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How to Super Glide In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Super Glide
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Apex Legends emphasizes movement, and there is a significant skill curve for players willing to master the game’s movement mechanics. Super gliding is one of the hidden Apex Legends movement mechanics players can use to enhance their mobility. This guide will explain what super gliding is and how to super glide in Apex Legends.

Quick take

The super glide is an Apex Legends movement technique that allows players to boost off ledges. To perform a super glide, climb any object, and press jump and crouch at the end of the climb animation. Lowering FPS can make it easier to time the super glide inputs.

What is super gliding in Apex Legends?

Super gliding is an advanced Apex Legends movement technique that allows players to move quickly with a momentum boost from any ledge. The move has a small window of frames to pull off and requires perfect timing, but mastering it can significantly increase your mobility.

The super gliding technique manipulates a mantle by adding a jump and crouch input to the end of the mantle animation. Quickly jumping and crouching at the end of a mantle will cancel the animation and transition directly into a slide animation.

The super glide is faster than a typical slide because it places the player in the air, removing friction forces from slowing their momentum.

How to super glide in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Super Glide Steps 1 and 2
Credit: Jory Hollander

Let’s break down super gliding step by step to understand better how the hidden movement mechanic is performed:

  1. Begin a mantle/climb on any ledge or object where a mantle is possible.
  2. Press the jump and crouch inputs rapidly when the mantle animation is almost finished.
  3. Hold a directional key or controller stick in the direction you want to move while you input jump and crouch.
  4. If a super glide is performed correctly, the player will rapidly accelerate along a horizontal plane in the desired direction.

The super glide only requires three inputs, but pressing each input at the correct time can be incredibly difficult. There is a short window to perform the jump and crouch inputs; perfecting the timing will require hours of practice.

The window of time that a super glide can be executed is frame-dependent, meaning inputs must be registered during specific frames. Frame-dependent moves are more manageable when the game is rendered at a lower framerate because there is a longer time window to pull them off. Consider lowering your max framerate to practice performing the super glide maneuver consistently.

The Apex Legends super glide technique can be done on the keyboard and controller; Playstation and Xbox players shouldn’t have a problem landing super glides as long as the jump and crouch buttons are pressed simultaneously. Our guides on the best Apex Legends keybinds and controller settings ensure you have the ideal control setup for super gliding.

The Firing Range has ledges and walls where players can practice their super glide timing. Spending time in the Firing Range learning how to super glide will pay off later when you’re dancing circles around opponents.

Check out Apex Legends YouTuber SaveGriffin as he explains how to perform the super glide:

How to use super glide to win more gunfights.

The super glide technique can drastically improve mobility and enable players to move in ways that weren’t previously possible. The boost gained from super gliding can be used to evade gunfire, rotate, reposition, or take enemies by surprise.

Legend abilities that increase character speed can be combined with super glide for a more significant momentum boost. Octane’s Stim, Bangalore’s passive Double Time ability, and other speed-enhancing moves can increase the distance players travel while super gliding.

The best way to demonstrate super glide in combat is to see it in action. Check out Apex Legends pro Faide as he combines super glide with other advanced movement mechanics to bamboozle players and create some nasty clips:

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  • How do you super glide on console in Apex Legends?

    To super glide on console, start to climb an object and press the jump and crouch inputs simultaneously while at the end of the climbing animation.

  • How easy is it to super glide in Apex Legends?

    There is a small window of frames to pull off a super glide, but it is possible to perform the maneuver consistently with some practice. Try lowering Apex’s max framerate to make timing the super glide easier.

  • Can you super glide with Wraith?

    Yes, it is possible to super glide while using Wraith’s portal to increase the speed and distance traveled. Simply activate the Dimensional Rift ability, perform a super glide, and cancel the ability before using around 5% of the Rift Energy to refund the ability.

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