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Best Sensitivity for Fortnite (2024 Update)

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Fortnite is a game with heavy requirements to aim and precisely track targets. Fortnite also features unique verticality, requiring players to react to targets directly above or below.

The mouse sensitivity settings you choose for Fortnite must be balanced for shooting targets at close and long ranges while enabling quick and precise building placement. This comprehensive guide will explain how sensitivity in Fortnite works, how to change your sensitivity in-game, the best sensitivity for Fortnite, and the mouse sensitivities the pros use.

Quick take

The best in-game sensitivity for Fortnite is around 10%, with a mouse DPI of 800. This sensitivity and DPI combination equates to an eDPI of 80, which can be considered a medium sensitivity for Fortnite. Any eDPI lower than 55 is regarded as a low sensitivity for Fortnite, and any eDPI over 90 is considered high.

Fortnite sens, eDPI, and mouse DPI explained.

A couple of factors to consider regarding Fortnite sensitivity will determine how fast your crosshair moves.

Every mouse and keyboard player must choose an in-game sensitivity, represented in Fortnite by a percentage of 0-100. Go to the Settings tab in the Fortnite menu and head to Mouse and Keyboard settings to see this value in-game.

Gaming mice also have another value that affects sensitivity called DPI or dots per inch. DPI can be described as how your mouse measures physical distance, and most gaming mice have adjustable DPI values. Find the DPI value of your mouse by checking the third-party software that comes with most gaming mice.

The in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI you choose will produce an eDPI value, which helps us compare different mouse sensitivities. eDPI is a number we will reference when analyzing the best mouse sensitivity for Fortnite.

Here’s how to determine your eDPI for Fortnite:

  1. Find your X and Y-Axis Sensitivities in-game in the Fortnite settings menu under Mouse Settings.
  2. Next, determine the DPI value of your mouse by checking the third-party software that came with your gaming mouse. Note that most gaming mice have external controls to adjust DPI.
  3. Finally, use the formula: (in-game sens) x (DPI) = eDPI

Using the formula above, the eDPI for a player with 10% in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI of 800 would be (0.10 x 800) = 80 eDPI.

Understanding eDPI is vital to help us compare the true sensitivities of players with different DPI values. A player with an in-game sensitivity of 10% and a DPI of 800 will have the same true sensitivity as a player with an in-game sensitivity of 20% and a DPI of 400.

Controller players should reference our guide on the best controller settings for Fortnite to learn more about how sensitivity works on controller.

Best sens for Fortnite

The best sensitivity for Fortnite is a value that lets players land precision shots at a distance and still track targets up close. The sensitivity value you choose should also be high enough to quickly turn 180 degrees when building but not too high that aim becomes jittery.

Since 800 DPI is the most common DPI used by Fortnite players, this is the DPI value we will use when discussing the best Sensitivity for Fortnite.

  • X-Axis Sensitivity: 10%
  • Y-Axis Sensitivity: 10%
  • Targeting Sensitivity: 28%
  • Scope Sensitivity: 28%

Pro tip

Start with a low sensitivity value and raise it slowly over time as you become comfortable with hitting shots.

Fortnite mouse sensitiviy settings
Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity settings menu. Credit: Epic Games

The best eDPI for Fortnite is around 80, which gives us an X and Y-Axis Sensitivity of 10% when using a gaming mouse with 800 DPI. We used the same sensitivity value for the X and Y-Axis because it helps keep aiming consistent no matter which direction you turn.

Targeting Sensitivity in Fortnite is the sensitivity of your weapon when aiming down sight, also known as ADS sensitivity. Most players use a Targeting Sensitivity value of between 25%-35%, which helps to slow aim when tracking targets and looking down sight.

Scoped Sensitivity is similar to Targeting Sensitivity, but it’s only applied when using scoped weapons. Your Scoped Sensitivity value should be close to the same as your Targeting Sensitivity to help maintain consistency across different weapons. This consistency will help you hit flick-shots with any weapon type once you master your chosen sensitivity.

If you’re interested in improving your movement and aim, check out our guide on the best Fortnite keybinds.

How to change Fortnite mouse sensitivity

Fortnite settings menu
Fortnite Settings menu. Credit: Epic Games

Here’s how to change your Fortnite in-game mouse sensitivity:

1) Load up Fortnite and head to the main menu.

2) Press the ESC key or click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.

3) Click on the settings icon, click Settings, and navigate to the tab labeled Mouse and Keyboard. From here, use the sliding bar or input your chosen sensitivity value.

The best place to change settings in Fortnite is in the Creative game mode or a private match. Creative mode allows players to adjust and test settings in a sandbox environment.

Dropping into creative island
Use the Creative game mode to test your updated Fortnite sensitivity. Credit: Epic Games

To access Creative mode, click on the game type from the main menu and switch the game mode to Creative. Once the game loads in, step into your rift to teleport to your personal creative island.

Fortnite sens for common gaming mouse DPIs

Most gaming mice for Fortnite offer adjustable DPI values, and not all players prefer to play on the same DPI. We’ve done some calculations to give you a quick reference for common mouse DPIs.

400 DPI: Gamers using a 400 DPI mouse should use a Fortnite in-game X and Y-Sens of 20% to achieve an ideal eDPI of 80.

800 DPI: Gamers using an 800 DPI mouse should use a Fortnite in-game X and Y-Sens of 10% to achieve an ideal eDPI of 80.

1200 DPI: Gamers using a 1200 DPI mouse should use a Fortnite in-game X and Y-Sens of 6.67% to achieve an ideal eDPI of 80.

1400 DPI: Gamers using a 1400 DPI mouse should use a Fortnite in-game X and Y-Sens of 5.72% to achieve an ideal eDPI of 80.

1600 DPI: Gamers using a 1600 DPI mouse should use a Fortnite in-game X and Y-Sens of 5.00% to achieve an ideal eDPI of 80.

What sens do Fortnite pros use?

We compiled data from professional Fortnite players’ settings we track at to see the sensitivity values the pros use.

The average eDPI of pro players we track is 80.67 for X-Axis Sens and 75.55 for Y-Axis Sens. The highest eDPI of players we track is 480, and the lowest value we track is 40.

Fortnite Sens & eDPI Player Data
Based on analysis of Fortnite player data. Credit:
Fortnite Sens LeveleDPI Range
LowLess than 55
Medium55 to 90
HighOver 90

To learn more about the settings that pro Fortnite players use, check out our Fortnite Pro Settings guide with information about sensitivities, keybinds, and graphic settings.

How to change DPI for Fortnite

Fortnite does not allow players to change mouse DPI in-game, but luckily there are a couple of other ways to adjust mouse DPI on PC.

The primary method you should use to change your mouse DPI is through the software that comes with most gaming mice. Razer, Corsair, Logitech, and most of the major mice brands have free software that lets you customize the features of your mouse. Check the manufacturer’s website to download the latest version of your mouse’s software, then change the DPI in the software’s settings.

Some gaming mice also have external controls to adjust DPI. Check for buttons on the mouse that cycle through the preset DPI values. This can be useful for changing DPI on the fly; just be careful that you don’t accidentally change your DPI value in-game.

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  • What’s the best mouse sensitivity for Fortnite?

    The best sensitivity for Fortnite is around 10% for X and Y-Axis sensitivity with a mouse DPI of 800. This equates to an eDPI value of 80, which is ideal for most Fortnite players.

  • What is the best mouse DPI to use for Fortnite?

    The most commonly used DPI for Fortnite is 800 DPI.

  • What’s the best Targeting and Scoped Sensitivity for Fortnite?

    It’s best to keep the Targeting and Scoped Sensitivity values for Fortnite similar, somewhere in the range of 25%-35%.


*Average Fortnite pro sensitivities are calculated as of February 2022 analysis based on player data tracked on

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