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Best FOV for Apex Legends (2024 Guide)

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Field of View settings for first-person shooter games can significantly impact gameplay and performance. Apex Legends allows players to choose a wide range of FOV values in the in-game settings. Let’s get into the best FOV for Apex Legends and the FOV settings the pros use.

Quick take

The FOV in Apex Legends can be set anywhere from 70 to 110. A high FOV increases spacial awareness but enemies appear smaller. Playing on a lower FOV makes targets appear more prominent on screen, which helps to aim and to track, but can be challenging in close-range gunfights. We recommend a FOV setting somewhere between 85 to 100, depending on your setup and playstyle.

Apex Legends FOV explained

The FOV setting in video games refers to a player’s field of view or the amount of in-game scene visible on screen at any given time. FOV values are represented by degrees, with most games ranging between 70 and 120.

Apex Legends FOVs (70, 90, 110)
Increasing your FOV makes it easier to spot enemies faster as they enter your periphery but makes it harder to target enemies that are further in the distance. Source:

In Apex Legends, a higher FOV value will enable players to see more of their surroundings on the screen. Adjusting the FOV in Apex Legends to the maximum value of 110 degrees will dramatically increase spacial awareness, and objects will be visible on the edges of the screen that would be hidden at lower FOV settings.

So why doesn’t every player use the highest possible FOV when playing Apex Legends?

There are downsides to a high FOV that must be considered before choosing your FOV value. Using an increased FOV will cause objects in the distance to seem smaller, making enemy players harder to see and negatively impacting aiming and tracking for distant targets.

Playing on a lower FOV setting will make targets appear more prominent on the screen, making aiming and tracking easier. The downsides to playing on a low FOV setting are less peripheral awareness, weapons have more visual recoil, and players will be more challenging to track in extreme close-range situations.

Best FOV for Apex Legends

Now that we’ve covered the positive and negative aspects of playing on different FOV settings, which is the best FOV setting for Apex Legends? The answer will vary for each person based on their skill level, monitor, and gaming setup.

Pro Apex Legends players with incredible aiming skills will gravitate toward a high FOV setting somewhere between 100 and 110. Skilled aimers will still be able to hit their shots at a high FOV and benefit more from the increased spacial awareness crucial in battle royale games.

Players with difficulty tracking targets will benefit from a lower FOV value between 85-100. For these players, tracking and killing the target in front of them provides more value than increased peripheral vision.

The type of monitor and gaming setup you use will also affect which FOV you choose. Some players with fast refresh rate gaming monitors usually sit closer to the screen and have an easier time tracking smaller targets. This type of player usually gravitates to a FOV over 100.

Players who play Apex Legends on a TV screen usually sit further back, even if the television is large. These players can benefit from a lower FOV of around 90, which is why most console games have a locked FOV of 90 degrees.

What FOV do Apex Legends pros use?

We analyzed FOV data for professional Apex Legends settings we track on-site. Here are the results as of Winter 2022 analysis:

  • The average FOV for professional Apex Legends players we track is 106
  • ShivFPS represented the lowest FOV value of any player at 90, while 63% of the players we track use the maximum FOV setting of 110.
  • One outlier in the data, Faide, plays on 120 FOV. He achieves this by using external applications to artificially inflate his FOV.

The data shows that most professional Apex Legends players play with a high FOV setting. This confirms what we covered about the best FOV for Apex Legends: high-skill players will benefit most from the added spacial awareness of playing with high FOV.

Pro tip

Some players also use a stretched Apex Legends resolution to improve their ability to accurately land shots on an enemy’s hitbox.

How to change FOV in Apex Legends

Here are the steps to follow for changing FOV in Apex Legends:

Apex Legends FOV Settings Menu
Source: Respawn Entertainment

First, launch Apex Legends and click the settings icon in the bottom right corner. Select Settings and click the Video settings tab at the top of the screen.

Then, adjust your FOV by moving the Field of View slider to your desired amount.

Finally, click Apply in the bottom right corner, and your new setting preferences will be saved.

We recommend going to the Firing Range when adjusting FOV settings to better understand how they will look in-game. To enter the Firing Range, select a game mode from the main menu Play tab. Choose Training Range at the top left of the screen and press Ready to enter the range. The Firing Range is the best place to adjust any in-game settings for Apex Legends.

Does FOV in Apex Legends affect FPS?

Yes, your FOV setting will slightly impact Apex Legend’s performance, and a high FOV requires the game to render more of the map, ultimately increasing the demand on your computer.

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