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CS:GO Pro Settings (2024 Update)

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for CS:GO pro settings, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list below of pro CS:GO settings includes the essential configs pros are using to rack up wins.

The key settings focused on here are each CS:GO pro player’s mouse settings, select video and graphics settings, and FOV.

Pro tip

You can calculate each player’s eDPI by multiplying the DPI by the sensitivity, or using our CS:GO eDPI calculator.

Each pro CS:GO player listed includes links to their PC specs and gear used, in addition to the player’s full CS:GO settings profile that goes into more depth than displayed here. In those CS:GO pro player settings profiles you’ll find their full in-game configs, including each player’s crosshair, bob, viewmodel, mouse settings, and graphics settings.

CS:GO pro settings

PlayerSettingsPC Specs & GearDPISensPolling RateFOVRes.Aspect RatioScaling
aizyaizy CS:GO settingsaizy specs & gear4002.21000 Hz681024x7284:3Stretched
b1tb1t CS:GO settingsb1t specs & gear4001.421000 Hz681280x9604:3Stretched
BlameFBlameF CS:GO settingsBlameF specs & gear4001.651000 Hz681280x9604:3Full-Screen
brokybroky CS:GO settingsbroky specs & gear4001.91000 Hz681280x9604:3Stretched
dupreehdupreeh CS:GO settingsdupreeh specs & gear4001.71000 Hz681280x9604:3Stretched
electroNicelectroNic CS:GO settingselectroNic specs & gear4002.21000 Hz681280x10244:3Stretched
EliGEEliGE CS:GO settingsEliGE specs & gear16000.741000 Hz681680x105016:10Stretched
kennySkennyS CS:GO settingskennyS specs & gear4002.21000 Hz681024x7684:3Black Bars
m0NESYm0NESY CS:GO settingsm0NESY specs & gear4002.001000 Hz681280x9604:3Full Screen
NAFNAF CS:GO settingsNAF specs & gear4001.61000 Hz681280x9604:3Stretched
NikoNiko CS:GO settingsNiko specs & gear4001.371000 Hz651280x9604:3Stretched
ropzropz CS:GO settingsropz specs & gear4001.771000 Hz681920x108016:9Native
S1mpleS1mple CS:GO settingsS1mple specs & gear4003.091000 Hz681280x9604:3Stretched
sh1rosh1ro CS:GO settingssh1ro specs & gear8001.021000 Hz691280x9604:3Black Bars
Stewie2KStewie2K CS:GO settingsStewie2K specs & gear4002.001000 Hz601280x9604:3Black Bars
tariktarik CS:GO settingstarik specs & gear8001.501000 Hz601280x9604:3Stretched
TwistzzTwistzz CS:GO settingsTwistzz specs & gear4001.701000 Hz681280x960Normal 4:3Full Screen
YEKINDARYEKINDAR CS:GO settingsYEKINDAR specs & gear8001.21000 Hz601920x108016:9No scaling
ZywOoZywOo CS:GO settingsZywOo specs & gear4001.801000 Hz681280x9604:3Stretched
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