoing collaborations it’s no surprise that you can be immersed in the game for days on end. We think that’s the right way to spend your time, not wasting hours fiddling with settings to potentially give you a leg up before even getting started. This is why we put together our Fortnite pro settings guide so you can focus on racking up kills right out of the gate.

This handy guide includes pro Fortnite settings for a deep bench of esports athletes and streamers, including Clix, Mongraal, Ninja, and Bugha.

The table below covers the essentials to help you get the most out of the game. You’ll get quick access to essential Fortnite pro sensitivities, pro Fortnite keybinds used, and pro Fortnite graphics settings to ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible on your gaming PC.

We’ve also included links to further detail on gear, PC specs, and full in-game settings for each Fortnite player. These pages will be helpful if you want to mirror your settings across the board just like your favorite Fortnite pro.

Table of Contents

Fortnite pro sensitivity

PlayerSpecs & GearSettingsDPIPolling RateX-Axis SensY-Axis Sens
BenjyfishyBenjyfishy pc specs & gearBenjyfishy Fortnite settings8001000Hz8.8%8.8%
BuckeBucke pc specs & gearBucke Fortnite settings4001000Hz12%12%
BughaBugha pc specs & gearBugha Fortnite settings8001000Hz6.5%6.5%
ChicaChica pc specs & gearChica’s Fortnite settings8001000Hz6.40%6.40%
ClixClix pc specs & gearClix Fortnite settings8001000Hz8.7%6.3%
DakotazDakotaz pc specs & gearDakotaz Fortnite settings24001000Hz8%8%
EdgeyEdgey pc specs & gearEdgey Fortnite settings8001000Hz8%5%
HarmiiHarmii pc specs & gearHarmii’s Fortnite settings800Unknown10%10%
K1nGK1nG pc specs & gearK1nG Fortnite settings8001000Hz7.9%8.0%
MongraalMongraal pc specs & gearMongraal Fortnite settings8001000Hz6.3%6.3%
MrSavageMrSavage pc specs & gearMrSavage Fortnite settings8001000Hz12%12%
MythMyth pc specs & gearMyth Fortnite settings7001000Hz7%7%
Nick Eh 30Nick Eh 30 pc specs & gearNick Eh 30 Fortnite settings20001000Hz10.0%5.0%
NinjaNinja pc specs & gearNinja Fortnite settings800500Hz13.0%13.0%
NoahreyliNoahreyli pc specs & gearNoahreyli Fortnite settings8001000Hz5.0%5.0%
PokimanePokimane pc specs & gearPokimane Fortnite settings8001000Hz7.5%7.5%
SettySetty pc specs & gearSetty Fortnite settings8001000Hz9.5%9.5%
SommersetSommerset pc specs & gearSommerset Fortnite settings8001000Hz6.4%6.4%
SypherPKSypherPK pc specs & gearSypherPK Fortnite settings4001000Hz15.0%15.0%
TaySonTaySon pc specs & gearTaySon Fortnite settings16001000Hz2.9%2.9%
TfueTfue pc specs & gearTfue Fortnite settings4001000Hz10.0%10.0%


Fortnite pro keybinds

PlayerWallFloorStairsRoofTrapBuilding EditHarvesting Tool
BenjyfishyQMB5CLeft ShiftVE1
BughaXVCLeft ShiftTF1
MongraalMB5XMB4Left ShiftCFQ
MrSavageFGTLeft ShiftMB4R1
MythQMB5VDMB4FLeft Shift
Nick Eh 30MB4ZCCaps LockTMB5, Mouse Wheel UpMouse Wheel Down
NinjaMB4QMB5Left Shift5F1
NoahreyliMB5CMB4Left ShiftTFV
SettyMB5VMB4Left ShiftTFE
SommersetERQMB4Left ShiftCF
SypherPKQMB4MB5Left ShiftT FTab
TaySonMB4XQLeft ShiftTF / Mouse Wheel Down1
TfueREQMB5FMB4, V, Mouse Wheel Up1


Fortnite pro video and graphics settings

PlayerWindow ModeResolutionFrame Rate LimitTexturesEffectsAnti-Aliasing
BenjyfishyFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowLowOff
BuckeFull screen1920x1080 (native)237 FPSHighLowOff
BughaFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowLowOff
ChicaWindowed Fullscreen1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedLowLowOff
ClixFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowLowOff
DakotazFullscreen1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedMediumLowOff
EdgeyFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowOnOff
HarmiiFull Screen in Windowed1920x1080 16:9240 FPS LowLowOff
K1nGFullscreen1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedLowLowOff
MongraalFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowLowOff
MrSavageFullscreen1920x1080 16:9360 FPSMediumLowOff
MythFullscreen1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedMediumLowOff
Nick Eh 30Fullscreen1920x1080 16:9UnlimitedLowLowOff
NinjaFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240MediumLowOff
NoahreyliFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowLowOff
PokimaneFullscreen1920x1080 16:9144 FPSLowMediumHigh
SettyFullscreen1920x1080 16:9360 FPSLowLowOff
SommersetFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240LowLowOff
SypherPKFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSHighLowOff
TaySonFullscreen1920x1080 16:9240 FPSLowLowOff
TfueFullscreen1920x1080 16:9237 FPSLowLowOff

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