How to Change Reticle Color In Apex Legends

How to Change Reticle Color Apex Legends
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The default Apex Legends reticle color, red, is not the most visible color for every situation. Luckily, Apex Legends added the ability to customize reticle color to use a reticle with improved visibility and tracking. This guide will detail how to change reticle color in Apex Legends, so you can make the ultimate crosshair.

Quick take

All players can change their Apex Legends reticle color using the in-game settings in the Gameplay tab, and PC players can customize their reticle color with launch options. Our best reticle color for Apex Legends guide details colors and RGB codes for ultra-visible crosshairs.

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How to change Apex Legends reticle color in-game

Apex Legends Custom Reticle settings menu. Credit Electronic Arts

All Apex Legends players, on PC and console, can change the color of their reticle in-game using the settings menu.

  • First, boot up Apex Legends and head to the settings menu by pressing the ESC key or clicking the settings icon in the main menu’s bottom right corner.
  • Once in the settings menu, navigate to the Gameplay tab and scroll until you find Reticle Customize.
  • The Reticle Customization menu has preset colors to choose from, and players can use the sliders to create their own preset by customizing hue and saturation. Furthermore, players can input a three-number RGB code to create a custom reticle color.

Pro tip

Put your new reticle color through some tests before you use it in a real game. Head to the Firing Range and practice using different sights at different ranges and backgrounds to ensure your new reticle is visible in any scenario.

How to change your Apex reticle color using launch options (PC only)

Apex Legends custom reticle launch options. Credit Electronic Arts

PC players can change their reticle color using Apex Legends’ custom launch options.

  • Go to your Apex Legends game launcher, right-click on Apex Legends, and select Properties. Enter this text in the Launch Options area: +reticle_color “X X X”. Substitute the X’s with the three RGB code numbers you wish to use for your custom reticle numbers.
  • Save your new launch options. The next time you boot up Apex Legends, your custom reticle color will be applied!

Advantages of using a custom reticle color in Apex Legends

The reticle color you choose for Apex Legends needs to be visible in all scenarios so that you can effectively track targets. When fighting near the orange zone, the default red reticle can become hard to see.

The best crosshair color for Apex Legends contrasts the environment while not completely blocking out the target your aiming at. Check out our guide on the best reticle color for Apex Legends to see recommendations of custom reticle colors that can help improve your aim and tracking.


  • Can you change Apex Legends reticle color on console?

    To customize your Apex reticle color on console, head to the Gameplay tab of the in-game settings and choose Reticle Customize. You can then use the sliders to create a custom color or pick from one of the presets.

  • How do I make my reticle glow in Apex Legends?

    Apex Legends has removed the ability to customize reticle colors beyond what is available in the Gameplay settings menu. Previously, PC players could use custom launch options to create ultra-bright and saturated reticle colors that glowed.

  • What are the launch options for custom reticle color in Apex Legends?

    Copy the text +reticle_color “X X X” and paste it into the launch options area of your Apex Legends launcher. Substitute the Xs with the RGB color code of the reticle color you wish to use.

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