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CS:GO eDPI Calculator

To work out your CS:GO eDPI simply enter your mouse DPI (found in your mouse software) followed by your CS:GO sensitivity into the CS:GO eDPI calculator below. If you have raw input switched off, also enter your Windows sensitivity.

What is eDPI and why do you need it?

eDPI stands for effective Dots Per Inch. It is a numeric value that is calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI with your in-game sensitivity.

Mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity are both variables that affect your overall sensitivity. When comparing several players with these two values separately, it can be difficult to quickly decipher which player has a higher/lower sensitivity.

By multiplying them to make one number (eDPI) it makes it much easier to display the “true” sensitivity. The table below demonstrates this:

PlayerMouse DPISens.eDPI

What is the best CS:GO eDPI to use?

Most pro CS:GO players tend to use an eDPI between 760 and 960. But consider that eDPI is a subjective setting and can be influenced by external factors such as desk space, mouse pad size or the players mobility.

We would recommend experimenting with different sensitivities in order to find one which suits you individually.

What is considered low, medium and high CS:GO eDPI?

Low CS:GO eDPILess than 700
Medium CS:GO eDPI700-900
High CS:GO eDPIMore than 900

How does Windows sensitivity affect CS:GO?

CS:GO has the option to toggle raw input on/off. If it is switched on (which it is by default), then your Windows sensitivity settings do not affect your in-game sensitivity. If raw input is turned off, however, then your Windows sensitivity settings will affect your in-game sensitivity.

You will need to check your Windows sensitivity settings and enter them into our CS:GO eDPI calculator in order to generate an accurate eDPI.

How do I check my Windows sensitivity?

The quickest way to check your Windows sensitivity is by doing the following:

1. Hold Win+R on your keyboard, to bring up the run command window.

2. Search for “main.cpl” and click OK.

Mouse Sensitivity Run Command

3. Click the “Pointer Options” tab, then under the “Motion” heading it will display a slider with 11 increments (default is 6/11). This is your Windows sensitivity.

Mouse Sensitivity Window

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