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Best Reticle Color for Apex Legends (2024 Guide)

Best Reticle Color Apex Legends
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Apex Legends is a vivid game with a bright, varied color palette where it’s easy to lose enemies during the heat of battle. Even when an enemy player is in your sights, tracking them with Apex Legends’ fast movement and abilities can be challenging.

In 2021 Apex Legends added custom reticule colors, and since then, players have been searching for the ultimate reticle for tracking players in any scenario. This guide will cover the best reticle colors for Apex Legends and the reticles used by Apex Legends pros.

Quick take

The best reticle color for Apex Legends comes down to personal preference, but we recommend trying Lime Green (50, 205, 50), Electric Blue (125, 249, 255), Deep Fuchsia (193, 84, 193), or Highlighter Pink (255, 20, 147). Our guide, how to change reticle color in Apex Legends, details methods for changing reticle color on console and PC.

How to choose an Apex Legends reticle color

There are a few parameters to consider when choosing the best reticle color for Apex Legends.

First, pick a reticle that is easily distinguishable from the orange color of Apex Legends’ zone. For this reason, we recommend avoiding orange or red reticles that become difficult to see when fighting near the zone.

Second, avoid colors that blend with the typical scenery, like grass and trees. Certain shades of green and brown can get easily lost on vegetation-heavy maps like Kings Canyon or Storm Point.

Finally, pick a reticle color that suits your eyesight. The reticle color that works for one person may not work for someone else because everyone sees differently with varying amounts of color blindness. Also, try our best video settings for Apex Legends to see clearly on every map without sacrificing FPS.

The best reticle colors for Apex Legends

Let’s take a look at four of the best reticle colors with RGB codes for Apex Legends that can help improve aim and tracking on any map:

Lime Green (50, 205, 50)

Apex Legends green reticle
Apex Legends Lime Green custom reticle. Credit Electronic Arts

Lime Green is a classic reticle color because it’s incredibly versatile. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum, where our visual perception is the strongest. This makes green one of the easiest colors to distinguish, and the Lime Green color above is still easy to see in Apex Legends when aiming at grass or other vegetation.

Electric Blue (125, 249, 255)

Apex Legends blue reticle
Apex Legends Electric Blue custom reticle. Credit Electronic Arts

Electric Blue is another bright color that contrasts well next to most of the scenery in Apex Legends. This shade of blue works best in dimmer environments, as it can become harder to see when placed next to the blue sky. Electric Blue is powerful when contrasted against the orange zone or near any of the lava/magma sections of the maps.

Deep Fuchsia (193, 84, 193)

Apex Legends Fuchsia reticle
Apex Legends Deep Fuchsia custom reticle. Credit Electronic Arts

Deep Fuchsia is one of the best Apex crosshair colors for those who prefer a darker crosshair. The Deep Fuchia shade of purple is bright enough for low-light situations and dark enough to contrast outdoors in the sunlight.

Highlighter Pink (255, 20, 147)

Apex Legends pink reticle
Apex Legends Highlighter Pink custom reticle. Credit Electronic Arts

Highlighter Pink is another well-rounded reticle color that works across any environment in Apex Legends. There are not many shades of pink in Apex Legends, which should help Highlighter Pink stand out in the crowd.

Remember to combine the best crosshair color with the best sensitivity for Apex Legends to take your aim and tracking to the next level.

What reticule color do Apex Legends pros use?

The following are reticle color and RGB codes used by Apex Legends pros tracked by It’s important to note that Apex pros change their reticle color often, and their reticle may be affected by colorblind settings.

PlayerColorRGB code
RogueDark Blue32, 13, 255
HisWattsonGreen16, 255, 43
GenburtenTeal0, 176, 170
AlbraleliePink255, 106, 233
ShivFPSSpring Green0, 245, 145


  • What is the best reticle color for Apex?

    Avoid orange and red reticles that blend in with the color of the zone. We recommend trying Lime Green (50, 205, 50), Electric Blue (125, 249, 255), Deep Fuchsia (193, 84, 193), or Highlighter Pink (255,20,147) for a reticle that’s visible in any situation.

  • What is the default Apex Legends reticle color?

    The default reticle color in Apex Legends is red.

  • How do I get a white reticle in Apex Legends?

    Use the RGB color code (255, 255, 255) for a white reticle in Apex Legends.

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