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Best Sensitivity for Apex Legends (2024 Update)

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Apex Legends is a breakneck shooter where aim and tracking are critical to winning gunfights. The mouse sensitivity you choose for Apex Legends plays a major role in how easy it is to land shots on target. This guide will detail how mouse sensitivity works, the best sensitivity for Apex Legends, how to change mouse sensitivity in-game, and the sensitivities used by Apex Legends pros.

Quick take

The best in-game sensitivity for Apex Legends is 1.5, with a mouse DPI of 800 to create an eDPI of 1,200. An eDPI less than 1,000 is considered low sensitivity, an eDPI from 1,000 to 1,400 is considered medium sensitivity, and an eDPI over 1,400 is regarded as high sensitivity for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends sens, eDPI, and mouse DPI explained

Let’s dive into some relevant terminology to understand how mouse sensitivity works in Apex Legends.

In-game sensitivity can be found in the Apex Legends Mouse/Keyboard settings menu. The default Apex Legends sensitivity is 5, and the number you choose will contribute to how fast your cursor moves across the screen.

DPI, or dots per inch, is the other value that dictates how fast your mouse cursor moves. DPI is how your mouse measures physical distance, and most gaming mice have adjustable DPI. The current DPI value of your mouse can be found in the third-party software that comes with most gaming mice.

We use in-game sensitivity and DPI to calculate a value called eDPI, which will help compare the sensitivity of two players with different mouse DPIs. Here’s the formula used to calculate eDPI:

(In-game Sensitivity) x (DPI) = eDPI

Using the formula above, a player with an in-game sensitivity value of 1.5 and a mouse DPI of 800 would produce an eDPI value of 1,200. We can then use the eDPI value of 1,200 to determine how fast a cursor moves in-game.

If you’re a controller player who wants to understand how sensitivity works for controller, check out our guide on the best Apex Legends controller settings.

Best sens for Apex Legends

Here is our recommendation for the best mouse sensitivity and DPI for Apex Legends:

Apex Legends Sens Settings
Credit: EA
  • eDPI: 1,200
  • DPI: 800
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 1.5
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity: 1.0
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off
  • Mouse Invert: Off
  • Lighting Effects: Off

A 1.5 Mouse Sensitivity with 800 DPI to create an eDPI value of 1,200 is the best sensitivity for Apex Legends. A 1,200 eDPI is the average eDPI for professional Apex Legends players we track at

ADS Mouse Sensitivity is how fast your crosshair moves when aiming down the sights of a weapon. Apex Legends allows players to set per optic ADS sensitivities and customize their sensitivity for each optic zoom level (1x, 2x, etc.). We turned per optic ADS sensitivity off and used an ADS sens of 1.0 for consistent aiming no matter the optic.

Mouse Acceleration speeds up the crosshair the faster it moves, and we always recommend disabling this in-game. Raw input is almost always the best choice for mouse aiming in FPS games.

The Lighting Effects setting syncs Apex Legends with the RGB lights found on some gaming mice to create a visual effect. Turning this on won’t affect gameplay, but we’ve heard rumors of this setting contributing to mouse connectivity issues, so it’s probably best to keep it disabled.

See our best Apex Legends keybind settings guide to find the best keyboard settings to pair with our suggested sensitivity.

Aiming and movement considerations

Now that you know why each selected setting is suggested it’s important to explore a few aiming and movement considerations.

The sensitivity you choose for Apex Legends should be slow enough to hit precision headshots and fast enough to quickly turn and respond to peripheral threats. The best sensitivity for Apex Legends will also differ based on how you aim and the size of your mousepad.

There are two main techniques for aiming with a mouse: wrist and arm aiming. Wrist aimers rest their wrist on the desk and do most of their aiming with the hand. Wrist aiming makes flicks easier and requires a higher sensitivity value.

Arm aimers use their whole arm to aim and perform mouse movements, which can significantly increase precision. The sweeping motions performed by arm aimers require a low sensitivity value.

Players should also consider how much mousepad space they have when choosing a sensitivity. A higher sensitivity value might be necessary to complete turns and movements in-game if you’re confined to a small area.

Pro tip

To find your ideal mouse sensitivity, try performing a full swipe with your mouse across your mousepad. Adjust your sensitivity until a full swipe across the mousepad completely turns your character 180 degrees in-game.

How to change Apex Legends mouse sensitivity

Apex Legends MouseKeyboard settings
Credit: EA

Here’s how to adjust your mouse sensitivity in Apex Legends:

  • First, launch Apex Legends and go to the main menu. The settings menu can be found by clicking the settings icon in the bottom right corner or pressing ESC anytime.
  • Next, navigate to the Mouse/Keyboard options tab of the settings menu to adjust any mouse settings.
  • Once you’ve changed settings, click Apply to save your new preferences.

We recommend Apex Legends players change their settings in the Firing Range. The Firing Range has an arsenal of weapons and multiple stationary and moving targets, making it the ideal place to adjust and test new Apex Legends settings.

Firing Range Screenshot
Head over to the firing range to test out your new settings. Credit: EA

Apex Legends sens for standard gaming mouse DPIs

Below, we’ve calculated the in-game sensitivity values for different mouse DPIs to achieve an eDPI of 1200.

400 DPI: Players with a mouse DPI of 400 should consider an in-game sensitivity of 3.0 to achieve an eDPI of 1,200.

800 DPI: Players with a mouse DPI of 800 should consider an in-game sensitivity of 1.5 to achieve an eDPI of 1,200.

1200 DPI: Players with a mouse DPI of 1200 should consider an in-game sensitivity of 1.0 to achieve an eDPI of 1,200.

1600 DPI: Players with a mouse DPI of 1600 should consider an in-game sensitivity of 0.75 to achieve an eDPI of 1,200.

What sens do Apex Legends pros use?

Apex Legends pros that we track at play with eDPI values that span from 600 to 2,000. To better understand pro players’ sensitivities, we’ve defined ranges for what is considered low, medium, and high sensitivity for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends eDPI Levels
Apex Legends Sens LeveleDPI Range
LowLess than 1,000
Medium1,000 to 1,400
HighGreater than 1,400

Check out our Apex Legends pro settings guide for a deeper look into the settings used by the best players in the world.

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  • Can a different sensitivity help with aiming?

    Lowering your Apex Legends sensitivity can significantly improve your ability to aim and track targets. An eDPI of less than 1,000 is considered low.

  • Should I have a high Apex Legends sensitivity?

    High sensitivity is beneficial for movement and flicks, but playing on too high of sensitivity can hurt accuracy and precision. An eDPI greater than 1,400 is considered high.

  • What mouse DPI is good for Apex Legends?

    We recommend using a mouse DPI of 800 for Apex Legends.

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