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Apex Legends Pro Settings: Sens, FOV, Video & More

Electronic Art’s free-to-play shooter, Apex Legends, pairs arena and battle royale modes with an addictive strategy of choosing from a deep bench of agents that offer differing gameplay characteristics. But racking up damage goes far beyond agent selection. It’s essential to know the Apex Legends pro settings used by leading Apex Legends players like iiTzTimmy, Aceu, Faide, Genburten, and Imperialhal, among others.

With our pro Apex Legends settings list you can level up your game right out of the gate by finding the sensitivities, FOV, gear, graphics settings, and more that Apex Legends pros are using.

Pro tip

We’ve included the pro Apex Legends settings in the three different tables below. You’ll also find below links to help you learn more about each gamer’s gear used and further detail on each pro’s Apex Legends settings.

These resources, along with our Apex Legends pro settings tables, can help you avoid hours spent meddling with the daunting array of settings offered and get to clicking heads faster using the same settings as your favorite Apex Legends pro.

Apex Legends pro sensitivity and mouse settings

PlayerSpecs & GearSettingsDPI
SensPolling RateADS Sens Multiplier
AceuAceu pc specs & gearAceu Apex Legends settings8002.11000Hz1.0
AlbralelieAlbralelie pc specs & gearAlbralelie Apex Legends settings16000.61000Hz1.0
DaltooshDaltoosh pc specs & gearDaltoosh’s Apex Legends settingsController playerController playerController playerController player
EurieceEuriece pc specs & gearEuriece Apex Legends settings8001.11000Hz1.3 (1x), 1.2 (2x), 1.1 (3x), 1.0 (4x)
FaideFaide pc specs & gearFaide Apex Legends settings17000.81000 Hz1x
HardeckiHardecki pc specs & gearHardecki Apex Legends settings8001.21000 Hz1
HisWattsonHisWatsson pc specs & gearHisWattson Apex Legends settings8001.501000 Hz0.9 (1x), 1.1 (2x), 1.2 (3x), 1.3 (4x), 1.0 (6-10x)
HusKerrsHusKerrs pc specs & gearHusKerrs Apex Legends settings4001.51000Hz1.0
iiTzTimmyiiTzTimmy pc specs & geariiTzTimmy Apex Legends settings18001.11000Hz1.05
ImperialHalImperialHal pc specs & gearImperialHal Apex Legends settings8001.11000Hz1.0
MandeMande pc specs & gearMande Apex Legends settings8001.51000 Hz1.0
NafenNafen pc specs & gearNafen Apex Legends settings8001.81000 Hz1.0 (1x), 1.1 (2x), 1.2 (3-4x), 1.4 (6-10x)
NiceWigg NiceWigg pc specs & gearNiceWigg Apex Legends settingsController playerController playerController playerController player
NickmercsNickmercs pc specs & gearNickmercs Apex Legends settingsController playerController playerController playerController player
RogueRogue pc specs & gearRogue Apex Legends settings4002.11000 Hz1.0
SellySelly pc specs & gearSelly Apex Legends settings8001.51000 HzUnknown
ShivFPSShivFPS pc specs & gearShivFPS Apex Legends settings4003.01000Hz1.0
ShroudShroud pc specs & gearShroud Apex Legends settings4503.01000Hz1.0
Snip3downSnip3down pc specs & gearSnip3down Apex Legends settingsController playerController playerController playerController player
Symfuhny Symfuhny pc specs & gearSymfuhny Apex Legends settings16000.901000Hz1.00
Sweetdreams Sweetdreams pc specs & gearSweetdreams Apex Legends settings8001.41000Hz1.0
taxi2g taxi2g pc specs & geartaxi2g Apex Legends settings32000.3251000 Hz1.0
Tfue Tfue pc specs & gearTfue Apex Legends settings4001.81000Hz1.0
TimTheTatman TimTheTatman pc specs & gearTimTheTatman Apex Legends settings8002.51000Hz1.0
Verhulst Verhulst pc specs & gearVerhulst Apex Legends settingsController playerController playerController playerController player


Apex Legends pro video settings and FOV

PlayerResolutionDisplay ModeFOVAspect RatioAmbient Occlusion Quality
Aceu1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Daltoosh1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)High
Euriece1680x1050 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Hardecki1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
HisWattson1920x1080 (native)Full Screen10416:9 (native)Disabled
HusKerrs1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
iiTzTimmy1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen10416:9 (native)Disabled
ImperialHal1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Mande1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Nafen1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
NiceWigg1680x1050 (stretched)Fullscreen9416:10Disabled
Nickmercs1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Rogue1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Selly1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
ShivFPS2560x1440Fullscreen9016:9 (native)Disabled
Shroud2560x1440 (native)Fullscreen10416:9 (native)High
Snip3down1920x1080 (native)Fullscreen10416:9 (native)Disabled
Symfuhny2560x1440 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Sweetdreams1920x1080Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
taxi2g1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Tfue2560x1440 (native)Fullscreen11016:9 (native)Disabled
Verhulst1920x1080 (native)Full Screen11016:9 (native)Disabled
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