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The Best Controller Settings for Fortnite

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Have you ever wondered how pro Fortnite controller players keep up with some of the top mouse and keyboard players? The controller settings they choose play a key role in helping them gain an edge over the competition, allowing them to build faster and aim more consistently. Let’s dive into the best Fortnite controller settings for improving aim, building, and movement.

Quick take

Builder Pro is the best Fortnite controller configuration since your button layout is more efficient and ergonomic. Choose a Look and ADS sensitivity of 4 an ideal starting point for most Fortnite controller players, then tweak to your liking from there when testing in Creative Mode. The Linear Look Input Curve and setting Aim Assist Strength to 100% can help improve your aim.

How to change your Fortnite controller settings

These are the steps for Playstation, Xbox, and PC to change controller settings in Fortnite:

  1. Press the controller menu button from the lobby or in-game.
  2. Use LB and RB to navigate and press A on Xbox or X on Playstation to access the setting menu.
  3. Use LB and RB to navigate the Controller Options tab.

From here, you can tweak all the controller settings covered below.

Don’t be that player who gets eliminated during a game because they are stuck at a menu screen adjusting their settings. Creative mode is the best place to tweak and test new Fortnite controller settings.

To access Creative mode, press X on Xbox or square on Playstation from the Play tab to change the game mode to Creative. Once you load into Creative, step into your rift and teleport to your own island.

Screenshot of creative mode gameplay
Jump into Creative mode to test and tweak your Fortnite controller settings. Source: Epic Games

Your creative island is the ideal place to test and tweak the best Fortnite controller settings. The creative island allows you to practice building, shooting, and using items with friends or solo. If you want to take your Creative game to the next level, try inputting codes and visiting community-created islands that offer unique challenges and ways to test your skill.

Best Fortnite controller configuration

Screenshot of the wireless controller settings menu in Fortnite
Using the Builder Pro controller configuration makes your button layout more efficient and ergonomic. Credit: Epic Games

Controller Configuration is the button layout you choose for your Xbox or Playstation controller. Builder Pro is the best Controller Configuration for Fortnite because it changes the default button settings to make them more efficient and ergonomic for building and fighting.

Pro tip

Most professional Fortnite controller players use Builder Pro as a template and create a custom controller layout with their preferences. Swapping LS3 to be the build or edit button is a fantastic way to make building more manageable because you don’t have to take your thumb off the controller stick.

Builder Pro is the best Fortnite controller setting to change if you’re still playing on the Default button layout. Builder Pro might take a while to get used to, but learning it will pay off tenfold in the future when you’re building circles around the competition.

Best controller Input settings for Fortnite

Screenshot of the input settings menu in Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games
  • Controller Auto-Run: On
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro): On
  • Edit Hold Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Slide Hold Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Reset Camera Axes: Pitch
  • Reset Camera Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Vibration: Off

The Controller Auto-Run setting can help save your thumb and thumbstick from getting worn out. Turning this setting on makes your character run when double-tapping the left stick, regardless of if the stick is pressed forward. The Controller Auto-Run setting is especially useful for traversing long distances.

Build Immediately is a setting for the Builder Pro configuration, covered above, that lets you build immediately after switching build pieces. Turning Build Immediately on is the best way to quickly build with the least amount of physical inputs.

Set your Edit Hold Time to around 0.100 seconds for snappy edits. This setting only applies to players using the Hold to Edit option, which we don’t recommend. A dedicated button for editing, like LS3, is a faster option.

Disabling controller vibration is one of the settings pro Fortnite players use to improve aim and save hands from fatigue. Keep the controller vibration on for a more immersive experience.

Best controller Sensitivity for Fortnite

Fortnite Controller Sensitivity Settings
Credit: Epic Games
  • Look Sensitivity: 4
  • Aim Sensitivity (ADS): 4
  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: 2.0x

The controller sensitivity settings you choose will determine your ability to aim and track targets effectively. 4 is the best controller sensitivity for Fortnite because it’s the perfect middle ground between low and high sensitivities. Using too high a sensitivity will cause shakey aim while using too low a sensitivity will make it difficult to turn and snap onto targets.

Pick a Build and Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier that’s higher than your Look Sensitivity, somewhere around 2.0x. A Build and Edit Mode Sensitivity of 2.0x is ideal for clean edits and movement while build-fighting.

Best controller Deadzone settings for Fortnite

Fortnite Controller Deadzone Settings
Credit: Epic Games
  • Left Stick Deadzone: 5%
  • Right Stick Deadzone: 5%

The Deadzone settings you choose can help eliminate controller stick drift. Stick drift occurs when the controller sticks move even when no input is applied, and this problem usually gets worse the older a controller is.

Deadzone helps negate stick drift by creating a buffer zone in the middle of a controller stick where no input is registered. The more Deadzone you add, the bigger the radius that no stick input is registered.

To find the best controller Deadzone setting for Fortnite, start at 0% and observe your stick drift. Keep increasing the Deadzone percentage incrementally by 1 until stick drift stops. A Deadzone value of 0% will provide the most responsive control and aim, but most controllers need at least 5% Deadzone to eliminate stick drift.

Best Advanced controller settings for Fortnite

Fortnite allows players to use Advanced controller settings, which grant additional customization options to fine-tune preferences. The best Advanced controller settings in Fortnite will look different for everyone, and we recommend going into Creative mode to find what works for you.

Advanced – Look Sensitivity

Screenshot of the Advanced Fortnite controller settings menu
Credit: Epic Games
  • Look Horizontal Speed: 40%
  • Look Vertical Speed: 40%
  • Turning Horizontal Boost: 0%
  • Turning Vertical Boost: 0%
  • Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds
  • Instant Boost When Building: On

The Advanced settings allow players to set different horizontal and vertical look speeds. Fortnite’s gameplay emphasizes vertical gunfights, so setting equal horizontal and vertical look speeds is essential for consistent aiming. This will help you track targets that are above or below your midline.

The Turning Boost settings are set to 0% to help keep aiming consistent. Increasing the Turning Boost percentage will cause your aim to speed up the further your controller stick is from the center. While this makes turning quicker, it can cause inconsistencies when building and editing.

Set Instant Boost When Building to On if your using any boost settings, but this won’t matter for our settings because turning boost is set to 0%.

Advanced – Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

Screenshot of the controller ADS sensitivity menu in Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games
  • ADS Look Horizontal Speed: 8%
  • ADS Look Vertical Speed: 8%
  • ADS Turning Horizontal Boost: 0%
  • ADS Turning Vertical Boost: 0%
  • ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds

The Advanced ADS Sensitivity settings are similar to those covered above but applied while aiming down sight. Again, the big takeaway is keeping the horizontal and vertical speeds parallel for more consistent aiming and tracking.

Best Advanced – Sensitivity (aim assist) settings for Fortnite

Screenshot of the Advanced Sensitivity menu in Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games
  • Look Dampening Time: 0.00 Seconds
  • Look Input Curve: Linear
  • Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Look Dampening Time is defined in-game as the time it takes to reach the expected look rotation speed after applying initial input to the controller’s right stick. It’s best to set this to 0.00 seconds, no matter which Look Input Curve you choose.

The Look Input Curve setting you choose will significantly affect how your aim feels. There are two options for Look Input Curve: Linear and Exponential.

The Exponential setting slows aim at first and then speeds it up the further you move the controller stick. The Exponential Input Curve is suitable for precise aiming and quick flicks. The Linear setting gives your aim raw input, where your aim moves in a one-to-one ratio with your thumbstick.

The best Look Input Curve for Fortnite is Linear because it allows for consistent building and editing, similar to what you would get using a mouse. When the Look Input Curve setting was first added to the game, it took Fortnite pros a while to figure out the best option. These days, most professional players have switched to a Linear Input Curve after seeing how well other players perform with it.

While some mouse and keyboard players believe that aim assist in Fortnite is too strong, it allows controller players to compete with the precision aiming of a mouse. The best aim assist setting for Fortnite is to crank Aim Assist Strength to 100%; This will give you the strongest possible aim assist that slows your crosshair near enemy targets and allows you to hit every shot in Fortnite.


  • What is the best controller sensitivity for Fortnite?

    A Look and ADS Sensitivity of 4 is the ideal controller sensitivity for most Fortnite players.

  • What Fortnite settings can improve my aim?

    Advanced controller settings with a Linear Look Input Curve and 100% Aim Assist Strength will give you the best possible aim in Fortnite.

  • What is the best controller button layout for Fortnite?

    The Builder Pro configuration is the best button layout for Fortnite.

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